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Efinitely a bridge too far for me

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i wanted in my comics there are other publications i would expect it to appear in not a dc or marvel comic This is a book I ve wanted for awhile now because I ll see parts of it floating around on facebook or twitter or tumblr but then I ll forget all about it prety uickly I really do like the art style because it s so gritty and has a heavy grunge feeling to it This take on the Joker is somehow darker than most takes who new that was possible and seeing darker than most takes who The Shepherds Bush Murders knew that was possible and seeing Johnny is always great Seeing Harley as of a hitman at the Joker s side was interesting but honestly I would have liked her doing or saying than she did in this book The version of her here looked different and like she could of been uite intriguing The third party narration feels like it falls short for me it s the same with the John Constantine narration in Batman Damned as well You have an uninterested and disaffected third party narrating the Joker or Batman but they have no stakes behind them The narrator feels like he isn t really part of the world of Joker or Batman or Croc he s just some schmuck hired to drive the reader around like he s running a criminal bus tour There s no real reason to care about the narrator he never actually seems viably threatened has the flimsiest of stakes with a wife he isn t even invested in has only a vague set of wants but never takes action towards or away from them except in one part of the story but because he makes a choice with so little conseuences be a goon to this person or that person it just doesn t seem like either outcome would have changed his lot And maybe that s the crux of it the main character has absolutely no agency over the story he is some rando henchmen who younow won t be in any follow up stories right up front because he doesn t have any name recognition and the main character at no point pursues a goal has any insight or changes Joker is like a plot device for Jonny Frost to be dragged from set piece to set piece but Joker in this story almost seems irrelevant to the tale of Jonny Frost it could have *Been Any Psychopath There *any psychopath There have been Batman too But I did like the treatment of Croc I thought that was interesting And the art is excellent Something about the third party narration feels like it removes the audience from the emotion and investment in the story in my opinion The art in this book is freakin AMAZING The story is very disturbing though The Joker in this book is not your father or grandfather s Joker Be ready for possible triggers as far. O Face Killer Croc and othersBrian Azzarello brings to THE JOKER all the visceral intensity and criminal insight that has made his Vertigo graphic novel series 100 BULLETS one of the most critically acclaimed and award winning series in all of comi. ,

I should have listened to those few reviewers who warned that this was poor The story is mediocre without finesse intrigue depth and very little Batman to lift it out of the doldrums The cover art is excellent and an eye catcher Unfortunately inside although the art is good in a detailed
technical way it 
way it t excite with any ind of wow factor It s a pity but *all in all a pretty dull boring event I truly enjoyed this book DC has done a great job with *in all a pretty dull boring event I truly enjoyed this book DC has done a great job with DC Black Label brand I really like the joker character and this book really drives it home for me It is a nice collection to my other DC Joker Books I love this book because everything comes together so well Brian Azzarello is a master storyteller and he dialogue works on many levels with the action and the plot coming together Lee Bermejo is an excellent artist and he makes the grimy streets of Gotham and the world of the Joker really come aliveThis is not the first time this dynamic duo has come together and every time they do it s an amazing collaboration This is one of those comics you can read several times over and will notice something new every time with it s incredible yet subtle attention to details The dialogue and images come together to create a compelling meditation on crime s appeal to our culture and however the end the payoff is rarely what we envisioned it to be The re making of the Joker into the ultimate dark villian is fairly recent and is mostly due I think to the grand performances of the late Heath Ledger and the upcoming one by Joauin Phoenix Which is very much unlike how the character was portrayed by Jack Nicholson or the very campy 1960 s show It seems that as comics become a mega industry they grow less and less playful and much well dark as in Dark KnightThe comic is unusual as it explores the relationship between the Joker and the OTHER Batman villains building up his uniueness as the Clown Prince of Gotham while also being loyal to the truthfulness of the other characters If you read and re read the work you begin to notice just how smart it is in the way the art and dialog combine to direct the flow of the story This comic is epic the art is superb and the world it describes is complete and it ll stick with you long after you finish reading it A great short story covering the Joker s release from Arkham Asylum Suitably creepy artwork and sinister overtones throughout I particularly liked the Joker s insanity and detachment from reality and how this was shown through the excellent artwork I was gripped horrified unsettled and An original hardcover graphic novel that tells the story of one very dark night in Gotham City from the creative team behind the graphic novel LEX LUTHOR MAN OF STEEL The Joker has been mysteriously released from Arkham Asylum and he's none to happ. Ecommend this to all fans of the Joker *Twisted brillianceThe writing script is easy to follow and the panel work is effective Do I put this *brillianceThe writing script is easy to follow and the panel work is effective Do I put this a level with the Killing Joke or Arkham Asylum Not uite but still this a good read and all fans of the genre will enjoy This is a stand alone story as far as I am aware and it should stay that way Not the best Joker comic the story seems like it was taken from the plot of a gangster film and it is just not that interesting Harley uinn Killer croc Two face and the penguin make guest appearances although the penguin is given a different name for some reason and only Killer croc really does anything The Jokers look is partially taken from The Dark Night movie I would only recommend this comic if you have bought a lot of Joker comics before and this is the only one left that you want to buy but if you are buying your first joker comic then I recommend The illing joke or The man who laughs There are other great Joker comics as well 510 The corner was completely bent rendering the product worthless for collectorsNo complaints about the artwork or storyI would recommend getting a hard copy of worthless for collectorsNo complaints about the artwork or storyI would recommend getting a hard copy of becomes available The paperback was shipped without any protection however based on how severely bent it was I would almost assume it was shipped in that condition The story for The Joker is phenomenal Brian Azzarello creates a well crafted masterpiece Lee Bermejo s artistry perfectly encapsulates the Jokers insanity Together they weave a short but coherent and impactful story delving into the Crown Prince of Crime s madness The hardcover also introduces the other creatives involved on the project along with a brief CV for each personThe only negative is that of late DC has included artist concepts renderings and variant covers of the actual comics issued None of this Is present It s a nice extra that helps walk fans through their creative process and gives us uniue insight into the characters they create For true fans of the creators or of the original source material this book is fine If you re looking for detailed production notes wait for the limited release I really liked this book but can recommend it to ADULTS ONLYThe violence in general was pretty hefty but what set this book apart for me was the fact that Joker rapes a woman in the back of a carTry reading that again Joker rapes someone in this comic book Not implied rape or an open for debate if he did or not but an actual rape in the back seat of a car no lessPersonally as a huge batman and comic book fan in general this is Y about what's happened to his Gotham City rackets while he's been away What follows is a harrowing night of revenge murder and manic crime as only The Joker can deliver it as he brutally takes back his stolen assets from The Penguin The Riddler Tw. The Joker