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Wire Art Jewelry Workshop by Sharilyn Miller contains step by step projects I love that an instructional dvd is included with this book With our Soft Flex Craft Wire launching late last year my mind has definitely been on wire work creations This book is chalk full of inspiring projects that are perfect for our Craft Wire The step by step photos are amazing It makes it very clear and easy to recreate each project as if it was your ownFrom the back cover Discover all you need to know to start creating beautiful wire art jewelry with Wire Art Jewelry Workshop Master teacher Sharilyn Miller guides you through all The Steps Needed For Constructing Expert Wire And Jewelry In steps needed for constructing expert wire and jewelry In book you will find themes that include how to create connectors eye pins dangles links ear wires head pins hook and eye clasps jump rings and how to se wire working tools. Discover all you need to know to make stunning wire jewelry in Wire Art Jewelry Workshop Through best selling author and designer Sharilyn Miller’s clear explanations and step by step photography you’ll learn expert techniues to making jewelry that is truly a work of art Wire Art Jewelry Workshop is Comprehensive Guide Filled #comprehensive filled the basic building blocks of wire jewelry From cleaning stra.

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16 projects earrings bracelets necklaces and PENDANTS ANOTHER EXCELLENT INSTRUCTIONAL BOOK FROM Another excellent instructional book from Miller The instructions and photos guide the reader through each step of a techniue or a project The author also stresses the importance of craftsmanship I love her style and all of her wire jewelry books I highly recommend this book Helpful tipsThis book includes some helpful wire wrapping tips and a couple of techniues that will be fun to try to add new personality to my work Sharilyn Miller s style is a bit rustic than my own and she ses thicker wire than I like to Regardless her style #And Techniues Are Worth Learning And A Great Reference It #techniues are worth learning and a great reference It one of those books you can always go back to Lovely design inspiration However I need skills before I can really do anything with this Good book that shows how to build from basic techniues. Ightening twisting and coiling wire to cage beads heart shaped ear wires and head pins as well as bead connectors Wire Art Jewelry Workshop teaches how to make solid findings and custom components You’ll then learn to combine these components into 16 original wire bracelet earring and necklace designs Sharilyn’s detailed instruction continues through the projects Showing Every Step From every step from Wire Art Jewelry WorkshopTo complicated looks A short introduction of tools materials and precedes #long chapter on techniues Then come the 15 projects Step step #chapter on techniues Then come the 15 projects Step by step and photographs are clear and plentiful A great source of inspiration for the budding or intermediate crafter Definitely a great purchaseThis book is ite comprehensive It has great step by step instructions along with pictures The author gives good seful advice about product selection as well as alternative materials to se It is a great resource for current wire designers as well as beginners This book is full of pictures and is a wonderful source of inspiration for design ideas The material is presented in a way that is easy to follow for the novice as well as the experienced wire artist Excellent photographs and clear instructions Interesting designs that don t reuire specialized tools. Wire to finished piece The projects can be made with classic silver or less expensive copper wire to match your taste and budgetPlus the enclosed DVD features Sharilyn’s signature teaching style that jewelry makers of all levels can se to improve their craftsmanship and strengthen their techniues Wire Art Jewelry Workshop offers everything you need To Get Started Creating One get started creating one a kind jewelr. ,