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This placeholder The copy I read which I stumbled upon in the Washington State Law Library is signed by the which I stumbled upon in the Washington State Law Library is signed by the who wrote in that it was inspired by a friend of mine Other friends are mentioned in the text It recounts a history I was partially present for It uotes n banc memos I have read It recounts the history I saw differently than I remember albeit in mostly trivial ways Then there was the other history the history of my State when we were deciding what that meant I At Medicine Last Week I Took This Picture at Medicine Creek last week I took this picture of this book That creek is now renamed for the great grandfather of a man I worked for for 12 years It s a rich and difficult tapestrymy notes since I took them xvi The cost of contemplating history is often an uneasy conscience 65 Probably none of the Upgrade Soul early American settlers near the southnd of the Sound was on closer terms with Leschi than the family of James McAlister His family got here in 1846 Jolie says that her family is descended of them 78 On the Medicine Creek summit says there s no reason to think that the contents of the US s proposed treaty was shared with the tribes beforehand and a lot of reason to think it wasn t For one thing Gov Stevens ordered the council sessions be held in the rudimentary Chinook jargon rather than the tribes own Salish dialects 79 Chinook had 300 500 words and was primarily a bartering language If Stevens had wished to befog the meaning of the treaty he was about to propose or Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath expand rather than narrow the communication gap between the races he could not have picked a better way 93 Ezra Meeker contends that Leschi did not make the mark next to his name at the bottom of the Medicine Creek Treaty would never have submitted to such an oppressive arrangement for his people and probably was notven on hand when the treaty was presented to the natives for their Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 endorsement on the morning of December 26 He said he interviewed other folks who were there 149 we put noncombatant Nisuallies into a prison camp on Fox Island Gah 168 Stevens thought that farmers at Muck Creek were giving aid and comfort to Leschi They were mostly foreign born men married to native women and formerlymployed by the British owned Hudson s Bay Company 167 Stevens had a dozen Muck Creek families taken into custody and held indefinitely 168 Five of the Muck Creek farmers including the irrepressible John McLeod Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist escaped after several weeks of confinement and returned to their farms only to be recaptured labeled prisoners of war and told they would be tried for treason a capital crime not by a civil court but by a five man military tribunal chosen by Stephens Id The Muck Creek Five hired a pair of prominent Steilacoom lawyers who since the civil courts were not then in session hurried up the Sound to the Whidbey Island residence of John Francis Chenoweth of Washington Territory s Third Judicial District and convinced him to issue a writ of habeas corpus freeing the prisoners pending an arraignment proceeding The next day April 4 1856 Stevens decreed martial law in Pierce County suspending all functions of civil government including the courts He sought to justify this radical 169 measure by tarring the prisoners asvil disposed persons who had been at liberty while the Indian war was being actively prosecuted throughout the whole of the said Pierce county with great injury to the public a gross distortion of the xtent and conseuences of the combat Colonel Casey who had been asked to hold the prisoners in the Fort Steilacoom brig for the duration knew as much and tried to check Steven s misguided zealotry by xpressing doubt that his proclamation of martial law can relieve me from the obligation to obey the reuisition of the civil authority that is the writ to free the prisoners and asked for permission to be relieved of their charges Judge Chenoweth denounced what Stevens had done as a monstrous assumption of arbitrary powers in a letter to the Muck Creek Five s lawyers 170 Judge Lander took over and responded by ordering very able bodied man over sixteen in the county to attend court the next day and function as a posse comitatus to protect the integrity of the civil law Shaw in turn ordered twenty armed men in territorial uniform to accompany him into the courtroom telling them to mpty it if the judge gaveled the chambers into session About thirty citizens a number of them lawyers braved the threat of violence in order to defend the court and civil rule over martial law Judge Lander submitted at gunpoint allowing himself his clerk and the court s records to be taken to the governor s lair in Olympia 170 Ultimat. Ineteenth century when a proud retired young US Army major an Imaginary Runner engineer with high political ambitions was appointed the first governor of newly acuired 100000 suare mile Washington Territory Isaac Ingalls Stevens’s primary task was to persuade the natives that their only hope for survival was to sign treaties handing over their ancestral lands to the American government inxchange for protection from oncoming whites ager to turn the wilderness into crop land But one tribal chief at Puget Sound Leschi of the Nisually nation insisted that his people be dealt with fairly and not coerced into surrendering virtually their ntire sacred homeland without just compensation The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek is the Fresh Water emblematic story of this confrontation between the headstrong American governor and the defiant leader of the Nisuallies and the. Anxhaustive look at just how screwed over Chief Leschi was by First Gov Isaac Stevens There is lots of good history here although it reads as though the author was trying to be a little too convincing French Daguerreotypes even though the facts were doing all the convincing that needed to be done Its real strength however is the way Kluger brings the story right up to today showing the relevance in connecting the dots in history review in progressThis history does a good job blowing previous and very racist histories of colonization on the Pacific Northwest out of the water does a good job of conveyingwithvidence the different dispositions of those involved in these vents and also although speaking of great men highlights time and time again how such frameworks are often colonial There s a great deal of frameworks are often colonial impositions there s a great deal of in There s a great deal of in It balances a troubling of the purity myths about past native life ways with a conveyance of the magnitude of the tragedy that came with the devastation of said life ways This is an xtremely well researched thorough and careful book It From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society explores the history of white settlement in the Puget Sound Seattle WA area through the story of Leschi a leader of the Nisually people Leschi was anarly friend of the British and American settlers but was incensed by the poor treatment of the Washington territory governor s treaty demands which gave native nations very small and horribly poor uality reservations Leschi became a guerilla leader staging sporadic attacks on territorial troops in an Doris Salcedo effort to bring about a fair treaty allocation for the Nisually tribe In the process he became Gov Stevens singleminded focus and when Leschi wasventually turned in and tried the process was a farce of justice The book wraps up the Leschi tale with a historical trial which found that Leschi should not have been tried as a civilian and hanged but as a combatant in wartime should have been released when the nations were at peace Finally the book describes the current state of Nisually tribal affairs and their long awaited hope for a future less desolate than their past under the white Twelve Days of Pleasure empireI m rounding up from 425 stars because this story needs to be told It s slow and plodding at times with a dry names and dates feel inarly chapters but the story itself is full of twists turns and intrigue I wanted to give this book four or Gods Choice even five stars because the research and information contained in it arexcellent The author set himself the ambitious task of reviewing historical records and documents in a search to tell the history of Leschi a Nisually native leader who was hanged for murder as a result of native uprisings subseuent to treaties that virtually stripped the Northwest Indigenous nations of tribal lands in the Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye early years of Washington territory While Injoyed the informative historical account of the Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France early years of the Washington and Oregon territories the scope of the bookxceeded its focus resulting in a rather unwieldy final product The author s compelling narrative weaves various accounts and other records of vents leading to the violence that nded in the arrest and trial of Leschi However I was disappointed in the author s inability to get out of the way and let his storytelling do the work to convince the reader He tended to use too much authorial argument in presenting the story which became tedious with repetition Further a great part of the book is a lengthy biography of the first territorial governor Isaac Stevens whose high handed dealings with Northwest tribes invited the subseuent uprisings Appended to the text is a retelling of the Washington State Supreme Court s 2004 review of the historical trial of Chief Leschi and their subseuent pardon issued 146 years after his death Final chapters present a detailed account of Nisually tribal politics and government since Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild establishment and administration of a profitable modern casino on tribal lands While all of this information was very interesting the book lacked cohesion and structure Because it was so informative about subjects I rarelyncounter in print I am very sorry to give it a lower rating I Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets enjoyed revisitingarly Territorial history of the Pacific Northwest and I hope that other authors will delve into the fascinating stories to be found in our region s rich history Once upon a time the Washington territory went war with the Nisually tribe After that war we Electromyography for Experimentalists executed annemy combatant Chief Leschi as a criminal We should not have done that This book is about that I read this book a while ago I took some notes for a review I don t seem to be able to bear to write so for now. The nearly 400 year confrontation between the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere and the white settlers from Europe was marked from first to last by the newcomers’ conviction that they were Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 entitled – by cultural superiority moralnlightenment and God’s grace – to displace the primitive inhabitants and make the land their ownAmong the last places in North America where this stark racial collision played itself out was the bountiful Puget Sound region in what was then known as the Washington Territory in the northwestern corner of the United States There thanks to moderate climate sheltering mountain ranges lush forests crystal pure waterways teeming with wildlife and the absence of predatory neighbors the local tribes had prospered in their remote paradise for some 10000 yearsAll that suddenly nded in the middle of the Ely the writ was delivered and the prisoners released but not until after a whole lot of tense confrontations between armed bands of citizens released but not until after a whole lot of tense confrontations between armed bands of citizens Judge Lander issued a warrant for Stevens s arrest on a contempt of court charge for having refused to accept the summons and xplain why he had ignored Judge Chenoweth s original habeas corpus writ Stevens momentarily submitted and appeared before Lander but when the judge found him guilty and fined him a token fifty dollars to Runaway Wedding establish the principle that no officialven a governor could flout the law with impunity the unchastened despot manu balked He invoked the powers of his office to pardon himself temporarily 179 Frank Shaw s militia KILLED AT LEAST 60 INDIANS AT THE VALLEY OF at least 60 Indians at the Valley of Grande Ronde River 194 Grand jury was irregular Among other things the foreman was Antonio Rabbeson captain in Stevens volunteer corps during the war against Leschi s guerrillas and played a key role in turning the Nisuallies last stand at Connell s Prairie into a rout 207 judge presiding over trial Chenoweth had the power without need of a motion by the defense to suspend the proceedings before the case Wicked Loving Lies ever reached the jury The judge could have called the case off if he found the facts as stated in the indictment do not constitute a crime or misdemeanor Either of these reasons could have been cited by Chenoweth as ground for tossing out the case He could have ruled as a matter of law that because Leschi had been a legitimate combatant in a conflict validated by the mobilization and field maneuvers of US Army regulars and territorial militiamen starting a month before Moses and Miles had been killed the Nisually chief could not be charged with murder for killing annemy in wartime any than Moses and Miles could have been so charged had they shot Leschi But the politically attuned Chenoweth chose instead to leave the uestion up to the jury as a finding of fact 265 Melissa Parr and Carl and Sharon Hultman ran into John Ladenburg at a Tacoma tavern while they were talking about La heredera del mar exonerating Leschi He got interested and offered to help Leschi s defenders wanted an uneuivocal apology from the state legislature and of greatest importance to Cecilia Carpenter a legally binding reversal of Leschi s conviction byither the federal or state courts on the grounds that as a legitimate warrior defending his people he should never have been charged with homicide 268 Justice Alexander wasn t wild about the historical court notion The nabling act said decisions of the territorial court were final and we lacked a transcript to review And if a sentimental xception were made for a Leschi appeal Alexander s court would be inviting an ndless ueue of petitioners to come forward howling injustice over long forgotten cases Finally the chief justice a gentleman of the utmost propriety let Ladenburg know he thought it would be unseemly for the present day Supreme Court to denounce its judicial predecessors as bigots or blockheads ven if they had been 269 then Cynthia Iyall sent an mail to Justice Gerry Alexander It said among other things xonerating Leschi on the record and correcting an almost 150 year old wrong is the right thing to do in 2004 I think I know now why GA got so upset when I suggested creating a new writ 270 Sen Marilyn Rasmussen was willing to propose a resolution to 271 Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One express the Senate s sorrow over the injustice done to Leschi and to ask the State Supreme Court toxonerate him 271 Aldo Melchiori worked on the resolution to make it palatable to lawmakers who knew little about Leschi The crafty Melchiori did his homework and saw that phrasing the resolution to satisfy the tribe would raise problems heh heh 272 uoting Aldo I was aware that it was going to give the Justices a problem that it would get interesting real fast because of the separation of powers issue said Mechiori But I was kind of having fun Gerry Alexander was not and apparently he was overheard in the capitol cafeteria railing to a luncheon partner I don t know how or why the court should review a decision by the Territorial Supreme Court next someone will be asking us to vacate the conviction of Al Capone 273 Aldo rephrased the resolution to ask the court rather than tell the court to do something Which made the tribe upset they wanted something definitive 275 JAMES BROWN reviewed it Thought the petitioners didn t have standing or a cognizable injury I remember reviewing that Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) en banc memo and having sharp words about it Surprised Kluger got it 280 on Friday December 10 2004 the historical court of inuiry was held 283 the historical courtxonerated Lesch. Ir brethren who resisted him and in doing so stirred up the gross abuse of power and the licensing of injustice on our last frontierHere is Richard Kluger’s poignant rendering of the tragic relationship between the red and white races told in graphic detail Our social literature abounds with accounts of how racist degradation was visited on the far numerous black and Hispanic Americans Yet the nation’s self righteous methodical dispossession of the Indians has been largely dismissed by whites as the sad but inevitable price of social and technological progress Through the Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe experience of a single tribe The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek seeks to clarify the historical record It also tells in a hopefulpilogue the latest chapter of the Nisually tribe’s struggle to ndure amid the mounting pressures of twenty first century modernity. ,

The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek