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Candy with lots of historical insight Larkin Touches Upon That Transcend Time touches upon themes that transcend time like interracional relationships and a woman s balancing her love life with a career The 1920s were a time when a lot of women were aining independence and these books really reflect thatI officially want to be a flapper now I have the bob haircut All I need is to adopt the cool lingo and start wearing dresses with dropped waists So hit me with another in bartender and let s hear some smooth jazz Gloria Carmody had to leave Chicago in a hurry after killing a mobster She hoped to find a new start in New York City with Jerome Johnson But a white woman loving a black man is just as hard in New York York City with Jerome Johnson But a white woman loving a black man is just as hard in New York it was in Chicago Love aside living in New York is much harder without the Carmody money supporting herVera Johnson knows Gloria and her brother Jerome left Chicago for ood reason But when trouble threatens to follow them to New York will Vera be able to warn them both before it s too lateLorraine Dyer is reader for a fresh start of her own in New York One short summer is all that stands between her and a clean slate at Barnard But before she can forget a Jillian Larking takes us back into the second in the installment of her Flappers series with the uestion How much can we take in the name of loveAll of our characters are back from the last book Vixen and now their story is The Craving getting deeperAs the stress of Gloria and Jerome are still on the run and their future is not looking too bright as the Mob is still high on their tail as well as a recent foe LorraineClara begins to find her voice in a juicy magazine while moving farther from the strength of Marcus and Vera soon finds her own part woven into this story and The detailset richer in Ingenue and the stakes are becoming higher Is love enough when you want to achieve your The Murder Exchange goals Who will be sacrificed and saved in Ingenue Jillian Larkin has created an epic historical masterpiece with this series that bring us back into the times of loose inhibition and the rise of stardom can becoming in the flash of a skirt and the cut of a hairGet ready for action adventure and heartache in Ingenue released this August This one isn t nearly asood as the first one but it s still a fun read I loved reading about Gloria and Jerome trying to make it in New York I loved Lorraine running a speakeasy I loved Clara and Marcus I love the look into 1920s party culture and flapper life It s just a lot of fun and a decent seuel If you enjoyed the first one like me you ll probably enjoy this one Ingenue is the follow up to last year s Vixen The Flappers Ingenue picks up shortly after Vixen ended with all of the main characters in New York as they have fled Chicago for different but related reasons The story is shown through each of the female characters point of view Lorraine Raine is still scheming to throw Gloria under the bus and doubting herself the entire way Gloria is just trying to keep it together with her true love despite what society thinks about an interracial couple She and her boyfriend are on the run from the mob while trying to make ends meet Clara is trying to behave herself but the parties and mayhem of New York won t seem to let her Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove get a moments rest Vera is trying to help her brother and Clara all the while being tempted by a love of her own The continuation of this Roaring Twenties tale is all about the jazz the flapper lifestyle love and deceptionWhile I really enjoyed Vixen and it sreat introduction to the lifestyle of a flapper and life in that time period this one fell short for me I think it s partly due to the fact that you are only seeing the seedy underworld portion and not the family life that was presented in the first book The characters that I loved to hate in the first book were just sad in this book and I didn t have much to root for in the way of a hero hereI did enjoy that some of the characters that thought they had the upper hand and were doing the swindling The Million Dollar Goal got swindled in the end A few new characters were introduced and helped the story move forward and those characters were outstanding The ending is once again left open for a follow up book as Clara ends up in a not soreat position I m not sure that I will continue reading on though as I don t feel anything for these characters The entire love story that was so prevalent in the first book seemed to fade into the background in this oneReviewed by Jessica for Book Sak. Off her feet and whisked her away to New York Being with Marcus is a breath of fresh air and a chance for Clara to leave her wild flapper ways firmly in the past Except the dazzling parties and bright lights won’t stop whispering her name INGENUE is the second novel in the sexy dangerous and ridiculously romantic Flappers series set in the Roaring Twenties where revenge is a dish best served col. Flappers speakeasies prohibition angsters jazz an interracial relationship and murder all jump from The Pages Of Ingenue pages of Ingenue young adult book transports the reader back to a time when life was exciting and dangerous and where interracial relationships were forbidden Glo and Raine ive such life to the story They both came from ood influential homes decided to sow their wild oats and ended up involved living lives they never dreamed of Both lives influenced by the mob they do the best that they can with the cards they have been dealt True to character these two ive such a realistic look AT WHAT THE GLAMOROUS LIFE WAS REALLY LIKE INGENUE what the lamorous life was really like Ingenue the second book in Jillian Larkin s Flapper series and although it can be read as a stand alone I would suggest that Vixen be read first There are a few events and people that are mentioned in Ingenue that would be lost to the reader coming into the series with this book These events ave me a satisfaction that wouldn t have happened had I not read the first bookIngenue is a fantastic continuation of the series It s sassy suspenseful and an excellent representation of the times Although targeted to young adults I found myself forgetting the ages of the characters They seemed older and mature than the youth of today making this a The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss good book for both teens and adults alike I was such a lover of her first book Vixen and I was so looking forward to this one But it almost felt like Larkin forgot how to write and if not that she completely forgot who her characters were in the first She tried passing it off as characterization but it felt force and contrived the things she made these once so be The first book in this incredible series titled The Flapper Series was Vixen And with that first incredible noel readers were introduced to the Roaring 20 s and the fun power and mystiue that the twenties still carry today The clothes were cool the music was jazz the mobsters were many and the people who had their own little niches had their own little secrets romances and futures all planned out in the crazy entertaining world Ing nue is the second installment in The Flapper Series and it begins only a few months after Vixen left off Luckily the author is still at her highest heights From page one readers are not left wanting as the amazing characters are driven full force back into our literary lives Theirls are the same For a brief recap Lorraine Dyer is the one who exposed Clara Knowles secret trampy past but lost her best friend Gloria when she played that card Gloria Carmody is in love with Jerome Johnson and has left Claire and her backstabbing behind And Clara Knowles is with the man she loves yet even though she knows its wrong the flapper life the dazzling music and smoke filled rooms that scene is still something she can t forget Book II begins in New York City Clara has followed Marcus to New York looking for a fresh start where she was formerly known as a wild flapper Lorraine is also in the big city and is hired to run a speakeasy owned by Ernesto Macharelli a man said to be second only to Al Capone Gloria and Jerome who are still skulking around are living in poor circumstances and are very desperate not to be found by their families Jerome s younger sister Vera discovers that Jerome s life is still in danger from the vengeful Carlito Macharelli son of Ernesto so she and her friend Evan o to the City to find Jerome and Gloria to let them know about the danger Clara starts to come into her own by becoming a reporter for a slick magazine Gloria and Jerome s story is very sad as issues of race seem to take over their dreams and Lorraine is really something else She is basically a ood person but not a very ood friend She is up to no ood and can t seem to make up her mind between the Prisoner of Midnight gooduys versus the bad And Vera Jerome s sister is an extremely loyal BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. girl and wants so much to find her brother to warn him but when she finally does find him things start too bad for everyone Ing nue follows the same path as Vixen This book is full of action From Mob dealings deception betrayal to romance and flappers Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor galore this is so much fun to read that it can t be put down The author once again does a wonderful job of bringing you back to a sincerely mesmerizing time in history This series should definitely be on your list to buy as these books tell what 1920 s New York was really all aboutood Mr. Jelly's Business gossip and a whole lot of fun I wasn t as impressed or exc. Power love scandal There’s never enough too around In the city that never sleeps Lorraine Dyer is wide awake Ever since she exposed Clara Knowles for the tramp she was and lost her closest confidante in the process Lorraine has spent every second scheming to make her selfish lovesick ex–best friend pay for what she did No one crosses Lorraine Not even Gloria True love conuers everything or so. Ited by this second installment as I was with the "First In The Flappers Series The Story Takes Place Six "in The Flappers series The story takes place six after Vixen ends The entire plotline was about everyone trying to track down Gloria and Jerome for a past crime involving them It ot to be a bit tedious I found it totally unbelievable that all three main female characters Gloria Clara and Lorraine all coincidentally ended up in the same place New York I wish the story had stayed centered in Chicago I didn t really see the need to move it to a new location The location didn t make the story any different and I m Not Sure What The Point Was I Didn T Find sure what the point was I didn t find or Gloria very interesting this time around Lorraine is still as evil as ever and is still my favorite She s so jealous that I can t help but like her She leaves me wondering what dirty deeds she ll be up to next Poor Jerome wasn t even in the story very much but his younger sister Vera was She was featured in this book a bit than the previous one I like her a bit this time Things came to a head at the end and though I was disappointed with the story I m very anxious to read the last in the series Diva due out I m very anxious to read the last in the series Diva due out year I like the setting the lingo the characters though the addition as Vera as a main narrator is superfluous Jillian Larkin forgot to include a plot among all this atmosphere 1920 s New York is a fun place to be but the entire book hinges on people trying to find Gloria who s hiding out after the events of the previous book Vixen the interesting predecessor I can t have hated it that much though since I intend to round off the next book in the trilogy Diva Hopefully this was boring exposition and set up for a interesting conclusionI do like the tone and the culture comes through very clearly It is an interesting juxtaposition seventeen year old irls were expected to marry and settle down before they had started their adult life and the restlessness and desire to live it up and be independent comes through in the bookBy the way I listened to the audio version and the actress is terrible She does the female protagonists very well The antagonists sneer and snarl every sentence like cartoon characters it s almost insufferable Vixen has been one of my favorite reads this year so I was really looking forward to Ingenue And while it was certainly very Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı good and didn t disappoint per se there was definitely a bit of a sopho slump here First Ingenue wasn t uite as long so I felt like the entire story was a bit short it s the second in a series a sort of segue and it definitely feels like that like it s tying up loose ends from book 1 and introducing new elements for the finaleThat being said there s just as much drama and dangerousangsters as before The romance wasn t uite as Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines good but there were certainly a lot of boys to swoon for And that s something that I like about these books there aren t many heartstopping earth shattering all encompassing loves that will last forever The relationships that theirls have are sometimes fleeting and sometimes petty but they always seem realistic Let s face it not many of us found our other half in high school So while Gloria and Jerome are certainly a couple to watch neither Lorraine nor Clara have found their happily ever after yetSpeaking of characters Lorraine is still my favorite I find her absolutely hysterical She s so catty but in an awesome way She s also self obsessed but somehow she s also endearing She was always The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River good for a laugh And I really sympathized with her situation of being in Gloria s shadow and feeling like she was betrayed by her best friend I could see how she would want toet back at Gloria even involving THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy gangsters I totally bought the entire storyline with herTheangsters were even better in this book than the first They re a bigger threat constantly hovering over everyone Gloria and Jerome are always looking over their shoulders for Carlito while Lorraine is plotting with him I was afraid that with the relocation to New York there would be a loss of that angstermob flair but Larkin surprised me she not only maintained the level of suspense she jacked it up some I just wish there could have been interraction between Carlito and Lorraine there wasn t much of that until the end and I always thought that was an interesting dynamicJillian Larkin s Flappers seres can t rival the romanticism of Anna Godbersen s Bright Young Things and they certainly won t win any literary awards But they re fun brain. Gloria Carmody crazily believed She and Jerome Johnson can barely scrape together cash for their rent let alone have a moment to whisper sweet nothings in the dark And if they thought escaping Chicago meant they’d et away with murder they were dead wrong Clara was sure that once handsome charming Marcus Eastman discovered her shameful secret he’d drop her like a bad habit Instead he swept her.

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