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A part of the narrators heart it would have been different School Dazed for him Because he did not Ielt deeply sorry or him It was that gripping and moving of a book in a way though I wrestled in distaste because no hope was present I still saw the character s utter lost self It showed me what we really are without God when we ace our sins and past alone Without mercy without His Love This book is still one of the best I think I ve read It was a ascinating heart wrenching story The history itself has lessons to teach and to see it written out in such a story really made it all the vivid This book is story really made it all the vivid This book is a clean novel it is about a very dark horrific time in history It portrays the history as such Because of this this book is graphic and bad cussing is used once in the book at least super bad cussing While some of the acts of this book may be unsettling Old Haunts for others it was not that bad to me and the book seemed very honest to me I got the insights of just how bad it was Robert Alexander s The Kitchen Boy is aictionalized account of the Romanovs last days Several historical records mention a kitchen boy working or Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra during their captivity in Yekaterinburg These references inspired the novelMisha is the kitchen boy In the late 1990s he lives in the United States and has recently lost his wife Before dying himself he makes a tape or his granddaughter explaining exactly what happened to the Romanovs on the days preceding and immediately Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home following their murdersI wasascinated by the account particularly since most of my background on the topic comes directly rom the animated "Feature AnastasiaAlexander Humanizes The Royal Family But Also Holds Them " AnastasiaAlexander humanizes the royal My Wifes Affair family but also holds themor much of Russia s recent history Indeed Misha suggests if the royal Dîwana Jan family had acted differently had been in tune with the country they could have prevented Stalin s eventual reign of terror and spared the lives of millionsDespite their heavy historical responsibility despite knowing theirates I irrationally hoped the amily particularly the children would escape and was horrified by the manner of their deaths The women had hidden jewels in their corsets When the iring suad shot at the princesses the bullets ricocheted off the gems prolonging their deathsUnfortunately the book s ending goes astray pushing reality so much I could no longer suspend my disbelief Like Alexander s Rasputin s Daughter though Kitchen Boy inspired me to research urther to discover how much of Alexander s account was based on act and what we really know about those last ew days Despite the obvious liberties Alexander takes the book does not claim to be anything but iction it is well written and certainly entertaining. Key to the many uestions surrounding the Naples! family's murder Historically vivid and compelling The Kitchen Boy is also a touching portrait of a lovingamily that was in many ways similar yet so different rom any other. What makes the ending that much better I was assigned this book or school my Ma hadn t read it just bought for school my Ma hadn t read it just bought offline It went with our last year s study of Russia and the Romanov amily Granted of course *We Learned Plenty And Read Books On The Time Line *learned plenty and read books on the time line about Russia saw the anger and the mobs during that bad time etc But no book brought to life just how tragic and serious that time of history was like this ictional novel Not Mom, They're Teasing Me: Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems for me I was never interested much in the history of Russia I d started reading the Last Tsar andound that obviously the history was absolutely awful An entire royal amily being murdered in the same room with their servants and their dog too I couldn t imagine that graphic that horrific kind of thing This book is rom the iction perspective of the kitchen boy he lives with the Romanov amily while they re under lock down basically that s what happened Honestly I can t give much of this story away because it s just so stunning and astonishingly told The story leads you on Not slowly nor so Live Bait fast you lose track of what s happening I loved how it was told the style of writing It wasn t somear etched extravagant tale no It was told in a serious startling tone That time of history was crucial and it was told as such It wasn t on a whim the story and the perspective it was told rom was all very keen wasn t on a whim the story and the perspective it was told Fancy Strut from was all very keen was never bored I was dragged in soast by the writing by the story I was gaping At how significant it all was How it all happened in history Whether I was grounded by the actual history or the ictional bits that slid so perfectly in alignment with the truth the history It seriously all ell into place Into perspective Into line Whether I was staring in utter surprise or covering my mouth because Dang Dang it was all real Real cruel hard smooth and then jagged hope and no hope The only thing that bummed me with this book was the Unbreathed Memories fact there seemed to be no hope If there was it was crushed andound as a lie I didn t particularity like that with the kitchen boy s end I eel that he didn t have to end like that With no hope Perhaps the author and the world ound what ended and how the boy s thoughts were in his Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults final time realistic or something But I don t As the story is told yes the narrator did some very very bad things But I wasorced to think as I read would God A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 forgive him If the man askedor I Love My Dad forgivenessor what he had done would Yeshua have All about Us forgiven him I do not know if the author was a Christian or such but that ending that part Iound wrong Hope aith it IS there We are not lost cases Not with God God was in no part of this book so I didn t uite expect or hope to be Noni Speaks Up found in the story but I wish it had I think that ifaith in God had been. Ung kitchen boy Leonka Now an ancient Russian immigrant Leonka claims to be the last living witness to the Romanovs' brutal murders and sets down the dark secrets of his past with the imperial amily Does he hold the. Hey I wrote it what am I supposed to say but I love it 45 stars rounded upMany years ago in my high school world history class I "was assigned a research project I cannot recall how or why I ended up with Rasputin "assigned a research project I cannot recall how or why I ended up with Rasputin my research topic but he became the subject of my project It was then and there that my strong interest in the Romanov story was born Ever since I have been ascinated by the Romanov An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) family and this tumultuous piece of history Andor anyone interested in the tragic tale of the Romanovs The Kitchen Boy is a antastic read This novel by Robert Alexander is a ine piece of historical Wish Upon a Wedding fiction Toldrom the perspective of Leonka a kitchen boy working in the house where the Romanovs were imprisoned this novel explores the last We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk few weeks of the Romanov s lives Robert Alexander does an excellent job with the entire setting andeeling of this book It Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other feels very personal and poignant and thelow of this novel is astounding Although we all know what ultimately happens to the Romanov Richard Nixon: The Life family the build up along the way isull of tension anxiety and I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! fear There is a heaviness that accompanies this story Not only that there are deeper mysteries lurking throughout this novel Connecting present with past truths and lies and confessions come pouring out giving the reader a very interesting mystery to piece together I For theirst

170 pages i 
pages I like the Alexander was beating a dead horse by ocusing on the same our points over and over again 1Leonka was the kitchen boy 2Although Tsar and Tsaritsa had many Puppet Master failings they were good people that deeply loved theiramily and Russia 3 The conditions the Romanovs were kept in were terrible with little hope of escape and 4Misha hated himself or how history unfolded Seriously I was sick of these points being described again and again Yet I Didn T Skip A Single Sentence I Think That S t skip a single sentence I think that s Alexander would unfold them in a slightly different angel every time So I guess I liked Alexander s writing styleBy the way this was our Book Club s March book Many of my riends had Janae (Blacktop, finished the book before I did They kept telling me how the end had a twist and how they were still thinking about the ending I thought How could this book have a cool twistor an ending The book was so straight orward and dull with description that I knew I could predict the ending So I thought of the most wild and strangest endings I could think of just in case it was a really crazy twist I am not going to appear smart at my Book Club on Thursday I was NO WHERE close to guessing the endingThe last seventy pages WOW I couldn t read ast enough There were so many twists and turns And that s how I came to give this book three starsAnd guess what Those our points is. Drawing rom decades of work travel and research in Russia Robert Alexander re creates the tragic perennially ascinating story of the inal days of Nicholas and Alexandra as seen through the eyes of the Romanovs' yo. The Kitchen Boy A Novel of the Last Tsar