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5th in series certainly isn t written at that elevated level Echo revolves around a mystery of where a stone tablet originated from It was found in the yard of a deceased space explorer whose purpose in life was to find intelligent alien life Supposedly he never found any but perhaps this tablet is proof that he did In any case that s what Case and Alex try to find outI found the first two hundred pages very slow oing It did pick up after that but due to numerous plot shortcuts I found the book s payoff to be annoying and poorly executed I can t recommend this book but it s ot a number of 5 Star Reviews So Who Knows You star reviews so who knows you like itview spoilerThis is supposed to be in the far flung future with antigravity faster than light drives century plus life spans et cetera yet everyone and everything seems the same Stupid They even take trains to et to far flung places yet have AG flitters for just Chicago Architecture (Architecture Urbanism) getting aroundChase takes a long time to find her flitter yet still manages to save Alex who was dropped into a river heading towards a waterfall ReallyAliens who look and act exactly like us Uh huhUniverse wherereen worlds are rare and other intelligent species are almost non existant 2 known about to be 3 yet corporate scout advocates sending watching meteor into Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide green planet For the viewing pleasure of one spaceship not even much of a profit motive there for enabling viewing mass extinctionChase who s never used aunpowder based rifle is able to take out the AG drive of an enemy spaceship with a few shots and that spaceship despite being able to withstand the rigors of space is ruined when it falls into a river SureStone tablet is written in a language that is almost but not uite identifiably human but is really from an alien species How likely is it that the written language would be that similarThere s multiple murder attempts on ChaseAlex from at least 2 assassins This would indicate a strong financial or legal need to Citrus: A History get rid of them and their investigation but that never comes about The villain so to speak is only inferred at the end and frankly I didn t find it very believable If the owner of the company was that afraid of the debacle being revealed he d have killed off the pilots involved decades before this hide spoiler It s a light read indeed and IMHO far short of Nebula uality Well short of past efforts in this series too As others have noted the ending sort ofoes Pbllffft And two big beefs view spoiler1 The Mutes are alien and telepathic and somehow they don t count as Out There And they are never explained Nor how we seem to have killed a lot of them but now their children are playing with ours 2 The people on Echo II are JUST like us in a zillion ways but only have 42 chromosomes Jack you have to explain that even if it s with nonsensical handwaving They have developed rifles JUST like ours and there is no sign of a single solitary thing that would be out of place on Earth Pfui hide spoiler. Termined to decipher its secret one Bannister doesn't want revealed Could it be that Tuttle's obsessive uest was successful. Echo Alex Benedict #5Remember to Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 get som I ve started reading Alex Benedict s adventures 6 years ago still these books are one of my favorite sci fi books It s fun to read Jack McDevitt booksThe story in this book is not asreat as the seeker but still I enjoyed reading it It s like visiting an old friendMcDevitt "s books remind asimovs universe humanity has colonized lots of planets and still trying tocolonize And our character Alex " books remind asimovs universe humanity has colonized lots of planets and still trying tocolonize And our character Alex is trying to solve mysterious mostly there is dead in these mysteriesProbably I will buy the next 2 books of the series this year and finish the series Another excellent Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath book from Jack McDevitt This one seemed a little darker a little uncomfortable AT TIMES THAN PREVIOUS OUTINGS WITH times than previous outings with antiuities brokersadventurers But that didn t affect my enjoyment of the story It made the world the characters all that realAs these characters Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More grow older which doesn t mean much in a future where most people live at least a couple of centuries they are definitely experiencing characte Historians In SpaceWell if anyone has followed this far in the series you know this is nothing new It s nearly 30000 years after humanity has spread from Earth and we re all over thealaxy and there are very very few alien species out there But humans being humans we fall apart and lose touch and certain facts places and even people tend to drop off the map and the history books and any other kind of archive This is known Plus space and time is very big It s easy to lose track of anything And that s where Chase and Alex come in Space Opera Slueths historians adventurers crack shots detectives and assassin foilers And let s not forget their trusty AI to help them out on the technical stuff noNone of that is particularly new of course but the plots continue to surprise and Classic Rough News get better with each installmentWe dive deep into a mystery tablet left to Alex by an eccentric explorer We re fighting off assassins set on keeping the discoveries under wraps We hunt for tragic missing persons and the secrets they hold And we evenet a heavy dose of plain ole world exploration with the demise of lost human settlements possible traces of alien civilizations and the final reveal as to what caused the tragic end of a certain individual and a whole lot The novel kinda started out slow for me but past a certain point it was *truly hard to put down again I m so lad I kept with the series It s truly a *hard to put down again I m so lad I kept with the series It s truly a Opera potboiler par excellence This is extremely well written but shows signs of being a really Class Warfare: Class, Race, and College Admissions in Top-Tier Secondary Schools great short story or short novella that has been padded to novel lengthI really had the feeling that it wasoing to be one of those novels where in the end nothing has happenedBUT that was not the case in the last few chapters the pace picks way up and there is a lot of actionAm I Common People: The History of An English Family grumpy Yes Because of this novel Not really but it wasn t helpingIf you like alien artifacts you will like this novel If you like lost civilizations or lost human colonies you will like it and saying that does NOTive Tone tablet inscribed with cryptic symbols now in the possession of Tuttle's one time lover Rachel Bannister Benedict is de.

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Not up to the standards of the series in the end It did make me want to immediately reread the entire series though The central mystery is Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare great possibly the best set up in the series but the resolution has a majorroaner that made me shake my head in disappointmentspoilerStar Trek Style aliens that are so indistinguishable from humans that they find Chase sexually attractive Also I have the feeling that he or his editors pulled back from a much disturbing truth for some reason spoilerIt seems they are setting it up for a character to have caused a enocidal incident Instead she ends up as merely a witness to a natural disasterJack McDevitt books are must buys for me This series is among my favorites of all time I desperately want and soon It sounds like I am being unduly harsh on this entry But I "had a reat time reading it and will " a reat time reading it and will read it again Wow a triple shot of meh for this one Barely 2 Stars Pointless wandering around for hundreds of pages with very little reward at the end Least interesting entry into this series so far and the last I shall read Yawn Chase and Alex two people who sound like they might appear in some of McDevitt s earlier fiction as well yup this is Alex Benedict 5 investigate the origins of a mysterious stone tablet found in the yard of Sunset Tuttle an oddball explorer who died two decades earlier and who did appear in some of McDevitt s earlier fiction Then someone tries to kill them Again and again The story was entertaining enough but it seemed unfocused to me Somehow I never managed to believe that Chase and Alex really had their lives threatened I found both them and their world to be unconvincing and irritating at the same time I was frankly unconvincing and irritating at the same time I was frankly to find this book nominated for a Nebula McDevitt has written far better stories than this one A step by step way to write a Jack McDevittAlex Benedict book1 Introduce a mysterious artifactperson the mystery should be vague with each succeeding book2 Have Alex sChase s residence burgled or otherwise infiltrated in an attempt to prevent the mystery from being solved3 Have Chase remark that Alex isn t that easily persuaded then have Chase suggested two or three times during the novel that they should stop investigating the mystery4 Throw in some references to Chase s boyfriend of the month who she feels really strongly about then never mention them again5 Have the vast majority of the male characters mention in some way or other how beautiful Chase is6 Now would be a ood time for an attempt on either Alex or Chase s life Bonus points if either of them ends up in a riverthe ocean Extra bonus points if it was caused by a sabotaged craft7 Remember to remind the reader numerous times that Chase loves partying8 Have Alex figure some stuff out before Chase but not tell her straight away This creates TENSION9 As they re en route to the mystery destination or as they arrive there add another attempt on their life10 Bonus points if your mystery reveal contains a scene from Death from the Skies by Phil Plait11. Sunset Tuttle spent a lifetime looking for alien species Twenty five years after Tuttle's death Alex Benedict discovers a