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U can t blame Fante or this one though because though he wrote it he also recognized after the act That It Shouldn T Be it shouldn t be It s disrespectful in a way or his estate to have published it posthumously Fante certainly had every opportunity to do it himself so you have to assume he deliberately decided not to And something of such inferior uality can only serve to diminish his legacy So while it may be valuable as an objective record of Fante s literary transformation that s probably the only way it should be read and appreciatedUpdate after perusing other reviews It s striking how many people loved this book yet out of all the positive reviews almost none of them mention Ask the Dust or they admit this being the irst Fante book they Ve Read For Those On Fante read For those waffling on yourself a avor and read Dust FIRST then this then decide what you think of this one If you put the two books side by side they re not even close in uality and it seems like the people who really admire this book are doing it without the context of Fante s masterpiece In other words believe me and not them How s that Dogs Behaving Badly for ainal Bandini esue First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There flourishNot Bad Reviewsblakerosser1 The white heat of a sex starved creative Italian teenager scorches every page A blinding magnesiumlare an elemental torchsong to precocious youth that or all its down and dirty honesty and rustrated libido manages to retain a charm and innocence that the instant gratification of cyber space has April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers forever appropriated Arturo is utterly adorable During each episode in his crazed wanderings through the tough dockside streets of 1930s Los Angeles Iervently wished he d been transplanted to his spiritual homeland tearing through the cobblestoned communities of Southern Italy But it wasn t to be Cooped up in a coldwater lat with his mother and sister struggling to survive the most Italian of all out of control Italian youths who needed the support tolerance and patience of a large doting Mediterranean community to lourishArturo is a one man Manhattan Project He ll exhaust you but you ll never Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome forget hi. Y 1983 by his widow Joyce and now may be included in that short distinguished list of importantirst novels by American author. ,
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Xious compared to bold and brilliantFante DOES A GOOD JOB CHANNELING THE a good job channeling the of youth and a lot of the discrepancies between the two Bandinis could probably be chalked up to just that in addition to his isolation in the later work ie he has no loved ones to continuously abuse to his isolation in the later work ie he has no loved ones to continuously abuse he does here But it really just reminded me of my own irst efforts at writing which will also remain mercifully unpublishedThe differences between the two novels don t end at the protagonist The here is much latter not the soaring imagery and low of Dust Again First Novel understandable But there s also little to nothing that happens here and while that was somewhat similar in Dust there were still various interpersonal connections in that one not just the one way invectives or obsessive antasies you get here Conseuently the title is somewhat of a misnomer in all but the metaphorical sense You don t see Bandini physically making his way to Los Angeles you just see the precious Space Kid few events that lead to his decision to go there But Bandini himself stays largely the samerom Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town first page to last literally psychotic at times even displaying occasional self consciousness of his mental disturbance There are evenlashes of Walter Mitty here though a sinister Mitty with Bandini s tendency to convert the mundane into the self aggrandizing antastical interestingly Mitty wouldn t be published until three years after this was written But Bandini s lights of Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water fancy unlike Mitty s hold real world conseuences Ask the Dust is one of my all timeavorite books beautiful and inspiring so I was eager to read the entire Bandini saga in chronological order Sadly though I read this in just a day I didn t enjoy it at all save Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus for a nice little interlude of lovely cheer when Bandini helps an old lady carry her bags and comes away inspired by his own goodness albeit all too briefly pp 48 9 But I can t recommend it to anyone exceptor Fante completists and other writers and I hope Wait Until Spring Bandini will be closer in uality to its successor than its predecessor Yo. Sk the Dust 1939 and Dreams rom Bunker Hill 1982 The manuscript was discovered among John Fante's papers after his death in Ma. ,

There are the roads we choose and there are the roads we walk and there Are The Walks Of LifeOh the walks of lifeOh there are the roads we walk and there are the walks of lifeOh What a book What weight Like the Los Angeles Telephone Directory Day after day I read it never understanding it never caring either but reading it because I liked one growling word after another marching across pages with somber mysterious rumblingsRiotously ambitious wildly egotistic possessed with the severe angst of youth ridden with delirious antasies obsessed with the maniacal desire to become a writer Arturo Bandini turns his life into a bitter burlesue But however erratically he continues to move to his purpose The Road to Los Angeles is violently grotesue but John Fante is utterly honest in telling his story and honesty is a rather rare merchandise in the modern literature The Road to Los Angles by John Fante introduces one of the most bizarre disturbed and likeable alter egos in literature Arturo Bandini The book takes place in 1930 s Los Angles primarily the rough neighborhoods around the harbor docks We are put in the mind of a young man suffering Troubled Waters from the world s worst grandiosity complex Bandini is convinced he will go down in history as the world s greatest man Unfortunately he srom a dirt poor amily and works a ish cannery His megalomania is severe to the point where it becom I ound a used copy of this book the other day and this was inscribed on the title found a used copy of this book the other day and this was inscribed on the title part about ish canaries made me smile as it conjured some peculiar images of hybrid ornitho ichthyological species in my head but he obviously meant ish canneries which igure strongly in the book This stolen inscription will serve as my review because it s probably better than anything I would write I d like to ind out who Whit and Chuck are maybe someone will recognize this An ugly little debut with First Novel written all over it It s not difficult to see why it remained unpublished during Fante s lifetime The most surprising and disappointing aspect is how unrecognizable Bandini is here compared to the glorious Ask the Dust see my review offensive and obno. From the Editorial NoteThis novel introduces Fante's alter ego Arturo Bandini who reappears in Wait Until Spring Bandini 1938