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Tempestuous Revelation Mackenzie Twins #2

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The shit hits the fan when a friend blabs to the entire town that Dom and his twin brother Mason are shagging Some friend Wouldn t he have talked to his mate first Asked him if it was trueThe boys are left ostracised and unemployed and decide to elocate That makes me happy but I want to know what happens to them next Still OMG Poor guys What kinda friend but I want to know what happens to them next Still OMG Poor guys What kinda happens to them next Still OMG Poor guys What kinda do that Ok yes it is taboo and a little out there but who cares It s not like they e doin it in front if your kids What they do in their house is no one s business Anyway I hope there s another book I eally want to know what happens Great although short continuation to the Tempestuous Relations dealing with agression from the close minded townfolks towards the brothers which at the end drives them out of their hometown While sad the story still leaves a positive feeling of the new life beginning for the brothers Very uick More plot in this one than the previous one but still not a huge amount of elationship development since it is so short Only with a handful of authors that I m willing to venture to themes I don t usually like examples twincest I like the first book since it has a touch of angst in in which L. Munatius Plancus reminds me of a short movie called Star crossed that I watched This one let Dominic and Mason have barely come to grips with the new aspects of their bond when one tiny sli. Just say a little bit predictable Once theirelationship is out in the open of course there s going to be uproar So I think the ending is also one thing I see coming from a mile Doesn t mean that the story is bad though I still love Amanda Young s writing Dominic Mason comfortably continue their uber taboo affair which they began in Tempestuous Relations But they soon Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality realize that society may not beeady for their sort of bond Maybe in certain cosmopolitan parts of the world LOVE is LOVE but if you live in a dirt water tobacco chewin gossipy town it just may get one or both of you killed Tempestuous Revelation is the perfect compliment to its predecessor Both heavy on sex but Revelation amps up the tension brilliantly and believably It also made me wonder why certain consenting adult elationships enrage people so when truth be told why certain consenting adult The Pink Pearl relationships enrage people so when truth be told shouldeally just mind their own business If I had to offer a complaint its that the two tales should have been combined into one All in all the first one made me hot and while eually salacious this one made me a little sad pondering Dominic Mason s Possibilities I Ll Be I ll be forward to another in this series I m hopelessly hooked now Thanx Amanda Dom and Mason have continued their
Relationship And Are Unfort. 
and are unfort. up shines a light on their forbidden elationship With societal pressure weighing down on them. Unately seen by a friend In A Compromising Position What a compromising position What they going to do now 28 StarsOnly slightly better than the previous book because it had some eal world conseuences sneak up on them and kick the twins in the ass I liked that Means they have to work at being happy and finding what fits them bestStill no in depth discussion of their attraction or why they love each other the way that they do nothing that felt like it explained the The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reason they wouldisk everything to be together the way that they are Or why they are willing to give up what they ve grown up with the lives they ve what they ve grown up with the lives they ve to know even where they liveto stay a coupleHopefully the third book clears it up finger crossed Of course I m not even sure where to GET IT SINCE IT S BEEN BANNED FROM SEVERAL it since it s been banned from several booksellers Hypocrites will peddle horribly written and irresponsible straight smut and some GOD AWFUL gay smut both of which push the bounds of acceptable eg GRAPHIC RAPE scenes but a little brother lovin is a no no EyeRoll It s not like there is inbreeding or any chance of fucked up offspring Another great Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela read from Amanda Younggreat conclusion for the twinsnot for those who do not enjoyeading taboo storiesmust Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction read Book 1Tempestuous Relationsto enjoy and understand this book. The brothers are faced with an impossible decision – one that could end than their taboo love.