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Ma Jane surrender to the ultimate sacrifice giving her body in sexual gratification A story of *HOW FASCINATION TURNS TO RAGING OBSESSION *fascination turns to raging obsession sexual desire into of how fascination turns to raging obsession and sexual desire into need to debase womEn Another brilliantly observed characterization from weaver of sensual tales Emy Naso.

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She was shy he adored From Afar They Started Innocently Enough from afar They started innocently nough went from NUDE POSING TO DISCOVERING HER BEAUTIFUL posing to discovering her beautiful Sirus was obsessed with this object of his deepest desire Slowly the seduction of the gorgeous red head turned from mild blackmail to. Demands on to satisfy his very sexual need Once he’d possessed Emma Jane the intoxication grew He Owned The Young Woman Forcing Her owned the young woman forcing her bondage sex with other men while he watched and finally turning the delicious corruption into sexual slavery Sirus demanded Em. ,
The Corruption of Emma Jane