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Ion If my class were learning about the Civil War I would have at least four or five books the students could choose from This book would be I would have at least four or five books the students could choose from This book would be of them I would then have a meet and greet with the students as they dress up as their favorite character from the story and have conversation with the other characters from other stories A very interesting Civil War story from an unusual perspective The Friends had a part to play on both sides This is a lovely book about the uaker community and their participation in the Underground Railroad It was uaker community and their participation in the Underground Railroad It was uick fun read that I think would be a great way to introduce children to the issues of slavery abolition personal choices civil disobedience and the civil war It s a book I would read with a grandchild This is a safe family focuse book with limited scenes of violence I saw this on a sale cart at a local library and I like historical novels and xpected this to be a great find on the topic of slavery and the Civil War but it was nothing like that I only spent 25 cents but there was no real reason for me to read this and I look forward to finding better novels on the subject After reading They Loved to Laugh I was thoroughly sick of the Friends had never heard of them before and was turned off to discover they re in here It also reminded me of that book because both heroines go to live with family and have only male cousins All of the thee s and thy s are really annoying and I don t like books so heavily religious The beliefs people had back then are upsetting and I don t find it njoyable to read themHer cousin Robert accused her blonde hair of making her stand out and her aunt Elizabeth said her hair and cheeks are too bright for a Friend and she ll need to wear a bonnet Imagine being so stodgy and rigid that you think someone is anti religious because their cheeks are naturally colored and they have blonde hair It s truly sickening They have to wear plain dark clothes Men and women set on separate blonde hair It s truly sickening They have to wear plain dark clothes Men and women set on separate of the meetinghouse Her uncle was horrified that she had ridden astride a horse without a saddle Ew This lifestyle was making me sick It s set in NC so that was another reason that I had to have it Finding books in my home state is really cool specially an historical novel Truth is 12 and Robert is 19 It was never said how old Todd was uakers don t believe in fighting are peaceful people Hay rides are for courtingAfter the meeting Elizabeth mentioned that Todd was talking to Lucy and Truth saw that he was leaning towards the girl and the girl had her head tilted knew they were in love She wondered if anyone would ver look at her like thatOn the way home from school Truth saw the Fields boy taking a coffle of fugitive slaves back He hit on her and asked her to tip her bonnet back so he could see if she was pretty noticed she had hair like gold She ran away and noticed one of the slaves running after her Suire knew the Bardwells and they had helped him before Their house was a stop on the Underground Railroad The big hearthstone could be moved aside to reveal a hole in the floor for slaves to go in Uncle Matthew told her she could come along with the boys on the hay ride Truth didn t want to spend a hayride with Robert But Elizabeth promised that Robert would treat her better because he d just been worried she d reveal their abolitionist work and ndanger themTodd said he wanted to marry Lucy before the war comes said she s willing Robert said she d been willing since she was 8 Todd told Truth to rest and put his arm around her I thought something would happen with both boysMartha the girl who had been so cold with Truth at school turned out to be a part of the Underground Railroad Her family s home was Station Seven Truth realized that Martha had just been worried about her secret like Robert I guess being an abolitionist made you mean to Obsession everyonevery odd I hated when Truth caught Martha staring at Robert and could tell she liked him Back up But at least Robert smiled at Truth in the barn so he was coming around to her Perry told the schoolchildren about Daniel Fields visiting his home in search of the runaway slave He blamed Truth Martha and Lydia all of the uaker kids He said uakers hide slaves and send them north viewed it just like stealing an animal They viewed them as stolen property He threatened to beat up their men Truth said uaker men don t fight for any reason Martha confirmed that Perry. 's amazement her uncle hides him from the slave catchers Even puzzling he asks her to accompany him when he deliverswagonload of hay to a neighbor late that nightThis ride and the wagon's real cargo involve Truth in a mysterious and dangerous underground movement and reveal how she can help further the cause of freedom without the use of. This book was often difficult to read because of the uaker language of Thees and Thous It was a story about a uaker girl from the north who is sent to live with her family in the South when her family dies The uakers are involved in the Underground railroad Two of the uaker boys are kidnapped and forced in to the Southern army and then captured by the Northerners and put into Yankee prison The main character must make a dangerous journey to rescue her cousins She gets help from Frederick Douglas and the President himself Very fun Great for discussion of the Civil war period This is the third of Patricia Beatty s historical novels set in the Civil War Charley Skedaddle was set with a young boy from the north who runs off to war only to find out it wasn t what hexpectedTurn Homeward Hanna was set with a young girl from the south who is taken prisoner and sent north accused of treason because she worked at a southern cloth mill In Who Comes With Cannons we are introduced to uakers in North Carolina who were part of the Underground Railroad I found this book an Cabaret: A Roman Riddle easy read once you get into cadence with the Friends language use of thee While it does seem improbable that the young girl in this story would actually be able to meet Frederick Douglass and see Abraham Lincoln the story about uaker beliefs and how they aided the north in their own way wasxtremely believable While I still like Charley Skedaddle best this is a good historical novel for those interested in the Civil War and it shows the war from an very different vantage point that one does not often hear about A middle grade novel about uakers living in North Carolina during the Civil War The language was a little stilted lots of thees and thous but the premise of the book was very interesting I learned a lot about uakers and how they were treated in the Civil War Title Who Comes with Cannons Author Patricia Beatty Genre Historic Themes US History Opening linesentence Kettle cousin indeed The name stung Brief Book Summary A story of an orphaned girl who goes to live with family during the Civil War This is a story of courage as a young girl learns about how to deal with the loss of her parents as well as her family s involvement in Underground Railroad Professional RecommendationReview 1When orphaned Truth comes to live with her uncle s family in North Carolina she soon learns of their involvement with the Underground Railroad Admiring their courage she aspires to help and her commitment to the uaker ideals guides her on several abolitionist missions The story is believable nicely paced and rich in historic detail Professional RecommendationReview 2 Beatty s posthumous Civil War novel will be welcomed by readers of her arlier works such as Charley Skedaddle and Jayhawker Truth Hopkins a uaker is sent to North Carolina relatives on the ve of the Civil War her mother is dead and her father dying Doubly an outsider she watches and helps in small ways as her kin run a station on the Underground Railroad and helps in small ways as her kin run a station on the Underground Railroad war comes her two male cousins are forced into the Confederate army later in a rather improbable journey north and back again Truth rescues one of them from a Union prison in Elmira NY The once timid Truth can then take her place in the family and in the local Meeting for Worship The risky choice to create A Heroine Who Plays A heroine who plays a role for much of the story succeeds in the nd Truth s uiet determination allows readers to view of the story succeeds in the nd Truth s uiet determination allows readers to view Civil War from the perspective of a group persecuted by both sides Ages 10 up Oct Response to Two Professional Reviews The professional reviewers were right when they mentioned the how good the historic detail was This topic can be a very dry part of history Having the students connect to the story by using a character who they can relate to makes it interesting Evaluation of Literary Elements The literary All Roads Lead Home elements in this book are perfect for students in third and fourth grade Inach chapter there is at least one picture For xample in Chapter 2 there is a picture of a bonnet This is a very good visual just in case there is a student who doesn t know what one looks like Students will connect with this story although the Civil War is not something the students would have lived through students will be able to show mpathy with the main character because they share roughly the same age Feeney S Moravcik E 2005 Consideration of Instructional Applicat. When Truth Hopkins's father dies she goes to live with her uncle and his family on their North Carolina farm Like Truth the Bardwells are uakers They oppose slavery but refuse to take up arms in the civil war that is now being waged to nd this inhuman institution Then one day a runaway slave takes refuge on the Bardwell farm and to Truth. .

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And the other boys would beat Todd and ROBERT AND THAT THEY WANTED TO TAR AND TO TAR AND and that wanted to tar and feather and other abolitionists were tarred and feathered Todd got a black ye and bruised face from one of the Gibson s Peter s family In April Peter reported that the South had fired on Fort Sumter in SC and Yankees were inside It was the start of the war SC left the Union before Christmas and NC was to secede soon I was hoping for between her and Robert One night the Gibsons broke their window and she saw Robert in his nightshirt talking to Todd Hello thoughtsIt was announced that NC had seceded in May and their teacher let school out The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis early becauseveryone got so rowdy He knew it would be volunteers at first and then if the war went on all able bodied men would be drafted Truth wore a black band on her arm after her dad diedMartha asked Truth what would happen to Todd and Robert and I was so mad He s not yours Truth said that Robert had no true love that she knew of and smiled at Martha and I wondered why she had no jealousy or feelings about the subjectuakers couldn t get Confederates to help them with their farming Truth did have some strong moments She had some fire to her which I like in a heroine That night the gang of men came with torches and threatened to burn their home if they didn t join the army and they asked to see Todd and Lucy newly married who weren t there Then they asked to see Truth and Elizabeth to hug and kiss them but without their bonnets Truth got mad and put her head out the window told them to look at her and is this how southern gentlemen treats ladies and she s ashamed of them Elizabeth told her it was bold but foolish and Robert came in her room and praised her knowing just the right thing to say to make them leave She d hit right on to southern men valuing their respect for women without knowing it Robert and Todd had to leave and flee to Canada to avoid becoming soldiers Even the north would draft men at some point Before they left Todd and Robert picked her up off her feet in a hug Robert whispered into her ar that he was proud of her last night and to keep her courage up that he was glad she s come and that she ll be a comfort here I wanted so much but that was better than nothing I was upset though that he said they d send messages through the Buchans which is Martha s family Truth told them that she was proud of themTheir neighbors knew the boys were gone and headed where they d went Some nights they d ride by and yell out Cowards and Canada and throw things at their house uakers would be spat on and shoved in town Some merchants refused to sell to them A uaker from Virginia came to tell them in July that Todd and Robert had been caught by militiamen and forced into the army ven though they were from another state The army men said uakers are only good for cannon fodder The man said the war would start in Virginia and that s where the boys are Letters and people could be sent by the Underground Railroad Todd came by one night had been shot and brought through the stations from VirginiaTodd stated that Friends weren t made to be soldiers that they weren t given uniforms or guns but were pushed to the front line with nothing but their bare hands The Confederate army wanted them to be soldiers but they refused They were underfed made to stand up on barrels for a long time tied up in ropes in the hot sun and carry logs One of their Confederate neighbors had noticed a pile of boulders in their pasture and remarked on what a waste it was to take away from land that could be farmed and I knew that was going to be significant Sure nough Matthew and Elizabeth revealed that it was a hiding place and that Todd would be put there I was so disappointed that Robert wasn t with him But the good news was that the Virginia farmer had searched the battlefield for someone of Robert s description and hadn t found him among the dead Todd would be considered a deserter ven though he hadn t joined th I loved this book It s the uaker perspective during the American Civil War and I really Just Cause enjoyed the story and characters A nice way to introduce how the uakers participated in the Civil War I read this aloud to my kids when we traveled to Georgia from CA and toured several historical sites Though the book doesn t take place in Georgia it really helped us to get into the time period Both my 10 yr old daughter 8 yr old sonnjoyed it. A riflePatricia Beatty best selling author and winner of the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction takes readers on an unforgettable trip aboard the Underground Railroad Her powerful story of the Civil War captures the secrecy suspense and heroism of this little known chapter in America's history and will long be remembered by readers. .
Who Comes with Cannons?
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