Pitch Like a Girl Get Respect Get Noticed Get What You Want [Pdf/E–book]

This book is about how a woman can be a woman bound by the restraints of male dominated workforce with traits of submissiveness lack of math skills uiet compassion and still secretly manipulate men to et what she wants This book categorizes all types of human interactions into two categories blue and pink aka the author s euphemisms to disguise her narrow thinking I couldn t I Was A Stranger get through this book I tried I kept saying to myself Only one chapterI think I moing to burn it I m probably about a 13 of the way through this right now but absolutely adore Ronna s approach to the endered this right now but absolutely adore Ronna s approach to the endered in the workforce It really ties into a lot of other reading I m doing right now as far as The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gender studieso and it makes understanding why different people behave the way they do in business or have different expectations than you might clear and relatively simple And it addresses reasons why women are still behind in many regards when it comes to business and what to do about these issues She explains the pink and blue styles of absorbing information and how you can have females with blue stripes and males with pink stripes What I really like is that she ives not only annadoctal stories for each but backs up her assertions with studies and statistics In other words she ives something for the pink and something for the blue Am I pink blue or somewhere in the middle called striped Reading to find out. Why Ronna Lichtenberg corporate veteran turned highly sought after management consultant developed a program for women that works with their uniue advantage. This book offered a uniue Insight Into What It Takes into what it takes become successful and how to be respected in the workplace Lichtenberg categorizes people as blues pinks and stripes each person having a different personality and emphasizes playing to one s strengths and adapting one s work style to suit their personality As a reader I was able to personally identify what my approach should be to work and develop my own pitch She explained how this helps break down stereotypes that may exist in the workplace and how these are very empowering strategies I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to become motivated I absolutely loved the author s book Work Would Be Great If It Weren t for the People and have recommended it to countless people This one predated it and I just didn t et nearly as much out of it It wasn t as funny or readable there was "TOO MUCH OF A MARKETING SELLING ANGLE AND IT "much of a marketing selling angle and it had a lot of sexist undertones that I found unnecessary in my company anyway I m sure they may hold true in other industries or corporations Perhaps I m just lucky Perfect for independent women starting a career I enjoy learning about different personalities and how to work with them this book offers a lot of practical advice as well as some eye rolling tropes Though certainly eared toward women entrepreneurs who ask for in fundraising this book also offers reat advice for negotiating sala. Pitch Like a Girl by Ronna Lichtenberg offers proven techniues to maximize "A Woman't Instinctive Strengths "woman't instinctive strengths effectiveness in the workplaceDespite steady. .

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Ries and even as I do presenting creative work and pitching my own business in front of new clients For any woman who struggles to advocate for herself especially when it comes to money this book might offer tangible practices to observe and then adopt Practical advice on how to pitch based on personality types There are some ood exercises in THIS BOOK TO BREAK THINGS UP THIS BOOK IS book to break things up This book is to skim and there are very helpful summary sections in each chapter I found chap 3 on the differences between men and women very intersting This book is likely helpful for someone that is specifically trying to pitch a new product business career change or promotion I was prepared to dislike this book or at best not to et much out of it Fortunately I m Adventurouscurious Enough To Have Given It A enough to have iven it a and I m delighted that I did Not just for irls or even women contains plenty of insight for boysmen too An outstanding addition to my MarketingCareer shelf I started this book and do not intend to finish it You "Know I Hate A "I hate a when I m writing angry curse words in the margins circling full sentences and drawing angry symbols In fact I hate this book so much that I actually put it down during church I m an atheist and said prayers instead Here s why This book reinforces ender ineualities rather than empowering women to overcome them This book isn t about how a woman can be herself and still succeed. Advancement part of the reason women still struggle to succeed in business is the discomfort they feel doing anything that feels like self promotion That's.

Read Pitch Like a Girl Get Respect Get Noticed Get What You Want

Pitch Like a Girl Get Respect Get Noticed Get What You Want