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F her and Giff at a kitchen table surrounded by the undoubtedly cute kids they would have together Instead he imagined a tall scuffed table in a dingy nightclub where Giff sat awkwardly making a concerted effort to like a loud indie rock band while Brooke told herself that she didn t mind not dancing that there were important ualifications in a potential mate4 Good pasts Michaels does a Good Job Of Giving Jake And Brooke Pasts And Doesn job of giving Jake and Brooke pasts and doesn skimp on plot outside of falling in love Brooke is of course dealing with her flaky parents and wild sister Jake is avoiding his alcoholic father and a mother he sees as weak Both interact with their families and their interactions with families change as they both improve each other as people It s good5 Gentle teasing You re missing the point Ms Nichols This isn t an op or a three alarm We don t have to follow any plans We can do whatever we want or do nothing at all eat dessert before dinner Wear mismatched socksShe pursed her lips well aware that he was picking up on her but amused despite herself Not that she planned to admit that Are ou uite finishedProbably not he said unrepentantly Expect random bouts of mockeryYou and Giff are so differentJake slanted her a glance as he started the car Meaning he s a gentleman who would never heckle a lady whereas I m a cad who doesn t take anything seriouslyGosh I love gentle teasing I love when Signaler un problème you are with a man and he really knowsou and Un monstre dans les céréales your faults and uirks and everything aboutou and he s able to gently tease Nam you about them It s no fun if someone gets hurt I m not talking about mean teasing I m talking about very gentle loving teasing When couples have this it is so good Aboveou can see Jake gently ribbing Brooke about how rigid she is She knows this about herself and is amused by his joking even though at the same time she s not going to change I like it he does it often through the book and I think it s a great couple dynamic Loving It makes me think that the two characters are in sync when this happens in a novelHere s later in the book I ve always loved otters she saidReally They seem pretty frivolous Jake flashed her a teasing smile she knew he was about to give her grief but found herself grinning back rather than growing defensive I would have expected Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you to champion serious organized creaturesShe raised an eyebrow Such as Nothing that she knew of in the animal kingdom carried appointment books or smartphones You re going to say something like an ant or worker bee aren touI was thinking like a lioness They re smart organized They feed the pride raise the oung and take down animals bigger than themselvesShe d assumed he was setting her up for good natured mocking and instead he s compared her to a fierce majestic animal Not for the first time today she felt as if she were tripping over her own expectations that s a man like jake for That s a man like Jake for d always keep a woman on her toes never uite sure what to expect It might be fun for an evening out or a road trip but long term It would be an unnerving exhausting way to live always trying to figure out the person ou were with and never uite sure ou had it rightThen again life with a man like Jake would have other perks6 Ruined plans becoming a person she actively avoided I also like how Michaels handles the cheating view spoilerThe two don t have sex until after Brooke breaks it off with Giff but they do share a kiss together hide spoiler. Ngerous situations Jake is everything Brooke's fiance is not raw spontaneous and passionate But passion isn't everythingis itAs Jake keeps pushing Brooke's boundaries and her buttons the girl who hates surprises might just end up surprising everyone especially hersel.

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Eassured herself that life with Giff would hold blessedly few surprisesHe planned ahead and always did as promisedBut she s been in tumultuous relationships where she s been gaga over a man before and she didn t like how that turned out Despite herself Brooke had once fallen for a guy outside her comfort zone a fellow writer she d met during her college ears in Austin Her tumultuous on again off again ear with the gorgeous brooding poet had reinforced her belief that she didn t need any spontaneous types or artistic temperaments in her life Now she had a gorgeous business man who always called when he said he would and would never forget her birthday Nothing could make her happierWhen she is introduced to Jake Giff s best man she is slightly flustered because she recognizes him from the shirtless picture of him in the firefighter s calendarWe know she s in real trouble with her upcoming marriage when she compares Giff to an old bathrobe Except this wasn t like this with Giff She didn t stumble over her words or find herself bizarrely defensive He was as comfortable as a favorite bathrobe a perfect fitThe rest of the book is her alternating between fantasizing about her safe calm future with rich handsome Giff and being faintly excited by Jake someone who is not who she handsome Giff and being faintly excited by Jake someone who is not who she herself ending up withJake and Giff are not opposites Both are good looking reasonably intelligent kind men That s good and important Michaels isn t employing lazy writing here Giff is a rich businessman who has a steady life and a permanent place in the world Jake is far from unstable but he travels explores the US and the world and works as a firefighter Not what I would call dangerous or living on the edge but it is too much excitement for BrookeLet s break this down1 There s nothing wrong with Giff Giff is a perfectly wonderful guy He is kind smart treats Brooke well Michaels shows strong writing here in resisting the urge to make the future husband a dick That s important He s a good man and he doesn t deserve betrayal from his best friend and his woman2 I wanted these two to fuck Some good news about this from his best friend and his woman2 I wanted these two to fuck Some good news about this is that I was interested in these two ending up together I wanted Jake to slowly slowly do things to Brooke and break down her hard rigid view on life and not only seduce her sexually but get her to relax and enjoy herself a little bit It would have been super fun in the hands of an authorbook that would actually allow sexseduction He s so gently amused by her unyielding structured life plan It would have been very fun and hot to see him slowly break down her walls He s gentle and kind I would have enjoyed itAlso the cover model s hands were turning me on not gonna lie3 Cheating romanticized The only problem with the aforementioned seduction I craved is that Brooke is engaged to be married to Jake s best friend I m not into cheating and I think this put a damper on the whole thing Betrayal is the worst I couldn t believe poor Giff s fianc e AND lifelong best friend were backstabbing him Cheating is very unattractive I do not support thisI mean I don t flip out like some GR reviewers but I m not a fan Michaels is saying Giff is the wrong man for her Jake is the one who likes dancing and he is the one who gently teases her and gently draws her out of her comfort zones The line between good intentions and selfish bastard had become amazingly blurredJake tried to summon the mental picture L Brooke is eager to settle down once and for all No alarms no surprises Certainly she would never consider a relationship with someone like her fiance's best friend firefighter Jake McBride With his freuent footloose jaunts and a career that involves leaping into da. Okay this book was a mess of emotions and trials that go on in one persons life but it wasn t one person who was effected it was three main ones and possibly conseuential ones I didn t
*like the heroine *
the heroine first she was too controlled and annoyed me The hero on the other hand was every womans dream man All together it was a good read The only thing that keeps me from giving this book 5 stars is that I ve read Mistletoe Hero and Mistletoe Christmas both of which made me weep like a baby This is a great ligh Why was she able to remember her one close dance with Jake with clarity than the many kisses she d exchanged with her fianc I know a lot of people are going to have problems with this book because it is about CHEATERS I know this is a hot button issue with a lot of people So I want to say it up front The Best Man in Texas is about a best man who steals his friend s bride The hero Jake is a cheater The heroine Brooke is a cheaterIf cheating sets ou off SKIP THIS BOOK While I don t cheaterIf cheating sets Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you off SKIP THIS BOOK While I don t cheating or condone it I certainly have never cheated on a man I am not disturbed by cheating in books I happen to think The Bridges of Madison County is one of the best books ever written SoOkay end of warning let s get down to reviewingBrooke is marrying Giff They ve known each other two months and have never had sex I know warning bells were going off for me tooIt s fine if people wait for sex CarmenOh I m in complete agreement I m all for waiting a long long long time before having sex with someone You want to really know them and make sureou can trust them and IMO be in love with them before Wachten op Apollo you let them possibly infectou with an STD or impregnate ou Full agreement However she s going to marry this man After two months of knowing him Without going to bed with him This screams bad idea to meGiff s a gorgeous rich man with a busy career Jake his best friend is a gorgeous fireman who travels the country and world in his free time He also served in the US ArmyBrooke is FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD DUE up in the head due her upbringing Her parents were volatile hippies who did not offer her a stable environment when she was growing up Her older sister Megan and her parents are still living this wild spontaneous unstable lifestyle Brooke is determined to carve out a stable steady boring life for herself and her future kids Brooke had spent ears carefully laying out what she wanted her future to be like what kind of family she would build Her own children would enjoy a comforting STABLE life Giff intelligent reliable and as a bonus movie star handsome could give her everything she d ever wantedThe problem is that she s not really in love with Giff a fact she is unable to face When Giff had asked her last night to be his wife she d experienced a twinge a whisper really of doubt Thy d been dating exclusively since the night not that long ago they d been introduced at a charity St Patrick s Day gala And while she appreciated his brilliance as a technologies consultant his work ethic and his devotion to his mother who was recovering from breast cancer Brooke had occasionally taken stock of her feelings and wondered if there should be Her life had been peppered with strange announcements and incoming decisions that she d had no control over Instead of growing accustomed to them over them they d made her almost brittle As if the next thing that startled her might send her over the edge Taking a deep breath Brooke Brooke Nichols spent her entire childhood bouncing through states school districts and than a few of her parents' ill conceived adventures Now she's finally found some stability Engaged to a gorgeous gainfully employed businessman who always calls when he says he wil. .
The Best Man in Texas