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I won this book on Goodreads First Reads Although I have read several self help books they are not my usualfavorite enre Fight Less Love More was a Elena's Conquest great read Chapter 3 was my favorite where Puhn spells out specific things to say to set the proper tone for any relationship Couples wanting to improve their relationship willet a lot of mileage out of this bookPuhn is a Harvard educated family and divorce lawyermediator She Sister of My Heart gives readers common sense tools to use to makeood is a Harvard educated family and divorce lawyermediator She King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gives readers common sense tools to use to makeood Rescuing Gus great or to mend struggling ones You can buy and read this book at 2499 for a hardcover and be on your way or you can pay a counselor 3 times that much each session The math is easyIf you re a Broncos fan you llet this Laurie Puhn is to Dr Laura what Kyle Orton is to Jake Plumber Nice uick scripts to healthy conversations However doesn t address the underlying issues that might hold someone back from saying the words I recommend if you re looking for high level Class of 92: Out of Our League guidance Book Club readood so farThis is a Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good book even thinking of buying it It is reallyood for couples in crisis but has How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead great tips for every couple Like the short chapters and difference scenarios Nothing earth shattering but advice on how to communicate with your spouse better Let s face it fights usually are due to a lack of communication or to miscommunication The author talks about ways to have better communication to express your needs without coming off as needy or bossy The basic message Iot out of this book for my marriage is to show appreciation to my husband Some kindly placed thank you s a kiss at bedtime and reeting your spouse when they return home are ways to make you feel CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER SURE THERE ARE OTHER THINGS to

"each other sure "
other Sure are other things work on but these were the easy things for me to implement and they helped me immediately Highlights1 Five vital habits reetings hello and oodbye Good morning Good night I love you for fill in the blank A compliment2 Wrong track five ways over criticize disguising personal preference Using criticism to humiliate your meet in front of others Using criticism to rub it in her face Criticizing something after the fact Correcting a person not a mistake3 Tame rudeness disgruntled couple streets Heather with poor manners Gradually the negative saloon longer larger and we can t help but zoom in on them We pay and attention to our unmet expectations until suddenly without warning we have entered a rough period of love under fire4 Whatever argument when. Harvard trained lawyer and family and divorce mediator Laurie Puhn shows busy couples how to stop fighting and start communicatingIt happens every day a simple exchange or harmless response turns into a heated debate or worse an all out battle Hard pressed for uality time with our partners and spouses it's easy to fall into a poor communication routine How can two people who love one another so mu. Fight Less Love MoreBook of therapy it s a book of answers From the mediation background I strive to ive people interesting examples and clever stories of how the wrong words lead to bad fights and breakdowns while the right words lead to relationships on mutual respect and appreciation for information you can visit my website For information you can visit my website If you liked this book take a look at my first book Instant Persuasion How to Change Your Words to Change Your LifeAnd by the way isn t Moonrise goodreads fantastic I won this book on Goodreads Giveaways Thanks Rodale and GoodreadsI was interested in this book because while my spouse and I have a veryood relationship one can always improve When we do argue I see us both falling into habitual patterns but am powerless in the emotion of the moment to changeThe book is broken into logical sections and the flow is organized in small bites so as to be readable and not intimidating Each section is rich with examples and many are from the author s own life which reminds us that no one is immune to communication breakdowns while also establishing the author as an eual someone whom we can trust not some lofty degreed authority raining down adviceDescriptions and exercises help us to determine what characteristics in ourselves as well as in our partners contribute to communication issuesThe solutions are sized to be easy to work with too 5 Minute Conversations Who can t spare five minutes to address an issue as important as one s relationship This book is Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi great I highly highly recommend picking it up whether you re having issues in your relationship or if you re justenerally looking to be a better spouse I connected well with most of its contents so it really opened my eyes up to things I may have been to stubborn it seeor admit The format of this novel is laid out in sections so you can skip the parts that don t relate with you or your particular situation I m looking forward to adding some of these lessons into my every day to live a happier healthier life This After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 gets 35 stars for theood information Too cheezy to make anything If you can Alien Alpha get past the corny catch phrases specifically the title of the book which is repeated ad nauseam throughout it actually has somereat information Admittedly most of the information is common sense but it does seem like common sense often takes a back seat in relationships so this offers some ood reminders Overall worth a read as it is uick and easy to read and offers some helpful advic. Nt and ultimately lead to the deterioration of otherwise healthy relationshipsLove is conditional argues Puhn and for love to survive couples don't need to talk they need to talk better With exercises examples and sample scripts Puhn's simple 5 minute strategies promise immediate results and provide long lasting communication skills that couples can confidently employ when faced with future confli. You use it in response to a uestion of choice you automatically ive up your right to complain about the outcome5 Inspire appreciation cherish your meet by being his or her head cheerleader Period Many of us don t take this job seriously or relinuish it early on in the relationship by oing on autopilot and taking things for ranted Denial of appreciation is not simply a bad habit of neglect that innocently rew over time but rather an attempt to punish want to meet for not me not doing what is wanted or expected 6 Orchestrate a perfect apology make music for your ears The beginning turn a molehill into apology make music for your ears The beginning turn a molehill into mountain Don t make diminishing comments Middle dig deep And that your real wrong No buts The end repair and prevents Repair damage It prevents a rerun7 Negotiate for love nothing is ever 50 50 avoid winning at all costs Tell it like it is preferences and what you re willing to ive up Get rid of the judge and jury Keep your mouth shut don t make comparisons know alternatives 8 When your mate is criticized in public it is a character revealing moment for you You defend in public even If You Disagree And you disagree and The clearly you can define what it means to be loyal to each other the stronger you ll be as a couple and the secure you will feel in your love9 Be lovable if you want to be loved you must be lovable Even if your spouse shoots fight lines in your direction that doesn t ive you permission to fire back The pain your meet is experiencing from a bad sunburn is explicitly his or her pain At times like this all you can do is offer your support and show your kindness by trying to help alleviate pain10 Listen without criticizing I listened to the book and took notes I actually think this pain10 Listen without criticizing I listened to the book and took notes I actually think this a lot of really ood advice for marriages I have been reading several marriage related book in the last week and they all have very similar themes about what causes issues within relationships Violations of appreciation respect compassion trust and companionship are at the core of all disagreements some books list but they really are just synonyms for theseThe 5 minute conversations while nice in theory I m not sure are achievable as 5 minute conversations especially in the heat of the moment BUT the various ideas within them can be applied and I do think they will help I LOVE this book Of course I do I m the author I wrote it for people on the brink of break up and for those who simply want their pretty Beautiful Ghosts good relationship toet even better It s not Ch have such difficulty talking to one anotherDrawing on her expertise in legal mediation and conflict resolution Puhn's fresh approach ives simple 5 minute conversations that will instantly improve communication as well as the uality of relationships In Fight Less Love More learn how to identify and conuer the poor verbal habits instinctive responses and emotional reasoning that can cloud judgme. ,

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