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Nd of part one has Darren leaving town and his friend Steve vowing to follow him to the nd of the Earth to kill him Funny thing Steve is never ver mentioned again So much for that threat Another thing why do we need to know that Mr Crepsley went by another name That is not xplained Naked Choke eitherPart two is about Darren making a friend Yeah for him Darren and his mentor re join the Cirue so that Darren can have a friend There is lots of talk of the Little People and Mr Tiny but no detailsver Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good emergePart three is about Darren Evra and Mr Crepsley traveling to a town Darren getting a girlfriend a vampaneze that is terrorizing the town no one knows it but he is killing humansEvra and Darren walk around town a lot Evra with his scales snake boy and Darren in his ridiculous pirate suit but don t do anything Then we meet the weird vampanese The book only gets worse Of course Darren savesveryone in the nd with his uick thinking Superb I totally love the first three series of The Darren Shan Saga aka Vampire Blood What I like the most is that the author is Darren Shan himself Well maybe it is the twist of his own life journal but I found it rather amusing and a bit neatThere are few interesting facts about vampires in the series1 Vampires are immortals But they don t live forever as they will die ventually Vampire s aging 1 year in 10 years of human world So I guess if I m 100 then eventually Vampire s aging 1 year in 10 years of human world So I guess if I m 100 then s only 10 Wow While half vamp is 1 in 5 human years2 Vampire don t have fangs Face the truth people They only slit the throat open with their nail and sucked the blood in a small dose in order to survive3 They can and they have to at regular human food "to survive A vampire that live only on blood are vampenenze and they "survive A vampire that live only on blood are vampenenze and they the victims But they are loyal and can be trusted Keep their promise than anything4 Cirue Du Freak has incredible people I wish I could watch it my self That is actually some of awesome facts I found In this book I didn t see any spectacular writing the thing that drew me in was the plot The whole thing was near perfect However I just love it as it is now If I were 15 this would be my best read EVER for this year I love Harry Potter and I love Darren Shan tooI never read Percy Jackson yet but i know I will collect this series I know my review doesn t give much this time because I love the book I am not a horror book fan but this one is differentI give this book 5 stars because of it s incredible imagination Also there s some cool actions from the characters I highly recommend this book to any person who loves a good vampire story And whoever love Harry Potter RL Stine and Christopher Pike I watched the movie The Vampire s Assistant years ago And honestly I can t remember much from it besides the bare bones However I remember finding the idea interesting and when I found the bind up of the first three books of the series at Boekenfestijn I instantly grabbed it The overall idea of the world of Cirue Du Freak is solid It moves away from the stereotypical vampire within mainstream media without losing the ssence That a vampire is a predator I also mostly Seductive Surrender enjoy the freak show though sometimes I wished was done with that However there are plenty books in this series The plot in the first book is a tad wonky and overall the plot in the fir I have read the No nací así Antesra normal Me gustaba leer historias de terror y ver pelis de miedo Cuando ste circo de bichos raros llegó a mi ciudad mi mejor amigo Steve Le. This was a great compilation book of the first three the cirue du freak series three in the Cirue Freak series these first three books we read about Daren becoming the vampires assistant and leaving his family to go away with the circusThe main character is Daren a teenage boy who after going to freak circus steals a vampires spider and gets himself in trouble That s how it all starts his best friend gets bitten and Daren makes a deal to become the vampires assistant so that his friend is saved The second "book he makes a friend in one of the town the circus "he makes a friend in one of the town the circus visiting and while fighting his new urges to drink blood tries his hardest to live a normal teenage life The third book introduces some new deadly characters also vampires but offers Daren a chance to get away from his vampire master if he wants The secondary characters are mostly the other circus performers who I m sure we ll read about in the future The storyline is superbly original and the authors writing is beyond xcellent it s almost become classical The pacing is great also and I very much look forward to reading the next books in the series but I can t at the minute as I ve put myself on a buying ban due to lack of space on my shelves 4 stars a great series I read this book some years ago but it stuck with me in the back of my mind because it was so unlike anything I ve ver read while I was a skinny too many limbs to count teen The beginning captures your interest first because it is written in first perspective and secondly because it actually doesn t start with a rainy vening a clouded day or anything remotely close to what a usual paranormal book starts with specially when it comes to vampires The world is well thought out and it is clear that a lot of attention has been put into the details and in how to make verything come together The idea of a circus is not one I have come across before and it breathes new life into a world which have slowly been taken over by whimpy vampires with no weaknesses who ats animal blood But as you grow older the books are still good and still an njoyable read but you ll probably notice the mistakes I haven t read them in a long time but I probably will soon and then I ll return and The Deepest Sin edit this review to match my new look on the series As a side note At least the vampires don t sparkle Nor do theyat animal blood Or anything lse They die from the sun and by getting a stake through the heart And by throwing together a new vampire world and having a side story with a circus Darren Shan have now moved to my independent authors shelf This teen book about a young English boy who visits the Cirue Du Freak and nds up a vampire s assistant was ok It was written for teens and should only be read by teensThe saga of Darren Shan is told in first person The author does a great job channeling the thoughts logic and behavior of a young teen boy As an adult reader it is infuriating but as a pre teen it is probably perfect and realisticA uick summary Darren Shan is a middle school boy His friend finds a flyer advertising Cirue Du Freak an illegal freak show This show changes veryone s life His friend recognizes one of the performers as a vampire begs to be changed to a vampire is rejected then vows to be a vampire hunter The next thing you know Darren becomes a vampire s assistant The Un niño tiene ue vender su alma a un vampiro para conseguir l antídoto ue salvará a su amigo atado por una tarántulaMe llamo Darren Shan Soy un vampiro a medias.

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Irst 2 books in Estonian but I remembered little so it was nice to re read it and also to read further The story has its charm but you can never be certain that the story is happyIt isn t xactly sad or scary ither and it s asy to read I like it As I read the first of these three volumes my initial two thoughts were 1 Snakes are not slimy and 2 I don t really like Darren s character very much and this bugged me Now "That I Ve Finished These "I ve finished these stories I have to admit that I nded up liking Darren s character after all and
enjoyed the story 
the story book 3 left me wanting Is Evra safe Will Darren see his family again Steve Debbie Does Mr Crepsley rejoin the Generals What about the Little People Is Lefty a friend Long and short I was pulled in 35 StarsThis was a fun nostalgic read however there were a few things I wish I could change about it just to make it that little bit betterDarren reminded me a lot of Percy Jackson which was nice I love and miss him which gave what was uite a dark gruesome story a witty dge Mr Crepsley was for sure my favourite character and I m xcited to read about him he s one of those characters that tries really hard to come across motionless but has a huge heart and it fails them Despite this being a children s book it didn t read like it Yes the plot was asy and simple but the darkness was gripping and kept me hookedMy only negative is the use of Le valeureux guerrier exclamation marks They were used at thend of sentences that certainly didn t need them and made the story too immature ven though I suppose it would appeal to a younger audience It s just one of those small things that once I saw it I just couldn t unsee it although I tried very hard toI will definitly be reading the next book I am very curious to see where the story will go First let me just put it out there that Darren Shan is da man I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE The Saga of Darren ShanI read the books when I was 15 I think I recall some of it made me laugh cry get angry and upset while reading others I felt shocked disgusted horrified and at one point I felt horribly sad and depressed because of the feels in these books Starting with the first bookIt was fun xciting fresh uniue So very different from the YA novels I m used to I love the characters made up of circus performers they intrigued me and I remembered feeling jealous of Darren because I wished I could meet them too Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy especially the legendary Larten Crepsley who btw has his own series mind you A mentor to poor Darren the reluctant fledgling vampire Enough about me gushing already if you like adventure books mixed with paranormal spooky stuff creepy vampires sassy characters mystery and magic make sure to check out this series It s going to be awesome Vampire Blood Trilogy The Vampire s Assistant and Other Tales from the Cirue Du Freak Darren ShanThe Saga of Darren Shan known as Cirue du Freak The Saga of Darren Shan in the United States is a young adult 12 part book series written by Darren Shan pen name of Darren O Shaughnessy about the struggle of a boy who has become involved in the world of vampires As of October 2008 the book has been published in 33 countries around the world in 30 different languages A film based on the first three books in the series was released in theatres on October 23 2009 2003 1 1 2 3 1382 Opard consiguióntradas y fuimos juntos a verlo Fue genial de lo más xtraño y stremecedor Una noche alucinante Pero lo más raro ocurrió después de la funci?. The Vampire's Assistant and Other Tales from the Cirue Du Freak