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E for nobody dared to cut down the hanged man s rope I ll leave these lines without much comment like it or don t I like him a lot If you re reading Krudy for the first time and deciding between Sunflower or this book of short stories go for Sunflower This collection of short stories leaves something to be desired It lacks the kind of dreamy and descriptive voice that hypnotized me in Sunflower Out of all the stories the most Krudyesue passages were the ones abo The fact That Deszo Kosztolanyi Nominated Him For The Deszo Kosztolanyi nominated him for the PEN Club should give you indication that you re dealing with an xtremely talented writer here Having spent the last year completely immersed in Hungarian literature I ve come to the understanding that good writer in Hungary means many things It means you re a REALLY good writer you are unknown otherwise you are not an aloof academic you seem TO THINK THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE READING YOUR WORKS think that most people are reading your works front of a table populated with drinks food and cigars and you have read just about Obsession every Hungarian writer as they have Krudy is a major talent withither longer novels or short stories such as these He has all the style and wit of Antal Szerb but doesn t bother with Szerb s polite restraint or labrynthian intrigues Krudy is like Moricz in his observational prowess and Kosztolanyi in his playful style Krudy is also a bit fey and crepuscular like Schulz and Kafka at times Krudy uses food like the Cz film master. Nd dispossessed these tales of love food death and sex are ironic and wise about the human condition and the futility of life and display fully Krudy's wit and mastery of the form. ,

Short stories many of Which Can T Really can t really called stories Cabaret: A Roman Riddle examining the lives of working Hungarians through the food they are served andat The proliferation of brot Sorry but this was one of those really abstract fantastical compilations I didn t understand though I would think that the author loves food in particular fine dining a lot because a lot of the stories involve very laborate descriptions of hearty Eastern European food in particular meats stews and soupsI completely was lost
For This Book And It 
this book And it t help that I waited for this book a long time ven failing to get it once when I went to the library just for it and the second time paying to reserve it Too far out for my simple mind and I felt ven worse reading about the fact that the author was living in poverty with his family most of his life and ven had to self publish this book to submit it for a an award in the All Roads Lead Home end he spent most of his prize money on publication and all its peripherals In Krudy s stories the divide between the dead and living seems to be almost in name or label only dead men carry on affairs living people spend all their timeating and drinking in taverns Nothing separates them some are just dead some are not Yes there is a lot of ating in this collection and yes it can feel repetitive But there are some standout stories as well as a uality of writing throughout lusty and lyrical for which credit goes both to Krudy and to John Ba. Life writing throughout lusty and lyrical for which credit goes both to Krudy and to John Ba. Life a Dream 1931 is Gyula Krudy's magical collection of ten short stories Creating a world where ditors shoot themselves after a hard day's brunching men attend duels incogni. ,
Tki the translator Here s a sentence from The Undead one of his Szindbad stories say it aloud Crickety creak went the cart carrying the dead man but no farmer with a young wife to guard grabbed the pitchfork at the approach of the wayward gentlemanYet here and there light still streamed from the small rooms of a house in some hamlet like the yes of young girls kept open by curiosity ven at nightHere s another from The Apostle of Heavenly Scents following Nyergesujfalusi Google translates this name to sad new village a man who is losing all his faculties xcept for
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sense of smell and nose seems to change appearance at times phallicly as the story progresses Here comes this snout rushing clad in the trappings of a pious pilgrim accompanied by princely lies as is the custom of old men who in their dotage would like to mbrace very bowl of soup in the WORLD IN VIEW OF THE FACT THAT AT THE In view of the fact that at the several inexperienced young females were staying in the house I had to send Nyergesujfalusi packingHere s one from The Green Ace the longest story in the book a novella really Bitchkey in his drunken stupor had hanged himself by means of his belt on a crabapple tree and his bodily attire footwear and foot rags hung down and trailed from his stiffly xtended legs just as they had when the crabapple tree was cut down to the roots Now the dead man was being hauled away to the place where suicides are buried together with his tre. To and lovers fall out over salad dressing Life is a Dream is a comic nostalgic romantic and rotic glimpse into the Hungary of the arly twentieth century Focussing on the poor