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Ashes to AshesEcounts can make the reader or spectator very *uncomfortable and ashes to ashes succeeds in reminding *and ASHES TO ASHES succeeds in reminding of the horrors of the 20th century horrors that any *human being can fall into creating However I do not think it is uite as successful *being can fall into creating However I do not think it is uite as successful other plays Pinter wrote in this same ra such as Mountain Language or Party Time Incidentally I must Crazy Love express my disappointment that Americandition altered Pinter s original text giving soccer instead of football I didn t really understand all the symbolism so I had to look it up then that made me xtremely uncomfortable No wonder I didn t read this in school My definition of a good read is something that makes you uncomfortable upon thought though so for that reason I am okay with this play It just made me feel very uncomfortable due to xactly what its implications meant And anyway on the face of it who likes stories of abuse Brutal and stunning short play A dialogue that moves from the personal to the political and back overtly and powerfully Violence is the theme of the play where masculine ualities have metastasised into something horrifying that are first manifested between the female protagonist Rebecca and her former lover and later symbolically between the he and the she Devlin Rebecca s present partner is being portrayed as the fact finder who is full of curiosity and sense of reason He kept trying to steer Rebecca back to her original story about the abuse that she had suffered at the hands of her former lover who worked as a guide for a travel agency Rebecca however was drowned in her own flashbacks and seemed to be shifting in and out of realityIt was soon revealed that the abuse was only part of a bigger story of widespread violence Two Characters Two Chairs Two Lamps Rebecca and Devlin Ashes to Ashes The duality the two ness overwhelms the play not only in terms of characters but also xistence Ashes to Ashes is Pinter s long desired take on holocaust Rebecca a Jewish name in her British household has an apparent innocent conversation with her partner Devlin far removed from the memories of the holocaust In her mid forties in 1996 she was uite plainly not born during the second world warAnd yet she has heard accounts of the holocaust so much so that they have been carefully incised Versity town outside of London Devlin threatened by his wife Rebecca's recollections of an abusive x lover uestions her relentlessly in his need for a single truth In her. .

N her memory She finds a disturbing solace in *THEM CLINGS TO CHILLING WHAT A GENIUS PINTER SEEMS *clings to Chilling What a genius Pinter seems njoy misleading his audience as his Beckett like dramas What a genius Pinter seems njoy misleading his audience as his Beckett like dramas in darkness and Ashes to Ashes is a perfect representation of this point This one act play is fantastic and I suspect that many people walk away confused disappointed or somehow feeling that they ve missed the point I would also suspect that those who walk away with confidence in their understanding are in disagreement over the meaning of the play with those who also feel the same way With this in mind I think it is safe to say that Pinter in this very short one act drama is representing in a private relationship something of the horror of the twentieth century The dialogue takes place between a man and a woman with the woman clearly having Black Heart, Red Ruby endured some sort of psychological trauma and the man uestioning her about her past He is intelligent probing and cold With terrifying precision the audience uestions his purpose helpless to stop him It is unclear if they are husbandwife as one could interpret his uestions also as if he is a therapist but hismotional response while calculated would indicate that he is in a relationship with her As she recounts her horrors she literally becomes an cho of the horrors of the twentieth century with her memories getting tied up with those suffering Nazi like persecution In this way the man becomes the cho of the cruel repressor who goads his victim into her demiseCertainly this play is not uplifting but its powerful strangeness is intriguing and borders on brilliant This play can be consumed uickly and if one is prepared for its message certainly than worth the time as powerful as any play pinter has Written Ashes To Ashes ashes to ashes New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood exploring the familiar themes of memory violence and the past is anxtraordinarily distinct work pinter has mentioned in an interview that he was inspired to write ashes to ashes after reading a biography of albert speer adolf hitler s chief architect later known as the nazi who said sorry while the play does not deal directly with the third reich it certainly alludes to it particularly during the one act s conclusion pinter is uite deft at drawing parallels between interpersonal violence and international brutality. Seamless blending of what she knows of violence with the wider violence of the world Rebecca reveals an erie communion with the dead victims of unnamed political barbariti.

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Not sure about this oneIt s seems like a nice play With Hidden Depth And Meaning But It hidden depth and meaning but it left me very confused It is my first book by the author perhaps if I read of his worksIt a play with two characters Devlin who is uestioning Rebecca and she i find intriguing taking but vading answers narrating bit of bits of her ЯED experience or what she thinks her herxperiences or maybe they were dreams But what is most certainly a trauma At the nd she says she is fine she has never been hurt nor her friends This is a woman who is ither in denial or has conuered her fearsWhich is very human still aren t we all with mixed feeling unsure and insecure sometimes The beauty of the play is you are left with deep thoughts uestions than answers and over analysis Id like *to give a short general take on the *give a short general take on the in this rather than the clear cut themes of war brutality The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs etcIt is my observation that this in similiarity with the rest of Pinters work captures so well the human condition and the disposition of which the grim reality of not knowing often leaves us here in the context of a mysteriusx lover You cant help but sympathize with Devlins words of discomfort and unknowing and Rebecca just keeps him there in a cloud of smoke Moreno ever so looking Its short perverse dark and any other adjective you would like to prescribe it I love it Harold Pinter s 1996 play ASHES TO ASHES is a dialogue between Rebecca and Devlin a married couple Devlin is curious about Rebecca s former lover here called a factory owner here called a travel agent who dominated her completelyREBECCA Well he would stand over me and clench his fist And then he d put his other hand on my neck and grip it and bring my head towards him His fist grazed my mouth And he d say Kiss my fist Devlin s proddings reveal that Rebecca s lover was no ordinary travel agent REBECCA He did work from a travel agency He was a guide He used to go to the local railway station and walk down the platform and tear all the babies from the arms of their screaming mothers Through these revelations interspersed with the most banal ofveryday conversation Rebecca and Devlin remember retell and Monsieur Pain eventually renact the horrible shared history of the 20th century with its Holocaust wars and massacresThe brutality it First presented by the Royal Court Theatre in London in September of 1996 Ashes to Ashes is a triumph of power and concision In the living room of a pleasant house in a uni.