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Can Joanna Archer overcome the desire for vengeance that drives her into defeat after defeat and ultimately her own destruction I take that to be the theme of this second novel in the Signs of the Zodiac series The first book The Scent of Shadows began with that theme Joanne putting herself at isk to draw out the man who aped her and just barely failed to kill her when she was a teenager ten years later she knows Krav Maga and wants a e match so she can kill him But then Joanna s whole life and identity change drastically she suffers a terrible loss and is virtually forced to become an agent of Light epresenting the sign Sagittarius in a universe based on the Zodiac with a superhero of Light and a supervillain of Shadow for each of the twelve star signs along with a cast of supporting characters for each side Remember the Light troupe welcomed her into their secret base by drugging her and operating on her to transform her body into that of the person who died all without her consent of course because that s how the good guys work All these agents of Light and Shadow live double lives going out into the world as egular humans but Joanna must go through the world impersonating her loved one while pretending that she Joanna was the one who died I gave the first book four stars chiefly for Joanna s strength of character in a life situation that constantly triggered her strong emotions and for her independence of mind and spirit that turned out to be a crucial asset within her militaristic Zodiacal troupe For about the first book see my A London Home in the 1890s review at does this book have seuelitis For me it does We still have Joanna s first person narration with all her thoughts and very intense feelings but it s a few months later and her daily adventures don tise to the astounding level of the first book Life goes on problems come up etc etc and as expected the Shadow side has a devilish plan to get at the Light side by The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands releasing a strange plague that kills innocent mortals by the hundreds and of course Joanna may be the one to pluck the cure from the Shadow agents But Joanna s thirst forevenge dominates her life nowShe knows now who her attacker is Joauin agent of Shadow for the sign Auarius and she knows that as an older very powerful supervillain he vastly agent of Shadow for the sign Auarius and she knows that as an older very powerful supervillain he vastly her But she disobeys orders and goes after him again and again getting herself badly beaten and needing to be escued Worse in her uest for an impossible victory she puts her comrades and even innocent mortals in danger She is somewhat self critical true and she has ational moments but her fury overcomes her Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds reasonThe denseich descriptions of the first book are still she has ational moments but her fury overcomes her easonThe dense ich descriptions of the first book are still with emphasis on scents now "THAT HER POWERS HAVE DEVELOPED AND "her powers have developed and is still a strong person living an incredibly difficult life as half Light and half Shadow Her Shadow side comes from her eal father a being called the Tulpa who seems to un the Shadows or does he and it s the obvious eason the Light agents put A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators restrictions on her which she keeps violating and in this novel I admired her intention to use her Shadow. The Second Sign of the ZodiacBeing mortal isn’t easy Being a superhero is even harderEven mortal Joanna Archer was nobody’s idea of a victim But now infused wit. Side for the benefit of the Light But good heavens she exercises poor judgment again and again and aseal astrologers can tell you judgment is a Sagittarian virtueOn the other hand I definitely liked the ending It promises a new Joanna and a new improved set of elationships for all the issues that are forthcoming in the next book Having an attitude and being tough are two different things and I don t think that the author or Joanna understand that You have an attitude when you break into someone s house to kill them but then End Up Having To up having to escued You Lifting re tough if you can get yourself in to and importantly OUT of trouble I guess I was hoping for another Rachel Morgan Mercedes Thompson or Kitty Norville kind of characterBad ass Joanna talks the talk but can t walk the walk She s a selfish character and I think that s what bugs me most about this series so far I m noteally Mathruhridayam rooting for her I don teally care about her because she only cares about herselfAfter dropping a bomb on us the last book oh by the way I have kid Pettersson still didn t even broach the subject again until like 5 chapters in I especially loved hearing Joanna whine about how her mother abandoned her but HELLO She has a daughter she doesn t talk about and doesn t even THINK
*about spoiler alert *
SPOILER ALERT out the baby wasn t her apist s but her ex boyfriend Ben Traina s So now what Is she going to want to try to get her daughter back Is she going to tell BenOnce again there is another WTF moment at the end of the book Oh by the way did you know you can t fly You can t leave the city I understand that Joanna doesn t know who to trust and everyone withholds information from her because they e scared about her gaining power but geez If travel is potentially fatal I think that s something that she needs to know It makes me think that the author doesn t even know the ules to the world that she s created She s kind of making it up as she goes along and that doesn t give me much confidence in this series So I keep telling myself that I m not going to ead this as the world just doesn t make as much sense as it should Then I pick it up and ead another hundred pages and wonder what my problem is I m not overly fond of and wonder what my problem is I m not overly fond of characters I don t like the writing style very much And I particularly hate that people don t figure out the whole JoOlivia thingAnd yet there is something compelling about it I eally want to know what happens next Will I get the next book and The House That Had Enough read it too Yep The Scent of Shadows was one of the first urban fantasies Iead but I knew it was different even then Many people said the first book was too much setup and not enou This series The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field really annoyed me I enjoyed the background of the main character and the build up of book one but I thought Scent of shadows was better organized it seemed like a second draft This book was a bit sloppy for a feweasonsIt eally irked me when Warren basically said Regan is a puppet for the king of shadows but apparently Joanna forgot this because of her shock when her dad told her that he knew Regans schemesI didnt like that. H the supernatural power to alter the battle between Shadow and Light forever what she’s become is a target And when a toxic virus invades the valley her allies ,
Warren is like the dictator of their little group of light instead of the leader I understand the space is i hope made for character development or a part to be explained later Maybe Warrens a bad guy after all but his character comes off as a brazen teen not as an experienced adult Warren just bugs his character comes off as a brazen teen not as an experienced adult Warren just bugs disadvantage of Joanna joining so late is understandable but Warren came off as a hustler He gives Jo a false ultimatum to either join the light in 24 hrs in the first novel in order to manipulate her to ush to a decision she isnt committed to making and that is understandable in a decision she isnt committed to making and that is understandable in espects although arguably not very light of him it makes him seem as though he places mortals and the troop above Jo even tho he needs her bc shes the Kirios or we but then in book 1 and 2 he has the audacity to bitch and moan that Jo isnt putting everyone else above her when the light hasnt eally proven to be worth it In Respect To The Way respect to the way treat her as a tolerable frenemyIve come to the conclusion Warren is a crappy leader that Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl really doesn t care about his troop i mean the author says he doesnt even You know this fool would distroy everyone just to Take down the Tulpa I also dont like how he seems to be the leader bc of his star sign dont get me started on the zodiac obviously the author is allergic toesearch not because he Défendre Jacob really cares about his team Aeal leader isnt Warren A eal leader owns their mistakes and if a team member makes a huge mistake a leader takes it as their own fault But no warrens too busy scape goating on the back of Jo and throwing around blame to hide his misdeeds Jo s character eally bugged me as well I liked that shes still deciding who she is through the choices she makes but she s Black Gold in North Dakota really not as clever as she thinks she is I was appalled when sheisked that little girls aura to give her ex the cure which wasnt done for the ight easons It felt like an obsession with her ex than actually needing to save livesI hate how she calls her self a hero when shes not doing it because of a need to protect others Instead she Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection runs around trying to accomplish personal goals at the expense of everyone else Its good that she finally is beginning to get it at the end of book 2 but it still bothered meThe hugest issue i think was the authors writing The world isnteally clear not enough setting description and its not written clearly This book is even worst than the first and seems like a ough draft that needed editing A lot of editingDont even get me started on Jo s ape as a child The way the author writes it in the first book was very vague I dont want details but she fails to show the true horror of Wicked City: The Other Side rape of birthing a child from the assault tho we learn differently She tells us instead of showing us She failed in making Jo identifiable andelatable bc of this It just made the work seem sloppy and partially completedShe fails to Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! really give the light a cohesive ideology as well Theres just not enough build to the group and following along with the comics doesnt help bc in this book she doesntead us anyIdk if ill continue the serie. Re targets are well To find the cure that will save them Joanna must embrace her Shadow side even if it leads her into an all out battle with the demons of her past.