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Her me that it covers amiliar ground It is a very busy story but I think the author weaved it all together very skillfully There were enough original touches and interesting characters to capture and sustain my attention in what I hope will become a series perhaps with some back story about London CityThe action was exciting and unrelenting I really appreciated that the author didn t come up with easy solutions to challenging situations and made his protagonists work hardAn excellent debut and highly recommended Vampires werewolves gunfights magic and comedy SighIs seems as and authors are taking this route when it comes to "Vampires At First There Is "At irst there is thought that in order to get anyone to read their book a vampire must make their entrance And then or good measure it can t be written as a vampire story They eel the need to re invent the vampire Reinvent them the same way thousands of other new authors have There is comedy there is awkwardness there is Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights flaccidityThis book is jammed packed And I mean that literally There are hauntings vampires andor good measure an apocalypse is just around the corner It reads as too much and sadly the author isn t able to pinpoint on one or even two main roads and stick with themAn urban antasy novel set in an alternate version of London called London City it ocuses on a guy who is down on his luck He is haunted by and old woman he has no Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea funds and he is depressed With his gift of being able to deal with dead people he decides to help someone and has it backfire on him Soundamiliar It shouldEmmett Spain has a good read on his hands If it didn t read like most everything else that is being put out by authors it would be great If you are looking Paradox Bound for an entertainingast paced story this book will provide that or you If you are looking or a twist even in the smallest meaning of the word this book may not be STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for you. That occurred one year ago to the day His search eventually leads him to a havenor the city’s underworld denizens where he must ace a vampire with whom he shares a terrible link to the past all while trying to stay alive just long enough to avert the apocalypse Some days saving the world kinda suck.

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Ed the ghost of a teaser and was already onboard or this alternate reality London romp Jack Worthington is the perfect anti hero Does everything the wrong why with the right intentions Well most of the time Worthington is a gruff head strong spirit talker whose desire to help a client with her marital issues especially an issue with the death do us part portion of her vows leads to a death mark and an eventual race against an oncoming apocalypse The pace is ast the twists are unexpected and I closed the book already looking orward to book two Just I closed the book already looking orward to book two Just see "how Emmett screws with his characters next And one inal note If you "Emmett screws with his characters next And one What a Lass Wants final note If you tired of sparkly vampires then you ll really enjoy one of the main villains I justinished Old Haunts A London City Novel and I really loved the story and the characters A great Urban Fantasy novel that is hopefully just the start of books to come Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived from this author I would really love to read Jack Worthington stories This book will make you attractive personable and rich I was a water dwelling cave moose eeking out a living on roots and stray dragonflies until I was hit by someone throwing a copy of this book out the window of their moving car When I tried to eat the pages Iound myself reading the words and was suddenly transformed into a Hollywood movie star Then out of the blue someone handed me a million dollars And it s all thanks to this book YayNote Any attractiveness coolness and cash monies you achievereceive after reading the book is likely to be purely coincidental great novelI enjoy books that offer a sense of total entertainment which this book offers Uite Nicely There Is nicely There is good deal of action and excitement but also some nice humor and a story about two people connecting in the chaos of their lives Very enjoyable I can t think of anything I didn t like about this book It contains so much that I love so it didn t bot. Tence but in his travels unwittingly stumbles upon a potential catastrophe in the making Awesome Now he has to Mexican Hooker figure out why the ghosts of London City are sowingear and paranoia into the minds of police and ordinary citizens and what it all has to do with the anniversary of the infamous citywide riots. .
Old HauntsI was honestly surprised by this book I expected something long the "lines Mike Carey s Felix Castor series or Jim Butcher s "of Mike s Felix Castor series or Jim Butcher s Files books which by no means would have been a bad thing What I got though was a book what had its own identity and was better than anything that The League for the Suppression of Celery follows a similar path to other authors I think this is a well written humorous andun to read urban antasy that I hope is the beginning to a very long and eually well written series I loved this book I think that Emmett Spain shows great imagination I am not a professional critic and do not profess to be one If I Like A Book Then That Is What I I like a book then that is what I say and recommend to others I thought the idea of a spirit talker getting out of his depths and having to take on the spiritual underworld was great The characters within these pages ju I hope this is just the irst of a series Loved the characters and can t wait Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for I ll be honest I was wary that this might just be a cookie cutter of another popular urbanantasy series I was uite happily wrong London City is a place with secrets mysteries and mythos of its very own which we are introduced to by our hapless spirit seeing protagonist Jack Worthington who is uite possibly the unlikeliest candidate of all the characters in the book to suddenly be aced with attempting to save the world Even I didn t predict some of the twists and turns in the plot a rare thing considering how much I read and the supporting cast of characters were refreshingly well leshed out if anything aggrivated me it was that the answers to so many uestions have yet to be revealed But alas the City keeps her secertsfor now Already I eagerly await the next installment in the saga of Jack Michael Kirsten and the rest of London City I m an urban The Day Fidel Died fantasy writer myself So I couldn t help but look at Old Haunts with a critical eye So imagine my surprise when Iinish. Jack Worthington's life sucks An old lady haunts him his cash well is dry and he's on the edge of losing all hope So naturally when he tries to do something good ate rewards him by putting a bounty out on his life Knowing that his days or hours are numbered he races to orestall his inevitable death sen. ,