Nordest AUTHOR Massimo Carlotto (Kindle)

Written by a man who lived on the run after being falsely accused of murder this noir reflects panic confusion and lightbulb moments that feel authentic compelling and terrifying Terrific foggy northern Italian legal thriller Story takes place in Italy Northeastern industrial sector Would not induce you to visit this area Corruption Cynicism Familiar themes in the modern Italian personality I assume this from other modern Italian crime fiction I ve read Honest young attorney s fiance is murdered He turns his grief to investigation and the discoveries he makes expose the callousness of the old families in their effort to maintain controlThe title refers to the ecological disaster resulting from profit to be made in the waste management industry It is a interesting read than I ve made it sound hereI wonder why two authors Is Massimo Carlotto on the same track as our North American James Patterson ideas than you track as our North American James Patterson ideas than you manage to write yourselfI would be interested in reading Carlotto s Fugitive his autobiographical account of life on the run after being falsely accused of murderExcellent translation into English by the way Credit to Antony Shugaar A good Italian mystery novel I guessed the culprit one third of Poisonville is a noir thriller par excellence there's murder moral ambiguity and a protagonist less than heroic In this #1 bestselling noir novel however the iller is not an individual but an entire system The heavily industrialized northeast Italy's richest region is undergoing dramatic change It once drove the nation's economic boom a regional superpower affluent and arrogant a land that abided only its own rules But then the fac. He way through the book which I never try to do and that tempered my enjoyment I will read Carlotto s The Goodbye Kiss next and see how it compares A biographical note many years ago Carlotto was falsely accused of murder and the subseuent events made him uite well The History of Provincetown known A woman finds herself murdered a week before her wedding Her fiance being the son of the director of the firm she works for is the prime suspect but things are never what they seem A noir thriller where theiller is not one specific person but an entire corrupt system bringing together the dilemmas of family business society morals obligations A good work of Italian crime noir Corruption betrayal passion as only the Italians can live Great read and want If you remove all the names of people and places it would still be easy to tell it is an Italian novel The story still be easy to tell it is an Italian novel The story is uite common in Italian stories with poisonous waste etc it reminds a bit of gangster stories in cinema and TV Some of my friends didn t like it those who were not so in to travelling Italy those who new Italy well liked it I read it on a snow weekend with no reason to step out in the cold Another Carlotto story but in conjunction with someone else too I believe Tory owners began moving their operations east across the border to former soviet countries where labor was cheap and regulatory bodies absent With the factories the jobs and the riches gone new elements began insinuating themselves into the old system and the Brahmin families of the northeast began employing increasingly violent methods to protect their status and their wealth Once renowned for its economic might The Region Is Now. region is now. Ot as gripping as The Kiss GOODBYE BUT STILL A GOOD WHODUNIT but still a good whodunit crime fiction atypical of the modern Italian crime NOIR VERY WORTH THE READ AND Very worth the read and twists and turns in the story too I have said in a review of another Carlotto book Italians are leading the way in Crime Noir and for a good reason too This book is as relevant as a few years ago it s a microcosm of the global despair and concern so many feel today as the rich and established treat the planet and the people like their own possession Carlotto is one of my new favorite noir writers so this one was a bit of a disappointment It feels a bit like an italian noir version of an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard or a script worthy of an episode of Murder She Wrote but not Magnum PI not good enough for good old Thomas Magnum sorry Angela Lansberry Just didn t elicit any emotional response out of me and fell short of the dimension of the themes it attempted address Noir and yet true to life representation of life in Italy The investigation into the murder of the fiance of Francesco the town s 2nd most important family Covers business corruption police procedural inadeuacies and overall lack of oversight to curbing bad practicesThe story was super involvin. "Infested by organized crime trafficking of every commodity including human ranks of media personalities and politicians on "by organized crime trafficking of every commodity including human ranks of media personalities and politicians on payrolls of rich families and mobsters and an ongoing environmental catastropheWelcome to Poisonville Here the young lawyer Francesco heir to the region's second richest family will have to decide between business as usual or a violent rupture with the ways of the past The wrong choice could cost him his lif. Nordest AUTHOR Massimo Carlotto

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