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Scala for Java Developers eSo soon And she doesn t want another war on her clan because if this time Jonas dies war is inevitable She knows that she and her loved ones won t be spared from the fury and hatred these Sigurdsson men already harbor for them While taking care of Jonas Kerstin discovers something that astonishes herntirely Jonas s whole body is scarred ravaged by burn marks When the maids make sounds of horror and disgust Kerstin begins I think this is by burn marks When the maids make sounds of horror and disgust Kerstin begins I think this is first book about Vikings that I ve read and I loved it Our main character s Kerstin I ve read and I loved it Our main character s Kerstin Jonas were both very likable I really liked Kerstin she is a fighter I liked that she never gives up and The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur even when surrounded by people who distrust her she still helps those in need Jonas was great definitely a great leading man He and Kerstin arenemies and forced to marry but they have amazing chemistry and it was great watching them banter and fight I Vermeer to Eternity enjoyed the whole book I thought it was well written and the characters really suck you in I wasn t all that surprised by the twist at thend but again still really Heaven to Betsy enjoyed it It has a great medieval feel to it and I loved the setting I m already sad it s over Definitely one I will be re reading It wasn t perfect and there were some things that kinda bugged me but it was a fun read and gave me butterflies a couple times Content Clean steam I guess there were a couple love scenes that were a little steamy wo any real details and stayed on the clean side Pretty vague There are some good things that come when you are dying sick1 Your awesome friend sends you books notven knowing that you are laid up in bed DYING thanks kath2 you get to spend a lot KATH2 You get to spend a lot reading until you start coughing so hard that you have to take a break3 You get to really feast on books and get through them uicklyI So B. It enjoyed this book I will say however something about this book just couldn t let me give it 5 stars I guess I just wanted a little tention built up before anything happens between the two of them I mean we weren tven 10 pages in and they had already kissed and felt something for the other person that they couldn t Cabaret explain I truly think the book would of taken a much cooler route have they methatedach otherhad to marry anyway and then slowly fell in love I m just saying I think there is a magical recipe for these things and if it aint brokeI will be honest though I truly could not put it down THANK YOU Kath I am going to have to start reading somethings you don t read just so I can recommend them to you This was really good Awesome read I really njoyed it 2013 This is my second time reading this book and I think I liked it ven the second time around hence it moved up to five starsthis Viking story pulled me in again and I couldn t put it down Kerstin and Jonas have amazing chemistry I love Kerstin s compassion and fire There is a couple of non descriptive love scenes between the married couple Wow this book was full angsty attraction in a wholly dysfunctional way The two main characters yell at ach other hate ach other call Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice each other names and wishach other death and then ravenously kiss the next minute No doubt the attraction is there And yes at times I really liked it But it got so repetitive and I got frustrated I loved the Viking theme though And yes there were parts I really really liked The En plein coeur ending was good This book just needs a good professional contentdit for all that repetitive stuff I have a degree in history and love doing research When I first started researching the Viking The Bookshop on the Shore era I discovered I had some old Vikings in my own genealogy The Heart s Warrior includes meticulous research and a poignant story of survival and misguided love I based the story loosely on the life of Rognvald the Earl of Moere and father to Rollo the First Duke of Normandy I hope younjoy the historical texture of the story as well as the love story between Jonas and Kerstin In many ways these ancient people were just like us Fierce determined and vulnerable Enjoy Leigh Bale This book had warriors wars kings and all that comes with it My first viking romance If you like midevil romance you wo. Er As Jonas faces Kerstins wrath the golden warrior longs for serenity and love but doubts these yearnings will Dance Real Slow ever come true Yet when he weds Kerstin he finds his carefully guarded heart is overcome by desire and she alone can heal his damaged soul. A really good VIKING story How rare is that Even though the storyline was pretty stock and the villain reasonablyasy to figure out The story was well written ngaging with a believable romance Kerstin Is A Compassionate And Talented Healer Who Has Been Accused a compassionate and talented healer who has been accused being a witch and causing the death of her betrothed His brother Jonas is ordered by the king to marry her in order to stop the bloody feud between their families because of it As he struggles to accept the to stop the bloody feud between their families because of it As he struggles to accept the who he considers a black witch she lives with the fear of burning at the stake because of her attempts to save others Although a love story this book also brought to light how hard it must have been for women in an age when superstition ruled to use medicines to healPS For all you scene skippers this one closes the door Read On Dudes accompanied with a thumb finger waggle I was surprised by how much I liked this book This was the first book I ve ver read that was about Vikings and again I was surprised by how much I njoyed it It really pulled me in and I couldn t put it down I LOVED the #two main characters Kersten and Jonas They had some major chemistry going on It was a definite adventure and I found #main characters Kersten and Jonas They had some major chemistry going on It was a definite adventure and I found sad when the book came to an nd NOT because it didn t have a good ndingjust because I wanted There were a few references to nudity that could have been left out and also some pretty steamy kissingbut nothing overly descriptive I would still consider it cleanyet I would not recommend it for teens My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThe Heart s Warrior by Leigh Bale started out pretty good I was mainly interested because the H Jonas is a Viking and I don t think I ve read another Viking hero before I was prepared for an interesting medieval romance But sadly it was like a hair pulling read for me Too many misunderstandings trust issues too much drama of the wrong kind just made me want to screamKerstin the h of the story is the daughter of Alrik the Earl of Moere They have this intense nmity with the Sigurdssons and the Eirikssons There is always one bloody battle or the other going on Both Sigurdssons and Eirikssons want their land But lately King Hakon has ordered a union by marriage between the clans A match between Kerstin and The Earl of Hawkescliffe Sigurd s ldest son Bjorn was announced before But Bjorn dies soon after arriving in Moere in the arms of Kerstin who was taking care of him while in his deathbed He was poisoned Now Kerstin is a healer something she was tutored by her Irish mother Kerstin s mother was Alrik s second wife and Kerstin his only daughter Eirikssons are the meaner bunch already plotting to oust the King They are the ones who raided Kerstin s village a yr or so ago killing her mother and her brother Tostig who was the youngest son from Alrik s first marriage They also killed Kerstin s ldest brother Thorir s kids Thorir is away with his merchant ship while his wife Letta is now half mad with grief Kerstin is known as the Witch of Moere but it s nothing complimentary They think she s some kind of PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition evil witch possessing dark power Bjorn s death was blamed on her instantly because she was there while he died It s alwaysasier to blame the so called witch Superstition ran amok and Kerstin knew she s pretty notorious Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography everywherexcept at her home Here The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, everyone understands and loves her They seek her advice because they know she s anxpert healer King Hakon has asked Jonas the youngest to marry Kerstin and finalize the union Jonas has been a mercenary until Bjorn s death reached him Sigurd and Jonas don t want this match any than Alrik and Kerstin It s hard to believe that their fathers were once great friends Kerstin is scared what might happen to her if she s taken to Sigurd s place so she starts fast planning an scape The story begins with a battle Kerstin prefers to be in the battlefield not only to fight but also to take care of the wounded Today she s fighting off Sigurd s army thinking she s fending off an attack And soon she s chased by a big warrior on his horse He might ve killed her In a scuf. A heart broken Known for her healing skills Kerstin the Witch of Moere is torn from the arms of her betrothed and forced into marriage with Jonas the Beast of Hawkscliffe her familys mortal nemy Believing herself in love with another man Kerstin can. .

Fle he discovers a woman and that it s no less than the Witch of Moere Kerstin discovers a big warrior with long blonde hair and piercing blue yes He s handsome to boot and he s her groom to beJonas is dumbstruck by Kerstin s green yed red haired beauty He s also amazed that she a woman is leading this attack on his men who has also managed to strike him with an arrow
He Makes Sure She 
makes sure she t run away not from the lack of trying from Kerstin and asks her to show him her home It seems they came to discuss about the marriage and preferably perform the ceremony as soon as possible But Kerstin s too wild imagination led her to believe Jonas was attacking Can t The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl entirely blame her seeing how Moere has been attacked in the past Later she smbarrassed to find King Hakon who is Jonas s childhood buddy has also accompanied Jonas and Sigurd She might ve been in trouble but the King doesn t take it that way But Sigurd can t say the same his dislike for Kerstin is on the verge of hatred since he along with the rest of Sigurdsson men think that she killed BjornAs Kerstin goes to have a bath in the dark she doesn t see Jonas who was already sitting in the dark This scene was uite sexy because for Jonas it was a torture to see Kerstin wet and naked Their confrontation turned into heated kisses There was no doubt he wanted her but this yearning he felt for her couldn t be normal So to Jonas it felt like the witch has put some kind of spell on him He made my head ache Exile and Pilgrim every time he interpreted his deeper feelings for Kerstin as a spell and dismissed her as a witch Can t say Kerstin wasn t being a TSTL sometimes That is why this book was so frustrating for me The trust issue was like a colorful banner waving and hanging in the slightest of wind that no one could avoidWhen Kerstin hears that she s to marry Jonas the next day she makes an idiotic plan She has this suitor called Elezer who has been with her through the ordeal after Bjorn s death He is also her childhood friend Kerstin thought she s in love with him and nagged her father into giving consent to this betrothal She decides she ll runaway to Elezer s place and marry him pronto What pissed me off that she doesn t really gives a sht about what s going to happen afterwards This was a big matter her and Jonas s marriage for some peace I could see that she was scared and yes she wasn t given much choice But Jonas didn tither and yet he wanted to do it Kerstin couldn t say she wasn t attracted to Jonas After those kisses in the bathhouse how could she do this I don t know She flees to Elezar but upon seeing him she kept comparing him to Jonas and finding him horribly lacking For one Elezer lives in a filthy castle He didn t take care of himself ither and Kerstin keeps finding his smell revolting Not that I wanted to know about that What I kept thinking was how she could find this guy anything remotely attractive in the first place Guess she thought the same but no matter she ll marry Elezer because doesn t she love himDon t ask Jonas who was already troubled with the mbedded arrowhead on his shoulder hunts down Kerstin the next day spotting the two kissing outside He s incensed and immediately assumes that Elezer and she are lovers Kerstin was yet to convince Elezer of the marriage when she s deflated by Jonas s appearance She didn t sleep with Elezer though Jonas drags her home while insinuating about Elezer s womanizing ways and callous disregard of the women he left behind Kerstin of course doesn t believe any of it and she starts hating Jonas She is Hannah Montana: The Movie even happy to find that that arrowhead is troubling him still which was childish She wanted to take care of itarlier though but his men got downright aggressive and Kerstin had to back out Jonas s people made the injury worse and he was already suffering a fever After they reach s people made the injury worse and he was already suffering a fever After they reach Jonas and Kerstin are married with haste Kerstin saw no other way to scape but to give into her fate But things get worse when Jonas faints from the fever instigated by the injury Kerstin s fear grows tenfold She doesn t want Jonas to die any for she doesn t want to be a widow. Not deny the fierce passion Jonas ignites within her nor the awakening of feelings she has never known before A heart tormented A warrior of duty to nsure peace Jonas will honor the kings demand and wed the woman accused of murdering his lder broth.

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