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Ader won t interpret it correctly Either way folks bad poets are talking down to youI tell you All This At The Beginning Of This Review Because I this at the beginning of this review because I not recently encountered a book of poetry where both sides of the euation are so well defined as they are in said the shotgun to the head the third book by slam champion Saul Williams I figured going into this that I was going to be getting a book of bad poetry as usually defined by the slam community where how you perform the poem and how naked your message is are important by far than whether you Ve Crafted A Good Poem crafted a good poem not A uick flip through before I began reading strengthened this impression with lots of indentation font changes different sizes black pages this is exactly the ind of stuff I expect from someone who uses this sort of trickery to disguise the fact that he simply can t write Then I read the first three sections and I was blown away from now oncitieswill be builton one sideof the streetso that soothsayerswill have wilderness to wanderand loversspace enoughto contemplate a iss 29 30 Concrete images that convey feelings That s exactly the type of thing I m talking about The language is a bit looser than I usually like but Williams has the concept of how to write damn good poetry down pat and he does a fantastic job of realizing it in these first three sectionsThe inevitable political sections crop up despite this being a love poem and for a while there he manages to eep it up viz this gem from p 56 where is that voice from nowhereto remind usthat the holy ground We Walk Onpurified By Native Bloodhas Rooted walk onpurified by native bloodhas rooted fallen leavesnow color codea sacred list of demands but as the vast majority of political poets are wont to do he gets to a point where he no longer seems to trust the reader to get the point unless he spells it out for us in three foot hig Last night I was trying to decide which books to take with me to my parent s house for Christmas picked up this book meaning to read a few lines ended up reading the entire poetry collection in roughly an hour I don t think I ve ever read poetry uite like this before The introduction says that these poems are basically the nonsensical ramblings of a man after a iss There is a lot of passion in these poems some sexual but the poems are than just about love There s a lot of social commentary and activism in there for example anti war pro culturepatriarchy anti racism Also the references to Langston Hughes and Jimi Hendrix gained Saul Williams some brownie pointsOne thing that did make me cringe was his anti religion stance I m not sure if he s against the idea of religion in general or just against the fact that peopl. Ghest and lowest freuencies of understanding into an Incongruent mean of babble and brillian.

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Inutes ago This is the book that reignited my love for poetry Although only half this book made sense to me and typically that would infuriate me this was just absolutely GORGEOUS Williams had me from page one and in this book he criticized the patriarchy war religion and this was generally just a roller coaster that brought me the patriarchy war religion and this was generally just a roller coaster ride that brought tears It was so raw and it was centered on a love story but grew so much in these 182 pages Highly highly HIGHLY recommend and i m going to go read his other two poetry books that I own right now I was confused yet entranced the whole way through A must for everyone but be ready to bask in the not nowing This blew my mindI was at a local bookshop with a friend on a blustery day in December a local bookshop with a friend on a blustery day in December both grabbed the book at the same time and sat there on the floor flipping page to page reading it togetherIt is Lovely It is shockingly laid out at times hard to see for it overwhelms you Other times you feel like you can t seem to get enough so that you wish to climb into the words themselves said the shotgun to the head is a very strange people who are nicer than me would probably say uniue and complex poem I wanted to write this review for a couple of days now and I really struggled I struggled because A I feel like I haven t properly understood what Saul was trying to say and B I understood enough to be overwhelmed with what I want to discuss Upon skimming some reviews here on Goodreads I am reassured because I don t s I ve read it a couple of times and it seems different every timeIt s a bit Allen Ginsberg a bit EE Cummings a bit Hollywood a bit blues and bit hatred a bit love and a bit paprika It s artsy and lively The type is uniue anbd you really get the true feeling of the words You can hear the voice of the poem as if you were at a concert and stereo hi fi It s amazing Read it OUT LOUD Saul Williams said the shotgun to the head PocketMTV 2003I have had people comment that they sometimes can t tell the difference between what I consider good poetry and what I don t To me it s as simple as can be 999% of the time good poetry deals with the person place or thing section of the category of nouns Bad poetry almost invariable deals with the idea section T S Eliot started out Book 5 of his long poem Paterson with the injunction No ideas but in things It is a retelling of the golden rule of poetry show don t tell What most bad poets don t realize is that it is almost impossible to directly show an idea It is easy to show an idea through things as long as you re willing to accept the ambiguity inherent in that idea Many poets are not willing to do so for fear that either a the reader won t get it or b the re. Please give blood Here is the account of a man so ravished by a iss that it distorts his hi. Saul Williams is a hip hop artist actor writer and slam poet apparently best experienced live If that s the case his poetry collection said the shotgun to the head is the euivalent of canned laughter said the shotgun to the head is one big poem broken into numbered sections counting down from 10 Williams starts his pretentiousness in the introduction stating his belief in a female god because of a Williams starts his pretentiousness in the introduction stating his belief in a female god because of a iss a iss that inspired the book Williams basically writes through his feelings but apparently doesn t go back and edit with his mind Instead he has graphic designers use different font types styles sizes and backgrounds I m all for this type of endeavor when it succeeds like in the visual edition of Philip Yancey s What s So Amazing About Grace but the visuals better help the words on the page and in this case simply tweaking the font comes off as nothing than a pretty distraction To me said the shotgun to the head just looks like far too much style over way too little substance I m sure Saul Williams could tell you the importance of capitalizing the i on one page and not on another but I don t much care I d be willing to run with the premise laid out in the introduction if it actually went through the depths Williams initially spoke of but nah let s make it about phallic weapons smashing into metaphorical female body parts the clich womb vulva etc Ooh and make it angry Like Rage Against the Machine influenced poetry written by a 14 year old Sprinkle with pop culture references and call it a book By the end see page 175 I was laughing at what Williams accused children of inheriting from their fathers murder This was of course bolded in a font three times larger than the previous statements I m going to guess my laughter was not the response William wanted Even with all I can balk at in the collection Williams occasionally still has his uotable moments pages 25 61 67 70 78 and 171 but overall his emotion isn t inked out in a way that translates to the reader not even with all his graphic designer support One star Not even half of this made sense to me so I m not going to rate itAll I can say is so I m not going to rate itAll I can say is I saw a lot of potential and interesting topics not only love but also social commentary and political stuff but the format just didn t work for me I already new either I was going to love this or don t get it but I wanted to try it anywayI marked some interesting pages and parts but everything else nope Said the shotgun to the head is genius Just pure genius I don t now where that man got his talent but I d so love to just pick his brain He s Holy shit I m crying just typing this review even though I finished the book like 10 The greatest Americans Have not been born yet They are waiting uietly For their past to die. Said the Shotgun to the Head