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To have nice things It s a Line But Their Motives Make but motives make the differenceSomething I ve The Swan Gondola figured out about LCR books after reading a couple of them is that they are larger than life Almost like a Harleuin Presents but mixed with romantic suspense The lives these characters live are not easy The heroes and heroines in these books are tortured in the most literal sense of the word Which makes their HEA that much sweeter Because they deserve it after what they ve been through I can t wait to read the next one I think I ll read the nextrom the second trilogy while I wait Right Turns: From Liberal Activist to Conservative Champion in 35 Unconventional Lessons for Sweet Revenge to come out I ve met enough of the regular players in this series that I want them all to get their HEA And isn t that what romance even romantic suspense is all about Originally posted on The Book Nympho I couldn t wait to start this book because Iound McKenna to be Politically Incorrect fascinating in No Chance It definitely didn t disappoint uick summaryIt was speculated that McKenna had a seriously troubling backstory and seemed to be on the run Everyone s instincts were correct but they couldn t have imagined how tragic her story really is When she rescued Lucas Kane after having been kidnapped by Victor Lymes he was determined toind this woman who he never could get out of his head He makes it his mission to track her down to thank her and maybe just maybe clear his mind of the woman who they called GhostWhat I loved about this storyEverything It begins with the reveal of just how Lucas was rescued and Victor was killed That opens a whole new set of intrigue and it just never ends in this story Lucas wasn t even what he seemed on the surface Both he and McKenna were two of the most interesting enigmatic characters I ve read Loved him loved her and loved them together Their relationship was developed carefully creating a pretty sensual romance in the midst of all the chaos Damon McKenna s ex was deliciously evil his unpredictability keeping tension extremely high While there s a lot in motion it s all so interconnected you can t get confused The bottom lineI love this series as it consistently delivers great suspense and romance with every story This one is probably close to being my Beyond Varallan favorite at least a neck and neck second I ve a new book boyfriend in Lucas Kane and McKenna is one kickass heroine And the ending was pretty special You know where home is my love Lucas Kane is having a very bad day First he sufferedrom ood poisoning then he was kidnapped by an idiot But then things started to look better when he was saved by a mysterious woman who calls herself Ghost But before he could ind out about his Ghost she vanishes But Lucas doesn t give up easily and he will do anything in his power to ind the woman who captured his interest Mckenna Sloan made the biggest mistake of her life when she was young One that cost her everyone that she loved And or years she has been hiding Dona Flor from the monster who ruined her life Saving lives makes hereel better about herself And she doesn t care what it costs her to rescue them What she can t afford is to get close to anyone especially not Lucas Kane whom she has admired Rocker Babies Wear Jeans for years because of the good he doesor those in need But being with him makes her eel safe something she hasn t elt in a lot of years But nothing good can come of it and she can t risk another person she loves Mckenna is one of the strongest heroines I ve ever read about The horrific things done to her by Damon the monster would have broken most people And the Sono with Visits from the Seventh fact that she lost her entireamily because of him But she survived all of that and risks her life to save those who others prey upon I loved her vulnerability and her strength I just love a man who knows what he wants and goes after it Lucas Kane is my kind of hero He s sexy and charming and wonderful The way he pursued Mckenna and how patient he was with her knowing her traumatic past and how difficult it was Remarkable Creatures for her to trust anyone just made me love him The romance wasantastic The chemistry between these two was so profound and beautiful It s so difficult to ind a romantic suspense where the suspense doesn t overshadow the romance The balance in this book between suspense and romance was perfect And the plot regarding Mckenna s past was wonderfully written and gripping I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves RS A definite must read Absolutly awesome book the last in Christy Reece s Last Chance series and definatly my avourite Mckenna has a torrid past which she has been runnng Heroes Adrift (Hero, fromor years She helps LCR in their rescues and comes upon Loganone man who makes her uestion her Chuck and Danielle feelings and makes her want to run even If u have read her Reece s other books i urge you to carry on and read this one u will not be dissappointed Fantastic Book I could not put the book downThe sad thing is I now have to wait until her next book comes out. Minal to justice combineor one explosive event For a woman who specializes in staying away rom relationships and staying in the heart of danger this is the most impossible mission of all Because the odds are deadly and the passion won't .

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This book deserves then the usually rating 5 STARS What an intriguing storyAs per usual there s a phenomenal story to every book Christy Reece writes This novel an intriguing storyAs per usual there s a phenomenal story to every book Christy Reece writes This novel me in an allure and turning every page In the two previous books I became attached to a character McKenna Sloan aka Ghost With Mckenna s dark persona I just knew there was something dreadful that had happened in her past and why she became the way she isShe s very secluded doesn t make riends keeps to herself and makes no connections with anyone She gets involved on jobs with the LCR but leaves without noticeHer story is dark and with the LCR but leaves without noticeHer story
Is Dark And M 
dark and m glad she got her own book there s so much about her and it was written to perfection There s one thing I m grateful Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs for the Perp every womans nightmare no matter whatcouldn t steal her heart She s an astounding Heroinelaws and all I m still sitting here reeling my thoughts on who I loved McKenna or Lucas I can honestly say I can t choose Lucas is every womans dreams Not once did he go all caveman and make Mckenna s decisions Gray Bishop for her My heart just meltedor these two characters they re just down right amazing in every way possibleLucas Kane was abducted and McKenna was the young woman who had rescued him In the midst of his rescuing Lucas Puckster's First Hockey Sweater felt a draw to her Before he could thank heror all her help she just ups and disappears The need to ind this remarkable woman put him on a mission to search or her The Liar first place he goes to is the LCR team When thatails Lucas hires a private investigator before he gets any results McKenna shows up on his doorstep but only Noir for one reason To tell Lucas to stop searchingor her There s a strong attraction between these two but with Mckenna s past she s afraid to show any kind of emotion to anyone Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are forear they would be endangered8years and McKenna is still living in shadows steering clear Gaffer from Damon Hughes the Sickest SOB that was ever created Her ex boyfriend not only killed her parentsor getting in the way of their relationship but raped and mutilated her outta anger He was convicted and sent to jail then supposedly escaped Circumstantial Evidence from prison and died More like he lived and is doing everything in his power to regain McKenna backOver Lucas s Dead Body Lucas gets involved and it s the only time he goes all caveman and wants to eliminate the threat that McKenna lives with everyday He sortahad the right intentions but he gets between Mckenna s op mission to save a girl Damon aka Sickest SOB ever created abducts a girl he thinks is McKenna All hell breaks loose a lot of twist and turns happens in this novel there s so much to saybut I ll stop here I don t wanna reveal too much There s definitely revenge and a sweet HEAMcKennainally surrenders to the man who s stolen her heart and gives her everything she well deserves Lucas gives her happinesslove and comfort something she thought she would never Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers feel againAll Lucas wants is a lifetime of Forever That is exactly what McKenna intends to give him Aruitfulof all you can eat desserts Hehehe This couple is explicitly wicked and wanton I loved them too piecesFavorite outeShe met him in the middle of the room her expression one of such wonder and beauty that Lucas s already tight chest constricted even He closed the distance between them and said huskily You came home Her smile holding every promise he could hope or she whisperedYes Pulling her into his armshe asked For how long Her heart in her eyesshe whispered the word Lucas ached to hear Forever Awe Be still my beating heart I loved this book I hope the next book can live up to this novel or better D WOWabsolutely wonderful readloved Lucas McKennathe sufferings McKenna had to go through cause of that maniac stalker just creeped me out badly and as rightly mentioned by LucasMcKenna is a very brave courageous strong woman who endured so much pain and lost her whole amily yet she never broke down she carried on and kept A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping fightingNoah Samara Lucas all helped McKenna in healingloved the way Lucas in the start itself accepts hiseelings Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) for McKenna and starts making efforts to bring his love happiness in his lifethough i disapprove of Lucas having investigate out McKenna this book had me gluedrom start till end with twist n turns at end enjoyed every bit of itOverall a wonderful readRecommend it Just Summer Meditations finished Christy Reece s latest book in the LCR series The best one yet I intend to write a glowing review when I have time to get my thoughts andeelings in order Amazing though you don t want to miss this one LOVED IT Definitely the best one of the series I can t even get all my thoughts in order to write a review right now I ll try to come back and do one though But if you have been ollowing this series do not hesitate to read this one It s definitely an amazing story Last Chance by Christy ReeceLast Chance Rescue 6There are certain things I have come to exp. Passion is their most dangerous moveNever Say DieMcKenna Sloan saved Lucas Kanes's life and then vanished Lucas moved mountains trying to ind her again and inally McKenna relented or one leeting night The truth is McKenna's life is all ,
Last ChanceEct when picking up a Christy Reece novel One I M GOING TO GET A GREAT STORY FULL m going to get a great story ull suspense or mystery and great characters with tortured pasts and swoon worthy heroes Reece does not disappoint in Rise and Shine: Encouragement to Start Your Day fact this is arguably with myself the best installment in the series soar Not since Eden St Claire Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II from Rescue Me has there been a awesome heroine in this series The elusive McKenna Sloan has been hidingrom her tortured past Damon Hughes who has been searching Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq for heror the past eight years Taking Michelin Green Guide Normandy freelance jobs to keep herrom being tied down in one place so that she can run at a moments notice McKenna Has Taken On Some has taken on some rom Noah McCall with the LCR One of these jobs put her in the position to rescue Lucas a wealthy English businessman During the rescue it seems that Lucas didn need her assistance much able to handle himself unexpectedly better than that of a typical business tycoon in act he ends up saving her Because of McKenna s past she always keeps everyone at arms length never orming relationships in ear that Damon will ind her once again and cause harm to anyone she cares or McKenna and Lucas have an instant attraction What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World for each other which is something novelor McKenna since all her experience with men have been horrid starting with Damon HughesAfter the rescue op that involved Lucas he has been unable to get McKenna out of his mind even sending investigators out in search of her and I Got a New Friend finally going to Noah McCallor help in The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War finding her only to hit a dead end there too After McKennainds out he s looking Experiencing the Resurrection: The Everyday Encounter That Changes Your Life for her she goes andinds him She spends the day with Lucas and inds herself alling into an easy riendship with him another novel situation or her Lucas treads cautiously with her in Babes in Toyland: The Making and Selling of a Rock and Roll Band fear she will bolt at any given moment McKenna thinks she can walk awayrom Lucas and never look back no matter how much she wants to stay so that he will be safe The Meaning of Star Trek from Damon But like a moth to alame she can t seem to stay away and that can only lead to trouble in the long run Finally McKenna says goodbye to Lucas with the promise of never returning as she sets out on her next assignment Finally going after Damon Hughes But Lucas has plans of his own and secrets he s keeping Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt from McKenna This can only be a recipeor disaster I loved this book so much it surpassed my expectations rom the story to the kick ass heroine and Lucas Kane who earned his swoon worthy title Reece can also write some really twisted villains and Damon Hughes is one sick demented puppy I have read this series slowly and I m glad I have because it always pulls me rom my book slump This has been a wonderful series and I m really looking Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World forward to the rest I also liked what I hope is the addition of a new character and storyor Dylan As I ve said before she weaves her books and characters together nicely There s usually a little history on them as you go through the series leading up to their book In my opinion Reece s writhing gets better with each book I m not sure I could get tired of this series I have enjoyed coming back to it again and again 45 stars At the urging of ellow GR Reader Shawna I picked up this book because it s a preuel of sorts to the 8th book Sweet Revenge that comes out next month I m reading this series out of order and that doesn t really bother me I ve never been an order purist And I think these stories can stand irmly on their own Last Chance is the story of McKenna Sloan who at the age of seventeen watched her psycho boyfriend Damon murder her parents and little sister was kidnapped by aforementioned boyfriend but made a lucky escape The good news is that Damon was arrested and convicted of murder The bad news is that he Dump Truck Trouble/Lets Build a Doghouse! faked his death in a prisonire and now lives a like of wealth and crime while spending every waking moment looking Sometime After Midnight for McKenna who has been on the run since she realized he was still alive Whew That is some serious angsty backstoryNow McKenna lives in a crappy Paris apartment and works as areelance operative Stop Inflammation Now!: A Step-By-Step Plan to Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Inflammation--The Leading Cause of Heart Disease and Related Conditions for Last Chance Rescue using all of her time and effort to somehow atoneor her Eyes Behind the Lines: L Company Rangers in Vietnam, 1969 family s death When she meets the hero Lucas Kane he s the very victim she s been charged with rescuing Over the course of the rescue some spark is ignited between them and when he s back home in London he can think of nothing but the woman who rescued him the woman who called herself GhostOne of the mostascinating aspects of this novel was the parallels Christy Reece drew between creepy obsession and love Both Damon and Lucas are determined to have McKenna but there is a big difference between them and their motives and actions Whereas Damon wants to keep McKenna to do his bidding and to control her Lucas wants to cherish McKenna and take care of her Each man buys clothes School Dazed for her but while Damon wants to use the clothes to re create the McKenna of the past Lucas just wants her. Bout the dark deceptionilled world of Last Chance Rescue and or her there's no hope of love or Lucas But ate and Lucas' determination soon change everythingA kidnapped young woman a lure to out a killer and the Chinese Fairy Tales Fantasies: Folio Society Edition fierce need to bring a cri.