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Jamie's Ministry of FoodLls banana oatmeal scrambled eggs and chickan tikka masala curry The one time I tried to make meatballs before this recipe I overcooked them and they fell apart in the pasta Following the directions from this book my meatballs became fragrant with rosemary and held together well My husband loved them The oatmeal was delicious and the scrambled eggs recipe yielded perfect scrambled eggs Actually I ve always always overcooked my eggs and my husband never really liked them so he was thrilled with the results this time around I was hesitant to try making curry because I time around I was hesitant to try making curry because I I could make it as good as the kind we get as take out but it was also perfect I think the cilantroyogurtalmond toppings really helped to make it so yummy There are colorful photos for EVERY recipe usually at least several of the process which I appreciated so much The recipes do rely heavily on fresh herbs but I was able to find a lot of things out of the book that I could make on a tight grocery budget with some small substitutions plain eggs instead of cage freeorganic etc This is not a beginners cookery book intermediate It is full of some good recipes 6 out of 8 good 2 bad so far but they are chef recipes in that they do the following1 They suddenly at the end say add boiled potatoes or any other items that will take 20 mins without ever mentioning it previously in the recipe2 They contain lots and lots of herbs different sorts of oil etc etc Which is fine and adds complexity to the flavour but ust puts off beginners When JO was in Italy the locals gave him a hard time for over complicating food and not allowing the simple underlying flavours to come through and he does do this3 You can double most of the timings unless you are a good cook or you have made the items 2 or 3 times before or you too have an assistan 5 stars English hardcover present from Jop great recipes from Oliver to make with not to mutch to spent Loving it I bought this cookbook after watching Jamie Oliver s Food Revolution documentary series I m from West Virginia and it was filmed about 3 hours away from me in Huntington WV filmed about 3 hours away from me in Huntington WV loved the tv series and everything he had to say about nutrition so I couldn t resist supporting Jamie and attempting to make my life healthyI easily found all of the ingredients from the recipes I ve cooked at my local Kroger It seemed a little expensive when I went shopping but each recipe seems to last for days I actually started cutting them in half since I only feed my boyfriend and myself Jamie added a lot of pictures of the cooking process for every recipe That was extremely helpful I hadn t cooked with a lot of the vegetables he uses so they often looked very strange almost disgusting But his photographs showed me I was doing everything correctly and that his looked ust as strange It was also nice to see the sizes he would chop slice and cut things intoThere were so many great recipes and I haven t even cooked everything in it yet My favorite Pot Roast Meatloaf I ve made it many times First for myself then for family dinners and potlucksI also loved the chapter on Indian food My favorite type of food is Indian Jamie made the recipes so easy and still filled with all those Indian flavors I have been watching HIS TV SHOW AS WELL AS TV show as well as his podcast from the Minestry of Food and it has been so fun to get into the ease of these recipies I am an experienced home cook but this book put a lot of great and really easy ideas into play for me Philip who never cooks much has taken to making dinners on Sat night and made the Chicken Chow Mein and it was seriously one of the best stir frys I have eaten Even our kids chowed down without complaintand there was green stuff it it I think Jamie Oliver is a serious pioneer of food reform in the UK and I respect him highly for the work he does getting school kids the government and the common person to think about what they are eating and where it came fro. Ry single person on this planet should have in order to look after themselves their families and their friends This food revolution is all about people learning how to make a recipe then teaching that recipe to their friends and family if enough people do this pretty soon everyone will be cooking So cook something today then PASS IT ON. ,

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Great salad ideas easy curry paste recipes First off I want to commend the art team on this book great text layout gorgeous pictures and excellent paper But beyond the visual appeal I m at a loss for praiseGranted as an intermediate level cook it doesn t look like I m the target audience for his Food Revolution campaign but I was bewildered to find recipes for things like plain oatmeal boiled eggs smoothies and white rice I know he s assuming only a passing familiarity with the stove But Many Of These many of these can be found on the sides of packages And the vast majority of the other recipes are lackluster salads various grilledroasted meats omelets vegetables with herbs butter sauces for ice cream The only interesting dishes were in the curries section and for that I d be better served by a Madhur Jaffrey cookbookI was also surprised to find many recipes reuired fairly premium items like filet mignon sun dried tomatoes arred roasted red peppers and cr me fraiche By no means were ALL the recipes so posh but for a book that touts simple affordable meals they seemed fairly out of placeOverall the cookbook delivers basic variations on basic themes which frankly left me bored and uninspired Beginner cooks might find some value in the visuals but for comprehensive lessons in techniue and excellent recipes to boot I would steer them towards Mark Bittman s How to Cook Everything Simple Recipes for Great Food I started reading several books last week most of them novels but the book that got me the most excited was of all things a cookbook I decided to order this book from the library after watching a couple episodes of Jamie Oliver s Food Revolution a show where the British chef comes to the American South and tries to reform the disgusting eating habits of the unhealthiest town in the world Jamie Oliver reveals and rebukes the greasy processed food that Americans eat trying to turn over a new leaf in the school lunch program at a public elementary schoolAfter waiting than two months for my hold reuest to be fulfilled as the 24th person in line at the library I finally picked up my copy of the cookbook Jamie s Food Revolution Rediscover How to Cook Simple Delicious Affordable Meals Cookbooks aren t generally a read it from cover to cover item but I found that this was one cookbook I couldn t put down Jamie begins by telling the novice chef what tools every good kitchen should contain and what ingredients every pantry should be stocked with I made some notes on the latter for my next trip to Winco Then he launches into the recipesThe first section listed off a handful of twenty minute meals for people who are short on time With names like Shrimp and Avacado with an Old School Marie Rose Sauce I found that they did indeed look simple and delicious though maybe not uite as affordable as our usual fare The next section of the book was even intriguing uick Pasta The pasta dishes I usually make are a last ditch resort born of empty cupboards and small imagination Jamie offers exciting dishes like Broccoli and Pesto Tagliatelle containing only a handful of ingredients but looking mouthwateringly delicious in the full color picturesThe book proceeded with Tasty Stir Fries and Easy Curries I resolved then and there that I was going to make a curry that week something I had never before attempted A few days later I produced a passable Chicken Tikka Masala with a lovely sauce and decent chicken that would probably have been tender if my stovetop had a even heatThe next section contained recipes for salads This exemplified what I love about Jamie Oliver s book versatility In the for salads This exemplified what I love about Jamie Oliver s book versatility In the section he tries to teach you general rules so that you can whip up your own salad creation The full color chart on page 119 has six rows of kinds of ingredients soft crunchy herby veggies cheese and toppings Each of the rows contains four items for instance the herby row has mint basil italian parsley and arug. Cooking good food from scratch is a skill that can save you money keep you healthy and make you and your family and friends happy What I've tried to do in this book is pick a whole load of meals that we all love to eat and break them down to make them as simple as possible There are plenty of clear instructions and step by step picture.
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