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Eltic lore the love story the push for non christian perspectives Absolutely adore Dole Laurell finally got a powerful man right no breaking this one down into fluff like she did with her vampire hero in the Blake series Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys tales of the Faery Courts sidhe intrigue and copious sex For me this series gets better with each book I am always expecting the new love twist the new magic some new development But this one broke my heartI tend to get sucked into the books that I read that I truly love and enjoy I feel the emotions and develop my relationships with the charactersThrough out this series I have chosen my favoritesDoyle Rhys Frost Galen and Kitto I care a lot for the others but these five are my favoritesSo

happens in this book so realizations news that we have been waiting for A lot of heartbreak tooFrost he is so complicated so stubborn and so defensive so when you get a glimpse of his true emotions it takes you backthere is a part of this book that will stand out to me above all others it moved me to tearsthe thought of someone saying this just breaks meI will love you always When this red hair is white I will still love you When the smooth softness of youth is replaced by the delicate softness of age I will still want to touch your skin When your face is full of the lines of every smile you have ever smiled of every surprise I have seen flash through your eyes when every tear you have ever cried has left its mark upon your face I will treasure you all the because I was there to see it all I will share your life with you I will love you until the last breath leaves your body or mineGreat serieslooking forward to reading the next one I can t decide what I think about the latest installment in the Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K Hamilton Yes I like the series Yes I like Merry and Darkness and Rhys and Frost and Galen etc The last couple of books have bothered me on some levels mainly that they take place over the span of only about one day and are over packed with intrigue politics alliances sex recreational procreational andor political not bad just sort of a LOT of it for reasons I m not always clear about carnage miracles magic salvation well you get the point It s often hard to track who is allied with whom and whether the seemingly miraculous happening is a good thing or a bad thing This title starts by setting up what you assume will be the main conflict in the book yet it disappears fairly early on Amazingly NO sex till well after page 100 fairly early on Amazingly NO sex till well after page 100 some ways this book almost felt like a novella compared to most of Hamilton s books The story moved changed and resolved so uickly and there weren t a lot of character developments I also wasn t satisfied by the major development at the end don t want to give it away but it seemed a bit of a cop out A resolution that while interesting seems to shoot down something we were supposed to be waiting impatiently for and which was supposed to be of major political concern Seemed like Hamilton said Well can t decide what to do about that so I guess I d say Good but not thoroughly satisfying I hope the next book in the series is better. F faerie’s Seelie Court has leveled accusations against my noble guards of a heinous crime–and has gone so far as to ask the mortal authorities to prosecute If he succeeds my men face extradition to faerie and the hideous penalties that await them there But I now that Taranis’s charges are baseless and I sense that his true target is me He tried to ill me when I was a child Now I fear his intentions are far terrifying From the Hardcover edition. A Lick of FrostThese books would be perfect if someone illed Taranis and Cel Yay finally I can give a book in this series 4 starsYup this one was better than the others I absolutely adored it I thought What the hell Hamilton has sold enough books to fill a desiccated Lake Eerie so I just had to pick one up almost in spite of my own literary snobbishness I ve been wrong before The fourth Harry Potter movie was out before I decided to pick up Philosopher s Stone and I was pleasantly surprised at the journey the good Ms Rowling took me on I will tell you that I tried Twenty pages worth of trying The book read paper better used for wiping the asses of dysentery sufferers was a lesson in mediocrity on par with the profound literary masterpiece nown as The Hunger Games The first page was tough and I wanted to stop but I thought No Atreyu wouldn t uit now So I Slugged On And Each Page Was Worse Than The slugged on and each page was worse than the one Lame exposition of situations and in an environment thinner than the wasted paper it was printed onHere is Ms Hamilton s attempt at simile But his hair was uniuely his own silver like metal beaten into hair I reread this three times thinking I was missing some deeper meaning refusing to believe that this line slipped passed the eyes of the authors many drafts and an agent and a line editor and a story editor and a copy many drafts and an agent and a line editor and a story editor and a copy and a final read by all of the above Here are a few the white of his shirt was less white than his own skinThere was no magic to it just the force of their physicality The force of their physicality The men across the table gave the guards the glances men give when they see another man whom they are almost certain could take them physically without breaking a sweat Read that like you would a Shelley poem or Shakespeare So talentless so very sadListen writing a book is hard I get it No one deserves to have their art dismantled and mocked But there is no attempt by the author or by the publisher at greatness here A book is so precious so goddamn important and this thing is printedwhy because of a story because she s sold books before Because because becaaaaaause because of the wonderful things she does Bad books have always been written They shall always be written but I guess I m concerned with the impetus that compels so many people to pull 25 bucks out of their pocket and slam it on the counter gleefully for this trash LOOK I say to the average reader There sits Picture of Dorian Gray Bleak House Pillars of the Earth Drood The Idiot Dune anything by Gene Wolfe pick up that instead PLEASE It s even cheaperAs a lover of books it hurts my heart and my brain Just another rant Not like anybody reads these anyway I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Meredith to get pregnant already and for there to be some forward movement of plot in these books Also I was getting tired of the strung together scenes of sexnew magic sexsome new magicThis book really toned down on the sex thank goodness And to be fair the plot did inch forward infinitesimally But this book was uite boring It was a bunch of mirror conversations first merry talks to taranis is the mirror Merry talks to Taranis is the mirror eleventy billion pages Then she talks to Andais for. I am Meredith Gentry princess and heir apparent to the throne in the realm of faerie onetime private investigator in the mortal world To be crowned ueen I must first continue the royal bloodline and give birth to an heir of my own If I fail my aunt ueen Andais will be free to do what she most desires install her twisted son Cel as monarch and ill me My royal guards surround me and my best loved–my Darkness and my Killing Frost–are always beside me. Eleventy billion pages The she Talks To The Goblins And to the goblins And we hear about some new creatures her sex has brought to lifeIn the course of these conversations we get of Bat Shit Crazy Andais something of Skeevy the course of these conversations we get of Bat Shit Crazy Andais something of Skeevy Crazy Taranis and of course there is Just Psycho Crazy Cel lurking off in the background Talk about tedious characters If Merry is so dang powerful why doesn t she off some of these people already I do agree with Andais Merry has turned into a wimpI remember the first book when she got her hand of power and used it Actually I remember the first book and so much happened just in that one book Le Sigh This is one of the best books in the Merry Gentry series I loved itThe plot thickens with Merry awakening all sorts of new powers in both the seelie and unseelie courts There is of course HOT sex but also a great plot as well Im am really impressed by this one and cant wait for the Swallowing Darkness WOW Holy crap Now that s what I m talking about I ve been giving LKH s Merry Gentry books progressively lower ratings becausewell my estimation of them has fallen greatly What started as a magnificent series with lots of potential and a Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms keen awareness of Celtic mythology had fallen into 200 some pages of endless sex romps with multicolored men Until nowThis book definitely turns all of that on its head and actually furthers the plotsomething that LKH has avoided for at least several books now The climax at the end of this book no spoilers but it takes place in Meav s dining room had my jaw on the floor In addition to the wonderful plot advancements and spot on mythological references to explain a total plot shocker the actual writing is great in this book with several passages that I read multiple times just for their flow and poetry Hats off LKH If this is any indication of where the series is going from here on out I m glad I stayed on the rocky ride Ok so we actually get a lot of progression hereMerry and her gang have left the court behind and are back in LA but of course court politics have not left her Now Taranis the King of the Seelie court has accused three of Merry s men of raping a lady of his court Blindsided by this accusation Merry has no choice but to confront her uncle about his lies But of course this doesn t go as planned and has disastrous conseuences I remember being so excited to read this book because Frost was one of my favorite characters And dang he goes through some shit in this I m honestly not sure how he s going to come back from it either But while the plot moved forward the book was a little slow Again pacing has always been a issue of mine with Hamilton For once I would like the book to move the plot forward while also maintaining the intensity and focus of this story It s either all sex or all mirror talking There seems to be no in between I still want the showdown between Merry and Cel though and if that never happens this series will be a sham I love this book I love this series This is the 6th book in the Meredith Gentry series This was yet another book that I just couldn t put down I can t get enough of Merry Gentry s world Love it Better than the Anita Blake series Love the play on Sworn to protect and make love to me But still the threat grows greater For despite all my carnal efforts I remain childless while the machinations of my sinister sadistic ueen and her confederates remain tireless So my bodyguards and I have slipped back into Los Angeles hoping to outrun the gathering shadows of court intrigue But even exile isn’t enough to escape the grasp of those with dark designsNow King Taranis powerful and vainglorious ruler