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Turner A seuel needs to be done Pretty VIOLENT for Christian fiction Not believable ither Another 5 starsJames Scott Bell writes books that keep you up at night If you are looking Not believable ither Another 5 starsJames Scott Bell writes books that keep you up at night If you are looking characters with depth and a plot that keeps you guessing try this book Great characters and plot I picked this up at a busy point in my life and I often found myself frustrated that I didn t have time to read it And the nding I was shocked but confused I thought for sure there would be a second I forgot how much I njoy James Scott Bell s writing This one isn t about I njoy James Scott Bell s writing This one isn t about lawyer which was a nice change I felt like it had a much different feel than his other books like he really pushed himself to write something out of his comfort zone The suspense was amazing as always and I read through this uickly because I wanted to see the Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ending I have to admit I lovedverything about this book EXCEPT for the nding which is why it only gets 4 stars instead of the 5 I d love to give it I m just not a fan of cliffhanger ndings ЯED even when there s a seuel which frustratinglynough Deceived doesn t ven have a seuel so I guess we ll have to leave the plot twist up to our imagination To me those type of stories feel incomplete and unfair to the readersThat said I tip my hat off to Mr Bell for another well written ntertaining read If he The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs ever gets bored some day and has writer s block I would definitely pay to read the seuel which I think Deceived deserves This Jim Bell book gets five stars based on thending alone While the rest was good too WOWThe interweaving of characters and hopping around between them in the beginning made my brain spin at first but with dogged persistence I sort led through it And oh what a payoffMost of Bell s protagonists have Moreno either been lawyers or someone who really needed one And who the protagonist was has always been pretty clearIn Deceived however Bell does the nigh impossible carrying as the main focusach of three people almost a fourth and fifth in Arty Towne and Ted Gillespie We re in their heads and seeing the situation from Monsieur Pain each of their perspectives all while hoping good will triumph that those who ve gone astray will sort themselves andor meet their just desserts Bell keeps all the plates spinning There were parts usually the ones where we were in Liz Towne s head that I wanted skim ahead but I found it anngaging read and felt it properly resolved AND THEN I READ THE LAST CHAPTER WO. Ing blonde with a devout husband who has given up a prime job for reasons Liz cannot understand for Mac MacDonald a Gulf War vet who's done time in prison and is just now finding his way back to normal life and for Roxanne Rocky Towne Liz's sister in law who suspects things she. Liz Towne s life has hardly been a bed of roses She deserves and she s determined to overcome her been a bed of roses She deserves and she s determined to overcome her trash past She thought her ticket was Arty Towne a guy who dreamed of being worth two million before he turned thirty five But then he went and got religion on her and uit his six figure job You ve changed Liz said to Arty that fateful day in Pack Canyon I don t like it When they both discover a dead biker with a fortune of diamonds in his saddlebags Liz sees another chance at the life she s always wanted But what will it cost herDeceived is than a page turning thriller it s a story about choices Not just for Liz Towne but For Her Sister In Law Rocky And her sister in law Rocky and war veteran Mac All three are bound by their love and friendship with Arty and all three have been dealt hands they d rather fold But it s their decisions that set them apart One chooses to deceive one is caught in between and the other is determined to unmask the deceiverSpanning about two weeks in the lives of several characters Bell ratchets up the intensity in Deceived Unlike its predecessors No Legal Grounds and Presumed Guilty it s not a legal thriller This is straight up suspense that ll get you thinking about life God and the domino A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author effect of deceptionSo pull up a chair Unfold your napkin James Scott Bell has served up another delightful stew of suspense witty dialogue and plot twists I never saw thending of this one coming This book was well written However there was way too much going on for my taste At a certain point I stopped paying attention and was concerned with getting to the What If end of the book Cover intrigued me when I seen it on the counter Read this one aloud with my husband we tried to read one dayach night some days were longer than others and we couldn t get through a day Other days were short and read multiple days at a time When I first looked at the format I thought we were reading someone s diary but it wasn t it was the storyline and the time stamps showed how it was all happening so uickly and all at the same time It was neat how all of these strangers were brought together because of Arty s death and how they were coping with his sudden death There were a few times I was ready to throw in the towel but then all of a sudden it would switch and I couldn t put it down Will be looking for from this author I m only giving it 3 stars because it had a shocking The Exhaustion Breakthrough ending that left you hanging It was a complete page. She thinks she knows who she is and what she wants but when the web gets terribly tangled is her game of deception a clever lie or a deadly trap Two bodies in an isolated canyon on thedge of LA One with saddlebags filled with diamonds That's how it begins for Liz Towne a stunn.

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W James Scott Bell s Deceived feels like the first book in a series rather than a complete novel in its own right Maybe it is and maybe it isn t I couldn t find anything to indicate if we ll see a follow up in the near future If there s not a follow up I may be disappointedDuring a hiking trip Liz and her born again husband across a dead body Near the body is a bag full of diamonds Liz sees the diamonds is a full of diamonds Liz sees the diamonds their chance to land on The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good easy street while her husband wants nothing to do with them His recent conversion to Christianity is causing friction in their marriage and his professional career During their argument Liz shoves him off a rock causing him to fall to his death Liz begins to hatch a plot to cover up the murder of her husbandMeanwhile we meet Mac a Gulf War vet with issues He s got Gulf War syndrome and intense pain in his head He s been in jail for robbing a store losing his wife and family in the process Mac has come to the Lord and found a job as the handy man for his church But his probation officer seems to have it in for him and will stop at nothing to get Mac back into jail We also meet Rocky a female private investigator who was scarred when a dog mauled her as a child She has just left her relationship with her abusive boyfriend She s also the sister of the husband who died Mac is the guy s best friendThe storylines all come together centered around the mystery of what happened and how Liz reacts Liz makes a show of accepting God and being baptized However when some men come looking for the diamonds and the police start to poke holes in her story Liz becomes and desperate leading her to make some shocking decisions in the novel s final thirdFor long periods of Deceived the story is grippingntertaining and suspenseful Bell is able to avoid the cliches of character within Christian fiction making his character s struggles feel authentic and connect with the readers You may be able to figure out where some things will lead but the choices and characters never seem black or white good or vil However the frustrating part comes when arcs that are put into motion but offer little or no resolution comes when arcs that are put into motion but offer little or no resolution Bell intended the story to be like life with no asy answers or maybe there s a second installment coming soon Either way I left the story feeling as if something were missing I don t want Hark! The Herald Angels Scream everything wrapped up in a nice neat package but some sense of resolution would be nice. Cannot prove All three are thrown together after a tragedy in Pack Canyon After finding the stolen diamonds Liz is faced with anscalating set of choices Truth or lies Stop or keep moving All in or played out A stunning suspense thriller from bestselling author James Scott Bell. ,