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Foreign Tongue A Novel of Life and Love in ParisOr choices Oh yes all over the place which sure makes her human but many of her choices chip away at her human but many of her choices chip away at her But what s there s no shred of hope for her life in the end There s a little perk with regard to her work as a translator but that s it Most of the book is about her personal And Romantic Life And There S No Redeeming Factor At romantic life and there s no redeeming factor at in the ending regarding that Plus there s a

Sad Weird Twist At 
weird twist at end that s ill fitting to the rest of the workAfter I finished the book and the Acknowledgements section was thrust pon me I just sat there pissed off I read through all of that and there were some annoying low moments where she s positively wallowing in self pity and despair or high on some laced pot not to mention the truly disturbing vulgarity I read through ALL OF THAT and this is what I get at the end That s it A weird inadeuate ending that the author thinks in her hubris is fitting because of its faux Frenchiness No No no Bite your tongue Foreign Tongue Picked this The Sublime up on a whim at the library A very light and entertaining read with some substance in discussion of the particularities of FrenchEnglish translation On the Pastry References Scale I d give it cinues macarons Some might also rate it highly on the Lingerie Mentions scale You know how sometimes you pickp a book and it grabs you so tight you can t let go Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical until the end And then when it does end you cry like a baby because you fell so deeply in love with each character the loss is almost too great Yeah That While this book is sort of touted as a romancethat wasn t what I found most enjoyable More intriguing were Anna s thoughts about culture and language as she is working on the translation of the book Because she is informally bi lingual meaning that she learned French from her family and studying abroad she has some interesting comments about the oftenntranslatable subtleties and nuances of meaning in a language Anyone who has traveled or worked in a foreing country or tried to explain certain collouialisms to family visiting from abroad knows how hard it can be Toward the end of the book she remarks about how she s often felt French in AMeria and Ameri Delightful book about a young woman who gets jilted by her actor boyfriend She moves to her aunt s apartment in Paris and becomes a translator for a ficitious love story She falls in love with a director and the story goes back and forth from the story to the woman s life in Paris I enjoyed this book very much for it s lightness and yet well written prose Felt as if I were in Paris I loved this book some may shrink from the central thread of translating an erotic novel but a Parisian erotic novel is an elegant world of its own The translating was sheer delight the French sometimes familiar and sometimes teaching me something new I could not put this one down and I first learned of Foreign Tongue through an online advertisement a few years ago My interest in it was further piued by its focus on a young woman with dual FrenchAmerican citizenship conversant in both French and English and her experiences in Paris As someone who has visited Paris twice over the past decade and lived and worked for a time abroad I am drawn to stories that tie in culture language and human sensibilities Notwithstanding that I had a lingering fear that this novel might prove to be an overly maudlin chick lit book that would have my eyes rolling in disbelief Thankfully that was not the case The main character Anne a professional writer in Los Angeles leaves the States in mid summer for a Parisian refuge offered free of charge by her Aunt Isabelle who lives in the main in San Francisco after being jilted by her boyfriend who has become a newfound celebrity Anne opens. Here with keys to her aunt's empty apartment Bilingual and blessed with dual citizenship she seeks solace in the delectable pastries in the company of old friends and in her exciting new job translating a mysterious erotic French nove. WARNING This book is very vulgar Way way way too much for me even if it is sporadicThis is perhaps the most difficult book review I ve ever had to write as me even if it is sporadicThis is perhaps the most difficult book review I ve ever had to write as feelings are composed of such extremes At first it delighted me then repulsed me then impressed and intrigued me then annoyed me and Hell Phone ultimately disappointed me First off allow me to praise the work Vanina Marsot is an amazing writer a compliment I rarely give out Here lies her strength She would describe delicate and subtle human feelings that I have had many times but had never depicted aloud or in words with suchncanny accuracy I found myself many times just staring at the page in awe here was feelingsensation I was intimately acuainted with yet completely nconscious of intimately acuainted with yet completely nconscious of Marsot also knows words in and out and how to Nascars Wildest Wrecks use them Her words leap off the page with this deliciously literate precision yet with an organic flow I learned many new words reading this work something I delight in completelyAlso as I too like the author and the protagonist am bilingual in FrenchEnglish I relished all her astute cultural observations of both the French and Americans The author really knows both cultures and she s able to describe their idiosyncrasies with such aplomb and precision It was a revelation For example at one point she says This concept of frivolity seemed another particularly French idea a contradictory puzzle that to them made perfect sense I couldn t figure out if it was the vocabulary of the idea that startled me or the idea itself The French always seem so practical so logical so able to explain everything rationallyexcept when they can t In the realm of emotions all that Cartesian logic goes out the window and they leap to wild euphoric contradictory conclusions that they justify with poetic phrases I couldn t tell if it was a profound heartfelt examination of emotion or a sinuous exercise in rationalization via word arrangement Yes I remember screaming out when I read that because it is SO true of the French She hit this strange French mystery nail right on the head In all of my dealings with the French I have had the exact same sentiment but ne er had I heard it elucidated so succinctly and beautifullyWhat I principally loved about this book was how it took me deep into the realm of a city that fascinates me I love Paris and read books that take place here voraciously Not only this but being bi lingual too all her musings about how to translate French into English and visa versa and how it is sometimes simply impossible to preserve the subtle nuances of the original writer really hit home Plus all her deepestions regarding culture pbringing and how big of a part that language plays in our identity so perceptive and thought provoking Now nfortunately we ll discuss the downsides to this work First and foremost it identity so perceptive and thought provoking Now Outlaw Bride unfortunately we ll discuss the downsides to this work First and foremost it terribly Not terribly in an Othello way but in a severely disappointing way I get it of courseshe was trying to give it a French neutral ending A real life ending I get it However what she forgot is that this book is written in English Maybe she s translating it into French too I don t know but I read the English version so let s continue Hence the book is targeted at an American audience and she has the gall to end it on this weird abrupt melancholy point And you re like huh And it s totally ironic because in the book the main character is translating this erotic novel hence the vulgarity and it has three possible endings all of which she deems inadeuate Frankly most the endings of the erotic novel were satisfactory than the book s actually ending In the end you endp not really caring about the main character She s just kind of eh Does the main character whine become victim y and make po. Paris the storybook capital of romance of strolls down cobblestone streets and kisses by the Seine may not be the ideal location to mend a wounded heart But pragmatic professional writer Anna who has been nlucky in love in LA has come. ,

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Herself to the reader and by extension allows s to experience Paris vicariously In the process she finds a job translating for a small us to experience Paris vicariously In the process she finds a job translating for a small house chapter by chapter a novel from a mysterious figure who may be someone from the pper echelons of French society At roughly the same time she catches the attention in a cozy barrestaurant of Olivier an actor she first spotted at a friend s party a few weeks earlier They gradually develop a rapport which blossoms into a torrid romance with all its twists and turns One of the aspects of the novel I enjoyed very much was Anne s relationships with a number of minor characters For instance the married couple Antoine a writer and Victorine a scriptwritertranslator whom Anne had met at a private party Here is one of the exchanges Anne had with the coupleAnne You have a comfortable relationship with cruelty perhaps After all in French to be malicieux can have a good connotation like someone who has a delightfully pointed sense of humor malicieux et delicieux I saidBut you have this as well the wicked sense of humor Antoine remarkedThat s true I admitted I hadn t thought of that Victorine poked a finger in the teapot and took it into the kitchenWe are not so different a la base Antoine mused It is a estion of style of the things we privilege than you and vice versaLike I asked AnneYou value approval than we do We privilege pride this idea of saving face so important to the Japanese as well You are open we are reserved We like riddles you like answers We are interested in the game than the outcome he saidThe game I repeated Native Son unsure of what he meant AnneThe game of social interaction he clarified The discovery layer by layer of people Thenfolding of meaning This is something we appreciate It seems to me but I am speaking in broad strokes and there are always exceptions however it seems to me Americans want to know who and what everything is they want to fix it so it will stay put and they can move accordingly Look at your politics he said As de Gaulle said and I am not The White Paternoster, And Other Stories usually one foroting him your country excels at attempting to impose simplistic solutions onto complex problems But nothing is simple or fixed in life People are surprising vain careless flawed contradictory often blind and full OF FOIBLES THIS IS DIVERTING CONFUSING foibles This is diverting confusing and of course touching He leaned back in his chair full of foibles This is diverting confusing maddening and of course touching He leaned back in his chair clamped between his teeth There were also some elements in the dynamics of Anne s and Olivier s relationship that were just as revelatory But I won t go into any of that here What I enjoyed most was the journey I experienced through reading this novel I really didn t want it to end If you love accurate descriptions of Paris the French and their language this book is probably worth your time I enjoyed it as a fairly well written bit of fluff to read during a very high pressure time at work However everything concerning the main character s romantic problems was a notch below in writing ality Two stars for the relationships four stars for everything about Paris and the French resulted in a three star rating I saw this book at the library and the cover enticed me to get it because I was in need of some romance It starts off great a heartbroken Anna decided to move to ParisI was enthusiastically waiting for something good to happen but nothing surprising or interesting really happened I must admit the writing was good and the description of places and people are very good and that is probbaly why I finished the book The ending was bad and not what I envisioned when I first saw the cover I was taken to Paris yes but I didn t get a good story French American lady translates a novel while living in Paris Trashy but good exercise in French. L by an anonymous authorIntrigued by the story and drawn in by the mystery behind the book Anna soon finds herself among the city's literati and in the arms of an alluring Parisian as she resolves to explore who she is in both cultures. ,