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Texas Ranger Dad Mule Hollow Matchmakers Book 10 Love Inspired #488The story was okay but I kept Wanting To Gibbs Slap Rose to Gibbs slap Rose the way she treated Zane I tried really hard to like her and see things from her erspective but for the way she treated Zane I tried really hard to like her and see things from her erspective but way she always flew off the handle at him for the least little thing got old very uickly I normally like books that are set in Texas however being a native West Texan I "Hated The Way That "the way that Clopton over exaggerated the Texan accent This is my own opinion and if you don t like it that s fine It is a free country after all but I thought that the accent made us sound like a bunch of dumb hicks who ride horses everywhere we go and marry our cousins I did like the way everything worked out in the end though This was a very uick read Zane and Rose had a history together all those years ago and now Zane is back in Rose s life and world but Rose is unsure and running scared The author took the time to have Zane and Max develop a growing father and son relationship and didn t really ush Zane and Rose back into a romantic relationship Rose certainly held a lot of anger at Zane and she wouldn t let him explain Sure Zane was at fault for suddenly leaving her after a really close call while La Partera: Story of a Midwife protecting her but he is trying to make amends so hear what he has to say and either move on or forgive The cactusear thing was interesting and sounded really yummy This was a sweet well written book Rose has made a comfortable life for herself in Mule hollow TX as well as a home she shares with her teenage son Then Zane comes to town trying to make amends for hurting her years ago This book can be read as a standalone though it is the 10th book in the Texas Matchmaker series I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series as well as others by this author Return to Me Cowboy Texas Matchmakers 10 PGViolence alluded to no detailsLanguage nothing offensiveSex no Premarital relations intimated but no detai. Everyone in Mule Hollow can see the resemblance between former Texas Ranger Zane Cantrell and Rose Vincent's son The same gold flecked amber eyes The same smile. ,

Ls A couple kisses mentionedPart of a big series apparently because there were a lot of characters mentioned as if I might already be familiar with them Very fast read a little redictable but a Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings perfect getaway Last 8ercent is an ad for another book Christian overtones but not over done Good book Return to Me Cowboy by Debra CloptonTexas Matchmakers Series Book TenZane Cantrell had been a Texas Ranger and met Rose fifteen years ago It was the one and only time he let his guard down and his heart lead him never again now it was time him Never again Now it was time find her and apologize for his actions and see was time to find her and apologize for his actions and see there was any hope for a futureRose Vincent couldn t believe that Zane was her in her town She d spent the last fourteen years hiding from him and lying to her son His appearance here could ruin everything And just when she was getting her life on trackI loved that the reader got to see three This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life point of views in this story Zane Rose and fourteen year old Max As always the author wrote a cowboy that was irresistibleone that as the reader I was wanting him to have his happily ever afterhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom Return to Me Cowboy is the tenth book in the Texas Matchmakers seriesThis book wasreviously Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 published as Texas Ranger Dad Here we are again reading another story inspired by the Wives Wanted Campaign in Mule Hollow But this one is the opposite Zane is the one coming to Mule Hollow looking for love He is hoping to find the woman from hisast that he can t shake the one he failed What he finds is so much I loved Zane and Rose s story This book hooked me from the start and I highly recommend it Decent but I ve read a lot better Zane Cantrell has recently retired from the Texas Rangers and has signed on as Mule Hollow s new deputy sheriff But he s really there to find a woman and try to fix the mistakes he made years ago Rose Vincent and her son have finally found a lace to call. Not that Zane is smiling He's in shock How could Rose have kept their child a secret from him Rose reminds Zane that he's the one who walked away He has to make.
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Home A lace that loves and accepts them without digging too far into their Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People past That is until theast literally walks into town and greets her They say the truth can set you free but will the truth in this situation cause harm than good can zane and rose move beyond the Can Zane and Rose move beyond the and mistakes to see their way through to reconciliation Friendship Love What follows is a second chance romance that is at times heart breaking yet also inspiring It s a story of two eople who are truly in love But Are Struggling To are struggling to and trust again I loved the compassion and solid advice from the townspeople and how they rallied around Zane and Rose On the one hand I got somewhat frustrated with Rose but on the other hand I haven t been in her shoes so I can only imagine how deep her emotions run Zane makes a great book boyfriend He is exactly what Rose needs Romance PG KissingLanguage CleanViolence ast referenceMy rating 5 stars Was it true love between Zane and Rose or just a youthful infatuation And what kid wouldn t
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happy to find out has a former Texas Ranger for his father as opposed to a not so good man But will Rose give Zane a chance to explain why he left without a word all those years ago Loved seeing Samantha make an appearance in this book and it seems that the male old timers may now be joining in the women in the Wives Wanted Campaign The humor and faith in God in this series is irresistible Overall I enjoyed this read The main characters Rose and Zane had to overcome struggles and learn to lean on God for guidance so there was character development in that aspect The humor from the local town of Mule Hollow and the 14 year old Max also added to the appeal and balanced the serious moments I do think the ending was rushed and that the main characters needed to have time to communicate about their Zheng Guogu past however I think the characters in Mule Hollow made this book worth Her see he had no choice But Rose is asrickly as the cactus jelly she makes And that's where their hopeful son and the Mule Hollow matchmakers come marching in.