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We All Died at Breakaway Station

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Prepare all weapons systems We All Died At Breakaway Station was selected for the Venture Science Fiction series an imprint of Arrow Books not to be mistaken for the magazine of the same name that was published in the 1980s The Series Also Featured Books Like Cross The also featured books like Cross The and Hammer s Slammers by David Drake who apparently was himself a fan of the novelDespite its actual first publication date the novel is from 1969 but it s All power to shields Cycle the phaser banks and arm the torpedos Position the edshirts in front of the soon to explode bridge consolesWho doesn t love a good space battle Missiles zinging around energy weapons bouncing off forcefields control panels exploding in showers of sparks while edshirts tumble to the floor there s a long tradition in SF of pew pew she canna take any ship combat Richard C Meredith s We all Died at Breakaway Station fits into this *tradition well a military SF story packed with nail biting space *well a military SF story packed with nail biting space A blast from the past picked up because I was intrigued by the SPOILER ALERT title and the whole central concept during a war which is going very badly for humankind against an adversary so very alien that no one is even very sure how they provoked it three space ships are limping home to Earth staffed "by officer The Past I bought this book when I was in junior high some forty odd "officer The Past I bought this book when I was in junior high some forty odd ago I eally thought it was a good book and it caught my imagination I emember loaning the book to my friend and never getting it back The Present Some twenty eight years later I bought the book through com It still ead fresh and clear now as it did some thirty years ago It was in my book collection that I took to Ira To some this book might be cheesy but Meredith does a good job hitting the psychology of command and leadership both When Ola Shakes It Up race survival teetered in the balanceCaptain Absolom Bracer with an artificial brainpan and synthetic eyes Astrogation officer Gene O'Gwynn a lady with a plastic face Weapons officer Akin Darby and Communications officer Miss Cyanta N Bracer his fellow captains and the chain of command who must do what they must do in order to win His science though thin works well and it doesepresent a theory about how FTL would work His battles are close brutal affairs which The Glass Arrow reflects the thought that with all the technology available both sidesesorts to methods that at best *are one level above the stone age No fancy footwork here very straight forward very believeable Merediths comments on *one level above the stone age No fancy footwork here very straight forward very believeable Merediths comments on Einatmen, Ausatmen reflect the age he lived in Having grown up in those times hisepresentation is true to the mark on how some thought society primarily western society "WAS EVOLVING TOO MY ONLY DISAGREEMENT "evolving too My only disagreement the above post is that I have ead the REVELATION SPACE series Comparing both books is not a good comparison Reynolds works in science For his future must work the science must work in order for the plot to evolve Meredith is a writer who uses the science to frame the story That being said I did enjoy eading all of the REVELATION SPACE series Again a WE ALL DIED AT BREAKAWAY STATION is a worthwhile book and while I am at it may I Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar recommend THE SKY IS FILLED WITH SHIPSeply edit delete flag back to top You are following this discussion instant edit saving your
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