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Tricycle (HISTOIRE) lAucid thorough takedown of Creationist attempts to undermine the theory of evolution by natural selection and by extension pretty much all of modern physical science In spite of being over 35 years old at this of modern physical science In spite of being over 35 years old at this the book holds up very well not east because Creationist arguments never die they just smell worse and worse with ageKitcher is exceedingly charitable to the Creationists and never accuses them of willfully misrepresenting actual science Additional decades of experience have shown that too many Creationist types are willing to ie for Jesus if it gets their feet in the door But it adds to the force of Kitcher s rebuttal that even taking the most charitable approach Creationism fails utterly at being remotely scientific And Kitcher takes care in Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell laying out a nuanced understanding of scientific progress not merely naive falsificationismOf course for all the pretensions and pseudoscientific posturing Creationism isn t science and never really wants to be it s the fundamentalist conviction that evolution is Evil and Bad and unacceptable to a certain kind of Christian worldview Kitcherays out in the final chapter a view of the potential compatibility of non fundamentalist Christianity and the established science but again I think he s a bit too charitable "Then again I m a filthy heathenOverall a very handy resource for picking apart the thorny though not "again I m a filthy heathenOverall a very handy resource for picking apart the thorny though not sophisticated tangle of Creationist nonsense In saying therefore that things are not good according to any standard of goodness but simply by the will of god it seems to me that one destroys without realizing it all the Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts love of god and all his glory for why praise him for what he has done if he would be eually praiseworthy in doing the contrary Gottfried Wilhelm LeibnizThis was a relativelyow key #Examination Of Creationism And The #of creationism and the controversy between Darwinian evolution and the religious mysticism masuerading as creation science The author closely examines the creationist authors who were popular in his time and proceeds to politely shred them for their Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind lack of scientific understanding while totally dismantling the notion that creationism is anything remotelyike a science This book treats the idea of creationism and the people working to popularize creationism with respect than what I think they are due and I suppose it makes it all the powerful Kitcher at every turn does his best to assign nothing but good faith to the creationist camp even while completing the uotes they have taken out of context and while filling in the blanks for all of the vital ualifying statements made by the misuoted scientists abused by their creationi. Abusing Science is a manual for intellectual self defense the most complete available for presenting the case against Creationist pseudo science It is also a ucid exposition of the nature and methods of genuine science The book begins with a concise introduction to evolutionary theory for non scientists and closes with a rebuttal of the charge that this theory undermines religious and moral values It will astonish many readers that this case must still be made in the 1980s but since it must Philip Kitcher makes it irresistibly and Abusing Science: The Case Against CreationismSharpening some useful philosophical tools you l want this book Several other books attempting to treat the same topic have been published recently and I haven t read themHowever this one does a great job in providing the reader with why Science and Creationism are not the same kind of knowledge why Creationism should not be taught along side EvolutionIt reuires of the reader a basic acceptance of epistemological premises and the patience to appreciate how empiricism works and why Creationism is an embarrassing mistake for it s adherents Sort of reads Rudram in Tamil like the textbook it was I only made it 12 way thru it wasn t the clear refutation I thought it would be it spends aot of time spewing the creationist stance to the extent sometimes it s hard to separate out his stance from theirs There is some good stuff in there if you re involved in debates etc but I m not just reading for general interest Philip Kitcher s seminal work critical of Scientific Creationism remains a clarion call against those who continue abusing science to fit their own zealous religious agenda Kitcher goes beyond making a point by point defense of evolutionary biology indeed all of science and a total refutation of creationism He makes a persuasive case why Scientific Creationism isn t good science For example he observes how distinguished 19th Century geologists such as Adam Sedgwick discarded their creationist view of geology realizing that it was outmoded invalid science not supported by empirical evidence Kitcher gives a succinct description of how scientists embark on their research demonstrating how Scientific Creationism falls short of the ideals of excellent science Kitcher successfully notes why those who argue eual time for Evolution Science and Creation Science in high school science education are misguided devious or both Last but not east Kitcher demonstrates the religious origins of Scientific Creationism This

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indeed an primer on how to think rationally answering at ength all criticisms of contermporary science by so called scientific creationists First published in the 1980 s Abusing Science remains an important tome in the history and philosophy of science deserving of a broad readership Reposted from "my 2001 review This is another book dealing with Creation Science What s especially good about it is that it "2001 review This is another book dealing with Creation Science What s especially good about it is that it deals with the uestion What is science It was My Introduction To Karl introduction to Karl and his principles that separate science from non scienceThe book then goes on to show how Creationists misuse Popper and science generally to advance their theological and ideologic purposesA damn good and interesting read. Ciences Moreover modern biology is intertwined with other fields of science physics chemistry astronomy and geology Creationists hope to persuade the public that education in science should be torn apart to make room for a KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! literal reading of Genesis Abusing Science refutes the popular complaint that the scientific establishment is dogmatic and intolerant denying academic freedom to the unorthodox It examines Creationist claims seriously and systematically one by one showing clearly just why they are at best misguided at worstudicro.

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St fellows He never accuses them of ying or intentionally misrepresenting facts even though he catches them in the act dozens of times Basically creationism in all "of its forms is not a science It makes no useful predictions about observed or unobserved "its forms is not a science It makes no useful predictions about observed or unobserved It is incapable of adding complementary knowledge to areas outside its supposed specialization Finally it destroys pretty much all reason for studying biology by moving the development of ife from the natural to supernatural realms Science can only deal with nature and any theory based upon the supernatural by its very definition cannot be scientific The book is a ittle technical for average readership but well worth riding out Anyone who is interested in the development of Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION life should read this Aot of well reasoned arguments I ike Kitcher s very rational approach You really get the impression that he tried to see things from all sides without being overly dogmatic about the issues That doesn t save the book from the necessarily dull subject matter but that isn t really Kitcher s fault he s making arguments meant for real world purposes and he does a nice job for the most part with what he has Apparently amidst all his philosophy of science texts he also wrote a book on Finnegans Wake Talk about deviation Abusing Science is a great response to scientific creationism It examines the claims of creationists ike Henry Morris and Duane Gish in a very clear way and compares the scientific merits of the creation model versus the evolution model This book is still relevant 30 years after its publication and is highly recommended for anyone interested in the evolutioncreation controversy Tries to take on all Creationist science in 200 pages and does a valiant job but the topicdeserves several books to do it justice But nowhere does he ask Where is the science in Creation science This is by far the best book I have read defending the theory of evolution against creationist challenges Perhaps it s surprising that I would say this about a book written by a philosopher rather than a biologist I ve read both Dawkins and Coyne s similar books but Kitcher s philosophical training is precisely what makes this among the best of its kind I haven t read enough to say that it s the best Kitcher is able to slice through creationist objections by showing how they very freuently able to slice through creationist objections by showing how they very freuently not just empirically problematic but very often deeply are extraordinarily conceptually confused He does a much better job of this than the ra ra empiricism approach in the two other books I mentioned If you are interested in getting a deep appreciation of the relevant issues as well as maybe. OrcefullyNot Mesagerul long ago a federal court struck down an Arkansasaw reuiring that scientific Creationism be taught in high school science classes Contemporary Creationists may have Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens lost oneegal battle but their cause continues to thrive Their efforts are directed not only at state egislatures but at ocal school boards and textbook publishers As Kitcher argues in this rigorous but highly readable book the integrity of science is under attack The methods of inuiry used in evolutionary biology are those which are used throughout the
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