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Body Language How to Read Others' Thoughts By Their Gestures

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55% of what you re communicating I was never having any attempt to learn about it before I learned about how important personal branding is To support our personal branding we have also learned about body language since our body realized it or not also sends a message and we do want
to send the 
send the message to the people around The book talked about positive and negative gestures from hand face legs etc I personally like Three Wise Monkeys chapter and also complemented by drawings so the reader can visually see the descriptions of a gesture This book is recommended for those who d like to refine their communication skill especially non verbal communication It S Not A Bad s not a bad but I have to wonder if all of the information is as applicable as the book makes it seem A good portion of the gesture clusters and non verbal signals are so obvious that I doubt they have any real world application and even if this were the case that I wouldn t need a book to coach me as to how to interpret themHowever Allan Pease does cover some of the finer points of reading body language I just feel that the gems that placed in the book were too far and few between Currently reading this for my Anthropology class and I t think it s too early to rate it Actually I think it is because I might give it just one star in the end This book hasn t aged very well and I can t stop laughing at the author s assumption based on the body language of course that every woman in the world wants to f him Just noEdit Yep definitely one star Endless list of sexist attitudes A woman can give a man a look to kill she will convey a very clear message to him without opening her mouth Thank God she didn t open her mouth this time But she will open her mouth for sth else later When a man passes a woman in a crowded street he sually turns his body towards her as he passes she Banana Fish, Tome 14 : usually turns her body away from him Does she instinctively do this to protect her breasts Is this an inborn female reaction or has she learned to do this bynconsciously watching other females How about. Ll if someone is lying Find out how to make yourself likeable and how to encourage co operation from other people You can se it in countless work situations including how to interview A very interesting and practical book For female readers wording was Chosen In A Typical Male in a typical male way when the PC wasn t as huge like now I give it 5 for it s original attempt to decode human body language A seful introduction to basic body language The book describes in simple detail the various manifestations of body language and what message is than likely being conveyed The concept of clusters is especially Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú useful as they can provide accuracy in determining what message is being conveyed by the body language The illustrations areseful and realistic enough that you can study the behavior and apply it in real life overall the book it in real life Overall the book readable and The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, useful Many years ago one of my martial arts instructors made his students read this book At the end of the lesson he would set a chapter to read before we came back for next week s lesson Reading that chapter was not optional because he would ask each student something about the homework chapter We thought his fascination with the book was a little strange to begin with but weickly learned otherwiseWe didn t know it at the time but our instructor was teaching s about situational awareness Reading body language is a big part of situational awareness and most instructors don t have time or the knowledge to go into the fine details of the subjectThis is a great book that everyone should read at least once in their lives it s easier to avoid trouble if you can read the moods of the people around you Haha I m really looking forward to the next can read the moods of the people around you Haha I m really looking forward to the next meeting A nice brief introduction to body language Very interesting well researched book It was directed specifically at salespeople and business people but is also applicable to any human who interacts with other humans The diagrams were clear and easy to nderstand Being better at reading peoples body language can only ever be helpful to you and this book gives a heap of tips on decoding the body language of our fellow humans and even your own body language you are The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins unconsciouslysing A survey once notified that body language conveys. We all know that what people say is often very different from what they think or feel Now with Body Language you can learn to read others' thoughts by their gestures You can se it to te. Minding your own business and leaving those *Poor Women Alone You Old Creep In *women alone you old creep In home a woman s private territory may be her kitchen and laundry and she objects to anyone invading that space when she is sing it I ve no words The husband who leans across to space when she is sing it I ve no words The husband who leans across to friend points toward his wife with a closed fist thumb gesture and says Women are all the same you know is inviting an argument with his wife Amazing When wearing dresses or the like the sexually aggressive female displays one thumb tucked into a belt or pocket At this point I had to put the book down because I couldn t stop laughing So baaaaad If a woman loves a man she will dilate her pupils at him and he will decode this signal correctly without knowing he does so Goddammit and all this time I was doing it wrong The most aggressive sexual display he can make towards the female is the aggressive thumbs in belt gesture that highlights his genital region He may also turn his body towards her and point his foot at her He ses the intimate gaze and holds her gaze for a split second longer than normal If he is really keen his pupils will be dilated How the hell is this a male courtship gesture in the author s mind If I saw a guy doing this I d run for my life When a woman becomes sexually aroused her lips breasts and genitals become larger and redder as they fill with blood The se of lipstick is a techniue thousands of years old that is intended to mimic the reddened genitals of the sexually aroused female I m done This book ruined wearing lipstick for me Informative precise sensible and entertainingThis in depth analysis of human body language is really handy From head to feet may it BE THE PERSON IS SITTING OR the person is sitting or and whether the person being analyzed is the sender or receiver it s all in black and white Even the illustrations are noteworthy Thus this book is perfect for both professional and personal purposes from buyer and seller situational analysis to courtship Side NoteDid you know Even the positioning of the feet where it is pointed to is considered a body languageAwesom. Nd negotiate successfully You can even se it to find a compatible friend or partner Over half a million people have learned the secrets of body language with Allan Pease and you can too. .