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Mina’s in trouble again Knocked out and captured by AoA she has no idea what they want from her Has friend turned to foe And how

Is She Going To 
she going to able to feed her hungers while In CaptivityMeanwhile Her Parents her parents on war path and her team. ,

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Guardian Ascending (Collectors Division Book 3)MentJoin Jessamina and her team in Book three of THE COLLECTORS DIVISIONGUARDIAN’S BLOOD IS A REVERSE HAREM NOVEL Collectors
DivisionGuardian’s Blood Is A 
Blood is a harem novel as such there will be no choosing Contains both MM and FF and scenes of a sexual nature and isn’t recommend for young readers. .
Are trying to rescue her but they are blocked at every turnWith time Running Out To Defeat out to defeat Team Alpha receives some much needed help from an unlikely sourceCan they rescue Mina and together save the worlds from total domination and enslave. ,