Free (The Gamester) By Elizabeth Chater

Ery Tempting Fate likable and you rooted for everyone Enjoyed this traditional regency romp about a youngady trying to preserve her family s honour while breaking into the minor nobility and an inveterate gamester iving on the edge with a colourful cast of characters Black is black and white is white with nary a grey shade to be seen in the characters The character of the weak feckless younger brother just didn t sit right a person with almost no redeeming uality and no remorse or shame for his actions Nevertheless in my uest for Georgette Heyer ike authors I m adding Ms Chater to my to read ist Great character depth Clean romance 45 STARS Wonderful entertaining traditional regency I could not put it down The GAMESTER IS A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL REGENCY is a

wonderful Regency Story The main Griselda Grant and Tim Fallon Devil Fallon are richly protrayed and reminscent of Rhett Butler and Scarlet O Hara The plot is filled with delightful suspense as the reader is invited to share the ives of a wealthy beautiful and strong Griselda Grant and the attractive gamester Devil Fallon Even the supporting characters of faithful servants are richly drawn and enliven the unfolding drama This one is a keeper Good book I thought it was going to be a Apocalyptic Cartography little clich but then it surprised me Clean G rated romance Waseft a ittle open ended with the villains but in this case I think it s alright Happy ReadingFrankie A fun regency romance with wit and adventure. Mbler uickly discovers Zelda's façade but not before desire begins to burn in his soul Before the final card is dealt Zelda must outwit a master or all hope to recover her family's estate and her heart is ost. The Gamester by Elizabeth Chater is A CLEAN REGENCY ROMANCE IT clean Regency romance It s first book in the Elizabeth Regency Romance Collection 2Twenty three year old Griselda Grant known as Zelda is the wealthiest heiress in England Since Zelda s deceased father was a merchant Griselda is a cit and isn t ikely to be able to marry into the nobility regardless of her extreme wealth I oved Zelda s characterGriselda is the guardian of her younger brother seventeen year old Sholto who is very irresponsible Sholto gambles away Zelda s farm and her London townhouse which was never his to begin with Zelda seeks to avoid exposing him to the begin with Zelda seeks to avoid exposing him to the of the London townspeople by not revealing it wasn t his to gamble away She cleverly comes up with another plan to save her property Timothy Devil Fallon is the new owner of these properties and is the hero of this story Devil Fallon is the son of an Irish preacher and has been a successful gamester in England What I Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven likedIoved Griselda and her butler Wiggins as well as Timothy and his valet Denny I iked seeing into Zelda s head She coolly thinks through things ogically What I dislikedTypos there were enough to be slightly annoying Not rampant but there were too many Capitalization errors etters dropped etc I don t know whether this is only a problem on the Kindle versionSome reviewers mentioned that they disliked not seeing Zelda s brother again before the end of the book for closure I understand When her brother oses everything even the family home to an infamous gambler Zelda must play the hand of her ife to win back her family's honor Desperate to regain possession of her home the beautiful but pro. His point of view but I do think that at the end we get a hint of what Griselda will expect of Sholto in the future in her reaction to her brother s actions near the end of the book I don t consider this a flaw to the story as many seem to Epilogues are common in contemporary novels and this one while written within my ifetime has the feel of an older book I wish I could give this 4 12 stars I m reading Chater s second collection and will continue on to the second book soon I highly recommend this book to fans of clean Regency romance I really enjoyed this Book The Only Problem Is That I Felt There Were The only problem is that I felt there were *things that were eft unresolved really I just wanted to see the heroine * that were eft unresolved really I just wanted to see the heroine read 8412 42nd read 6116 4 This is my first Chater I A Love To Remember liked the story thought the characters were great but if you are one of those people who would put down a book over a coincidence you would put it down and then miss the next two coincidences Too many Ateast 3 big ones I really iked the heroine Griselda except for her name Who names a heroin Griselda And all of a sudden they call "Her Zelda At The "Zelda at the of the book so I guess that saves it Lots of plot ots of shenanigans I don t want to give away too much but I did find it uestionable that a very rich girl who probably didn t have to Fear of Diversity: The Birth of Political Science in Ancient Greek Thought lift a finger for herself had the ability to succeed at the bet she makes with the gamester Even so I kept on turning pages despite the faults The characters were Ud Zelda cloaks herself and challenges the shrewd card shark to a game where the stakes are high The gambler smooth calloused and undeniably handsome is a man unaccustomed toosing A master of deception the ga.

summary The Gamester

The Gamester