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Ch wanted IVF baby is a writer leaving NYC with her husband Andrew for a rural idyll with family close by in the form of Andrew s family However it turns out to be far from a dream location Elizabeth is finding motherhood a However it turns out to be far from a dream location Elizabeth is finding motherhood a experience there is the tedium the constant getting up at night and she is feeling a strong sense of disconnection a deep loneliness she cannot assuage with the local women she is surrounded by as she mentally distances herself from themInstead Elizabeth is missing the life and people she has left behind in New York City she spends her time on social media including following her sister and unable to tune into her norma J Courtney Sullivan has a really great ability to detail the complexities of womanhood and family And here she s tackling oung motherhood in a way that as a parent of a toddler felt viscerally real for me But there s a lot going on here too If Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin you liked Maine or any of Sullivan s novelsou ll like this one too Babysitter nanny caregiver au pair we have many names for the people we welcome into our homes to tend what is most precious to us As parents know it s a relationship fraught with anxiety caught up in our need to work and our hunger for freedom In a world without butlers and liverymen and cooks the babysitter is the only domestic employee most of us will ever hire How should we regard this person we re so proud to pay a tad than minimum wage this almost relative who might see our child walk for the first timeKiley Reid explored that knotty relationship at the start of this ear in her witty debut novel Such a Fun Age The story about a white WOMAN DETERMINED TO PROVE HOW MUCH determined to prove how much appreciates her black babysitter cuts into the soft underbelly of liberal vanityJ Courtney Sullivan approaches that terrain from a different angle in her new novel Friends and Strangers Race plays a smaller part in her story but Sullivan is just as interested in the asymmetrical relationship between parents and caregivers She focuses particularly on the culture of privilege that works so effectively to maintain class distinctions while erasing any acknowledgment of themThis is a constrained story than Sullivan s 2017 masterpiece Saints for All Occasions which To read the rest of this review go to The Washington Posthttpswwwwashingtonpostcomentert An enjoyable and insightful exploration of a uniue friendship between two women who couldn t be different SUMMARYElizabeth is an accomplished writer and new mother trying to adjust to life in a small town after nearly 20 ears in New York City Alone with her infant son all day she feels uneasy misses her NYC friends and neglects her writingSam is a senior at the local women s college struggling with decisions about her future She is worried about exorbitant student loan debt her romantic relationship and what that means for her future career Elizabeth hires Sam to babysit and they begin to grow close The differences between the women s lives becomes starkly revealed in an betrayal that has devastating conseuences FRIENDS and STRANGERS reveals how a single ear can shape the course of a life and explores motherhood and privilege REVIEWFRIENDS AND STRANGERS is enjoyable and insightful Women s Fiction exploring a uniue friendship between two women who couldn t be any different Differences in backgrounds class age and wealth combine to create a complicated relationship between a mother and her child s caregiverThe slowly paced novel was easy and entertaining While the pacing and lack of high drama initially bothered me The delightful writing and the realness of the story kept my head in the book And I am glad it did For me this is one of those books that ou are thinking about days after ou finish reading It is so relevant today as distinctions between class and privilege are ever present My favorite part of this book was Sam s diverse friendships In addition to Elizabeth and her long distance boyfriend she became close to Elizabeth s unemployed and activist father in law as well as the women who worked in the school cafeteria Author Julie Courtney Sullivan Is Courtney Sullivan is a novelist and former writer for the New York City Times She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son Previous novels include Maine 2011 The Engagements 2014 and Saints for All Occasion 2017 Publisher Knopf Publishing GroupRandom House AudioPublished June 30 2020Narrated Kate RuddReview wwwbluestockingreviewscom. N She's worried about student loan debt and what the future holds In short order they grow close and become unlikely confidantes But when Sam finds an unlikely kindred spirit in Elisabeth's father in law the true differences between the women's lives become starkly revealed and a betrayal has devastating conseuenc. St pet peeves when it comes to tropes all conflict comes from things unspoken But the egregiousness of these unspoken things are not all the same Some are actually good things giving money help with finding a job while others are severe betrayals fertility fraud publishing grievances told in confidence but the book treats them as if they are all on the same level In each case the receiver freaks out and refuses to try to understand the #Other Side It S All Very Exhausting #side It s all very exhausting because some of the issues are uite pettyEvery character in here is fairly selfish and obtuse but no one so than Elizabeth Nothing she does makes any sense to me She looks down on others while thinking she is above them She tries to control others with money while refusing to let her father control her in the same way She lies to her husband repeatedly on two major issues She obsesses over other people s problems while sticking her head in the sand and refusing to deal with her ownOne thing in particular that made me uncomfortable is the way the book deals with the topic of having children As someone who doesn t have kids I found the way Elizabeth talks about new motherhood and the way she acts after having her child to be extremely off putting But then the book does a 180 at the very end as if to indicate that a woman cannot be content unless she has as many kids as her husband wants I honestly don t knowAnother thing that really bothered me was how Elizabeth tried so hard to convince Sam s friend that embryo donation was wrong and that she will regret it for the rest of her life Never mind that she was helping a couple that could not have kids on their own and by first agreeing and then bowing out she took away that chance for the couple The book s lack of addressing this made it seem as if it agrees with that stance and that s rather troublingThis book is also very heavy handed in the topics it s exploring There is a Focus On Privilege That It Exists In Many Different Ways on privilege that it exists in many different ways just rich versus poor But that is spelled out for the reader many many times I was also surprised at how in depth the book went into to talk about the corrupt system that is keeping the little guy down The thing is I agree with all that but I just prefer books that make me think not ones that do the thinking for me and then spoon feed it to meFor me a great character driven book has to show character growth Otherwise what I am reading for But that just didn t happen in this book The two main characters remained exactly the same from beginning to end Sam was extremely angry with Elizabeth for helping without which she wouldn t have the life she has But she seems not to realize this And Elizabeth continues to lie to her husband without any conseuences In the end I enjoyed Sullivan s writing and I will continue to read it But this time I found too much that was troubling for me And the parts that weren t I didn t really grasp the point or mesh with the delivery There was so much heavy handedness in here to the point where all the characters feel like caricatures of the points the author is trying to make and it was just too much DNF at 50%Unfortunately I have to let this one go The writing is good and I can relate to a lot regarding the perspective of being A oung mother but it s a lot of talking about issues and nothing is happening I m not really feeling connected or invested in any of the characters either I was really looking forward to this too I ll definitely give her next book a try and encourage others to consider this one I just know it isn t for me at the moment Thank The Summer I Wasn't Me you to Knopf Publishing and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review Review Date 062820Publication Date 063020 This book about the relationship between Elisabeth and her babysitter Sam grew on me By the end I was totally invested and wished for There were times while reading that Ielled out loud at Elisabeth who is conflicted and SO self absorbed Sullivan did an admirable job capturing both their lives and providing insight into the world around them J Courtney Sullivan writes a slow paced human drama an emotional insightful and compassionate look at a new mother and her babysitter s relationship as she peels back the layers beyond the initial idolisation and friendship between employer and employee Elizabeth a recent transplant to a small town in upstate New York a new mother with a mu. Facebook group her influencer sister's Instagram feed and text messages with the best friend she never sees any Enter Sam a senior at the local women's college whom Elisabeth hires to babysit Sam is struggling to decide between the path she's always planned on and a romantic entanglement that threatens her ambitio. ,

Friends and Strangers

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Friends and Strangers explores the relationship between Elizabeth a new mom and writer who has recently relocated from New York City to a small who has recently relocated from New York City to a small with her husband and Sam an ambitious college senior who is planning for the next steps in her life Elizabeth hires Sam to watch Gil her baby a few days week while she works on her next book The story alternates between Sam and Elizabeth and over time the two women grow close I liked both of them and found different perspectives from each of them relatable While they initially get along and find common ground the contrasts in their lives and upbringings become apparent She wondered if it was in her blood her cells her DNA this inability to be satisfied with what she had I viewed Sam and Elizabeth as good people who seemed to want the best for others however as the story highlights how we perceive ourselves and our lives is not the same as how others do Not a new concept but certainly always an interesting one J Courtney Sullivan is one of my favorite authors and I always look forward to her next book Friends and Strangers was no exception I listened to Friends and Strangers by J Courtney Sullivan performed by Kate Rudd I loved it Rudd did a fantastic job and the story is compelling to me as a mother and a past babysitterIn an interview with NPR Sullivan said that she got the idea after she had a baby herself She had been a babysitter for a woman when she was in college and grew close to the mother of the child she babysat for For Sullivan it was a memorable relationship et the mother didn t recall their relationship at all Also Sullivan worked in NYC in her twenties and thirties When she was in her thirties she found herself jealous of those who had family wealth to fall back on and supplemented by She used those experiences as fodder for this novelThe two main characters are Elizabeth and Sam Elizabeth is an author with two novels in publication and in the midst of writing her third novel She just had a baby and needs time to write her novel Sam is a rising Senior at a university She s from a working class family and saddled with debt Sam is hired by Elizabeth to watch her son as she writes her third novel and the women develop a close relationshipElizabeth sees Sam as a ounger version of herself As a result she tries to help her with advice Sam is idealistic and is an artist as wellThemes of the novel are social class wealth education working mothers and female relationships And I love the title because it emphasizes that our friends are also strangers to us it emphasizes that our friends are also strangers to us and Elizabeth think they know the other person and their situation This novel is brilliant in showing how we misinterpret many issues of our friends We all make judgements and assumptions about our friends Yet we don t truly know what that person
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intentions feelings and are Sullivan nails those issuesSullivan also points out how all of us are works in progress We all are growing filtering and changing Sullivan told NPR that she saw the novel as a conversation with her Tales from a Pilots Logbook younger self That intimacy shows in this fantastic novel This is realistic fiction with themes that will make the reader contemplate their own personal relationships This novel illuminates our complex relationships Idk this one felt like a good written piece of literature however completely lacking in climax or some sort of movement It felt to me like a very poor imitation of Sally Rooney The characters felt static and hard to relate to especially Sam and her white savior tendencies and Elizabeth too with let me look elsewhere but my life Fell flat In Friends and Strangers we follow two women Elizabeth as she moves from the city to the suburbs after having a baby and her babysitter Sam a student at the local university Each is trying to figure out her own path Elizabeth is adjusting to post baby life while keeping a secret from her husband And Sam is trying to balance college life with her much older boyfriend while making post graduation plansThis book started off with a bang for me For the first 100 pages I was riveted and couldn t put it down I found Sullivan s writing to be clear eyed and perceptive her sketch of each women to be nuanced and insightful It s a character driven novel so not much was happening in terms of action but that didn t stop my enjoyment of it at least initiallyBut then this book started to bother me For one it has one of my bigge. Elisabeth an accomplished journalist and new mother is struggling to adjust to life in a small town after nearly twentyears in New York City Alone in the house with her infant son all day and awake with him much of the night she feels uneasy adrift She neglects her work losing untold hours to her Brooklyn moms'. ,