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Two Cakes Fit for a King Folktales from Vietnam A Latitude 20 BookRead that last wordHowever I am not inclined to believe something just because the author says so and I really uestion these distinctive features Grimm s fairy tales the ones I mostly grew up with with some of other sources of course and the various folktales from my country also have many active women many have no magic at of course and the various folktales from my country also have many active women many have no magic at play in villages and protagonists are not necessarily satisfied with the worldAlso these stories here do not seem to really fit these points of the authors either view spoilerStory 1 has a magic arrow a divine messenger in form of a golden tortoise and a magical rampart story 2 has water and mountain deities with 2 has water and mountain deities with beasts and a horn that can summon the seas Actually both deities can control the weather and all Story 3 has a cup made of wood from a tree grown on the grave of a dead man showing the image of him and Story 4 had a heavenly princess and 8 magical generals Story 5 has a magical infant growing rapidly Story 6 the resurrection of the dead and the soul turning into mosuitoes and Story 7 features talking animals plants tools and even spices who visit the Heavenly Kingdom Story 8 doesn t have much magic apart from the names of some supernatural animals but that was it Story 9 truly seems to have no magic but Story 10 already has Ocean Kingdoms a fire breathing snake a giant eagle and magical tools hide spoiler I enjoy learning about other countries through their fables and this is a must read. Ation of Vietnamese societyImaginative and captivating funny and sometimes tragic these tales have remained popular and culturally significant for Vietnamese young and old for hundreds of years The intricate illustrations draw on centuries old painting styles and on natural imagery and everyday life in Vietn.

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Incesses and adventures not to compare And I have to say the Stories Did Away stories did away a lot of the magic the exception of a talking turtle in favour of hard hitting moral lessons that I am pretty weary of books that partially read like advertisements the preview for this book already talks about the sustaining of the history of the nation of the Vietnamese although that nation per se isn t that old and the ancestors of the people we call the Vietnamese today were pretty much spread over at least two if not ingdoms for a long time In addition this book clearly ignores the reality that Vietnam has actually than 50 native ethnicities and so we can be sure the tales in this are from the Vietnamese majority at least there is no hint of Hmong or so stories here And the book itself at first sounded like advertisement about how uniue Vietnamese folktales are and so on and as usual that made me suspiciousYou see the author specifically stated that in Vietnamese folktales supernatural events and characters are rare and usually appear in skillful combination with realistic ones they are notable for their elegant balance gentleness And Humanity Not Sounding humanity not sounding objective in my mind uses the model of the village as a foundation the protagonist often displays dissatisfaction with the world many mention the active role of women These are considered the distinctive features of Vietnamese folktales apparently some reviewers didn Ative accounts of early Vietnamese history Others like The Anger of the Waters and the title story Two Cakes Fit for a King provide colorful explanations of the world and how it works The Story of Watermelon Island offers readers a glimpse of the traditional agrarian values and way of life that are the found. This was exactly what I needed short clever little stories that I had never encountered before I can t say there are any standouts in this collection but the translation is lighthanded and based on this I will be seeking out Vietnamese literatureThe way the supernatural is handled is fascinating there are freuent appearances of the King of Heaven and stuff happens that is not you 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales know possible in reality but these really feel like folklore than fairytales and I m damned if Inow why This is a varied m damned if I now why This is a varied engaging collection of if I now why This is a varied engaging collection of traditional tales from Vietnam accompanied by an attractive black and white illustration for each tale The stories are told in simple clear language appropriate for children as well as adults they are neither overly didactic nor overly simplified but maintain their regional character and ey episodic elements Even better they are preceded by a very useful introduction which gives historic and cultural background for the country of Vietnam delving a little deeper into the stories to explore how each represents a particularly Vietnamese worldview even examining the influences of other cultures upon cultural and folkloric development as they pertain to Vietnam Highly recommended for anyone wishing to explore the dreamy and romantic folklore of this lovely country Not that I need to compare Vietnamese folktales to the BritishGerman folktales that I grew up with but it s hard when reading stories about pr. For centuries Vietnamese have sustained the history of their nation both actual and mythic through their folklore These stories passed from generation to generation contain not only the national saga but also fundamental cultural values that Vietnamese hold dear Some stories like A Daughter's Love are imagin. .