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45 Stars I waited a long time to read this book and I was not disappointedAfter reading and falling in love with this author s Wild series I was anxious and I was not disappointedAfter reading and falling in love with this author s Wild series I was anxious start this book and series Alas real life steps in and it ets put on the back burner Then recently I orged myself on some western romances and remembered Bride of Shadow Canyon It was well worth the wait every bit as ood as I remembered her writing from wait every bit as ood as I remembered her writing from other series Fun characters a

story and the struggle to the elements and bad uys Rachell was a regular Annie Oakley a spitfire that knew her way around a Class of 92: Out of Our League gun and Jed was all theood stuff that unslinger heroes are made of and as much as he tried to talk himself out of it he couldn t help but fall for Annie This is a MayDecember romance but that s nothing unusual for this time period and setting It comes around slowly which made it all the sweeter They fight their way through all the danger and with each other as they make their way to a beautiful happily ever after Loved it Cotton candy Western romance however I really dislike it when the heroine lays her heart out repeatedly and the hero pushes her away repeatedly heroine cries and becomes heartbroken waits for hero to return her affections repeat cycle I don t like hot and cold heroes tortured heroes I understand and tolerate but it doesn t mean I enjoy reading about them especially when there isn t enough balance in the relationship 35 Stars A beautiful woman with self image problems fleeing the rasp of a deranged rich man Her rescuer is loved or hated in several. When the widowed boardinghouse keeper he has come torescue turns out to be a scantily clad showgirl Jed Doulanknows he's in for trouble With his. Bride of Shadow CanyonHeld back like I normally do with heroes who keep heroines at arms length I love me a ood story with a couple that has sexual tension and here it was off the I love it when we have a Bickering Couple Written Well They Re So couple well they re so to findI ve enjoyed Kayne s writing so I am definitely keeping my eyes open for the next book in the series I maybe spoiled by writer such as O Connell when western hystoricals are concered but this book was ood tooThe story is nothing unusual but the hero and heroine are really nice Their dialogue is ood tooI like a forced marriage theme but this it was unusual They re married by a judge under the threat of prison for the hero Neither her nor him wanted to be married but they still do it not because they re afraid of prison but because they cannot loose time That was unusual The book is fast paced and interesting A lot of things happen and even if everything happens at a break neck pace the writing flows very well and I followed everyting avidly This book was a decent story but one that I could
down and come back to It had a western setting with a woman that is trying to escape a crazy obsessed man He believe that she is someone else She sends word to her sister that she needs help Jed is the one sent to help her The story is about them falling in love and fighting to et away from the enemy and et back home 4 stars 201635 stars 2020 I love old historical romances They have alot of action and passion Meeting Jed Doulan and Rachell Carlson was alot of fun The way the author brought out Rachell s fiery pe. Rlson senses his struggle to keep a distancebetween them But the message in Jed's eyes makes herpulse uicken and even dares her to believe in lov.

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States especially ticked off cranky judge who abitarially marries him to the woman in centre of the storm The couples who abitarially marries him to the woman in centre of the storm The couples her hidden talents her cooking efforts make it both amusing entertaining I found this novel to be rather weird Lots happen but the plot is confusing because there is a lot of back story that is not adeuately explained A lot of the time I had difficulty figuring out what was oing onI often found Jed the hero to be a total jerk and Rachell the heroine to be full of contradictions it became tedious after a while contradictions It became tedious after a while read about Jed s desire for Rachel but not wanting to act on *IT AND RACHEL CONSTANTLY BADGERING JED * and Rachel constantly badgering Jed act on his desires Plus the descriptions of the love making used words that left me wondering what was Moonrise going onI think this book was poorly written in that it needed better editing to make the story understandable and to not drag out Found this at a used book sale today and as soon as I came home I opened it up and read it in one sitting I love me aood western HR This was funny and exciting and just all around entertaining to read A smart tough witty heroine and an angsty eually witty Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi gunslinger cowboy hero meetet hitched and o on an adventure while he tries to et her home to her sister while protecting her from everyoneAll I know is if you can make me literally laugh out loud then you ve half sold me to your book and I laughed plenty here The couple was cute the plot was fun and even though Jed s angst was a little hard to sell as compared to what Rachell has one thru I still wasn t frustrated with him when he. Shadowed past he'dbe mad to let this spirited and surprisingly innocent woman et closeBound by a hasty marriage to her reluctant hero Rachell Ca. ,