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Jungle Jack My Wild LifeRprised by this book I have always admired Jack Hanna s energetic dedication to improving the Columbus Zoo and I have enjoyed watching him on television However ntil I read this book for one of my book groups I had no idea how wild his life has been His book is filled with fascinating stories about adopting animals rescuing animals caring for animals transporting animals and

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animals in natural habitats around the world Many are funny some are frightening and a few are heartbreaking I highly recommend this entertaining and inspirational autobiography especially if you grew p visiting the Columbus Zoo as I did Jungle Jack By Jack HannaAutobiography 243 pagesJungle Jack is a collection of stories about HannaAutobiography 243 pagesJungle Jack is a collection of stories about animals and people It was funny and i learned SO much from it Jack Hanna is truly a caring person whom devotes a lot of his time animals and helping others He has ite a sense of humor and I think anyone who enjoys animals would LOVE this bookI gave this book 4 stars because I learned so much about Jack Hanna and how tough it is to run a zoo This was also funny There were a few dry parts but overall i enjoyed it Sometimes I couldn t put it down I was so excited to see that Jack Hanna one of my idols had written another non fiction book for adults I discovered Monkeys on the Interstate his first memoir from the late 1980 s a few years ago at our local library and I loved it Sadly than half the content in this book is lifted almost word for word from that first tome Granted the first book covered such a large portion of his life that he would have to retell some of the stories but he brings no new light to the retold tales Some of the stories that would have taken p several pages in the first book are condensed to a few choppy paragraphs which also causes frustration i know there s to the frustration I know there s to the but Hanna just isn t giving it I did enjoy reading the p to date portions of this book which include his television shows Emmy winners and his travels to Rwanda He had cov. Hanna brought new life to the zoo transforming it into the state of the art facility it is today It was an achievement for which he was well prepared Hanna was only eleven years old when he got his first job with animals cleaning cages for the family vet As a newlywed he and his wife Suzi ran a pet shop and petting zoo and he later worked for a .

Somehow I led a sheltered life A friend asked me to go with her to hear Jack Hanna speak and I agreed wanting to keep her company but never having heard of the man I got the book because it was autographed Wow His talk was amazingly informative and amusing at the same time I watched was autographed Wow His talk was amazingly informative and amusing at the same time I watched couple of his programs on television and enjoyed them tooThis book sounds like him I could hear his voice in my head However what moves it into the five star realm for BOOKS IS THE MAN S PASSION is the man s passion shines in realm for books is the man s passion which shines in book His tireless efforts have obviously increased awareness I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Hannah at an Earth Festival have been a fan of his for many years I love his passion for animals his sense of humor which is also evident in this book I love his honesty about mistakes things he experienced on his life s journey As a volunteer at the zoo it was interesting to hear the stories about the Columbus Zoo some things good bad I will never get out of my head I would give the book 5 stars but for some reason it took me longer to read it than I would have expected I definitely recommend it may even read certain chapters again that made me laugh out loud You either like this kind of book or you don t That s why they keep books like these in a seperate room on a special shelf It s not literature by any stretchBut I love this guy And I secretly wish I had his life not so secret any His daughter Julie was in my class in school and they brought baby tiger cubs in to help destress Vérité (Love at Center Court, us during finals Love them Great family Fast read Read it cover to cover one rainy day This is the best non fiction book I have ever read Jack Hannas autobiography shares beautiful hilarious and realistic insight into the world of zoos conservation the animals and how he got there The whole book is filled with highlighted lines that I loved and gave me a glimpse into my future in the zoo world Not only does Hanna care deeply about the animals he cares about making others care just as much for them I was pleasantly su. Jungle Jack is the completely revised andpdated authorized biography of one of our most beloved zookeepers Jack Hanna When the Columbus Zoo hired Jack Hanna as executive director in 1978 he inherited an outdated zoo where all the animals were caged and the buildings were run down With the kind of work ethic and enthusiasm he's become known for.

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Ered a bit of a journey TO THE COUNTRY IN MONKEYS ON the country in Monkeys on Interstate describing a trek to see the critically endangered mountain gorillas of the region Now Hanna and his family have apparently developed a special relationship with the Rwandan people spending time with President Kagame and even building a house there in which to stay on their visits All in all I enjoyed the book because of the fun stories and Hanna s pleasant narrative style The addition of several color photos was also a plus I am glad that I received this book as a gift though instead of paying full price for it If I had I of paying full price for it If I had I I would be a little frustrated with myself for paying for so much of a book that I already have As a Columbus native and Jungle Jack s Zoo Kids alumnus I ve always had a special admiration for america always had a special admiration for America favorite zookeeper Jack Hannah s autobiography not only reaffirmed my adoration for this local hero but also serves as a beautiful portrait of the American Dream This man s journey from a simple Tennessee boy who wanted to tak We got to see him when he was at Columbus Zoo and he autographed our copy of the book I love the story about how he wanted his wife to breast feed a sick chimp He tells some very funny stories about his life and especially after he came to Columbus I am very glad he came to this zoo it is an awesome zoo and he has done such a great job My middle girl loves him so much she dressed Beyond the Qumran Community up as him for her Halloween party at school She even took some animals with her I would laugh out loud at some of his experiences and was glad he was around to help I was so happy with everything about this book It was refreshing and oddly comforting to listen to the intelligent and capable side of a man that has spent his career being goofy and fun A career like his couldn t have been built without passion and a lot of luck and all of that comes through in this book I read it in a day during a long drive to the beach and have come back to it time and time again as my love for zoology has grown. Ildlife adventure outfit You've probably seen Hanna as a wildlife correspondent with his animal friends on The Late Show with David Letterman Larry King Live Entertainment Tonight and Hannity Colmes Full ofnpredictable animal escapades and the occasional tragedy this book takes readers on an enjoyable safari through the life of Jungle Jack Hann. ,