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The Gamble General David Petraeus the American Military Adventure in Ira 2006 08

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The Ira invasion with its emphasis on Blitzkrieg may have *Been A Swan Song For That Particular Style Of Fighting *a swan song or that particular style of Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution fighting m not sure I buy that but he makes a good caseor it As On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock far as the invasion itself Ricks thinks that in itself may damn the Surge It was a bad decision not thought through andought stupidly or several years Ricks also doesn t think too much of Rumsfield who comes across as the Wrong Man in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time His replacement Gates is a vast improvement So much so that one can see why Obama decided to retain him A great book that I highly recommend The Gamble General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Ira 2006 2008 audiobook Insight rom a General s perspective interesting and comprehensive what stood out or was one of his change in tactics seems airly basic but treat all civilians like human beings crowd out the space given to extremists and then negotiating a certain level of peace with the Nini factions that can be changed but overall there really are no winners in war everybody looses but what is worse is good people standing by and letting evil continue big ups to General Peraeus and his means of achieving certain objectives not all peaceful I learnt a little how a top level warrior thinks This book is a great work on the surge and the magnificent job done by the US military in Irarom late 2006 to late 2008 as this book came out #I admit I am not a an of Rick s way of thinking on matters of oreign policy and especially # admit I am not a an of Rick s way of thinking on matters of oreign policy and especially dont like his liberal bias Why would one ruin a good book by showing his liberal bias Mocking the president or vice president why Can t you just report what has happened without commentary of your own There are dozens of this bias through out the book but I just want to point to two of them as examples and how he is wrong 1 on pg 76 he claims the all of Saigon in south Vietnam did not make the domino effect happen Only to contradict himself a paragraph down the page saying except or those in re education camps in Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam So he admits saying except or those in re education camps in Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam So he admits domino effect being taken place 2 On page 102 he mocks Pres Bush in hit a new low statement he makes Hit a new low in whose eyes a liberal like Ricks or me and other Bush supporters Of course Bush was never high in the eyes of people like Mr Ricks Again I am saying this is a good book and worth reading but the liberal bias in it is overbearing and makes the book appear as a work of a partisan hack All those praise Camp Rex for Sen Webbor what How is he related to the surge and Ira reporting When he praises Bob Gates and scold Bush and Cheney or their disdain of the government he is misguided Bush and Cheney are not disdainful of the outstanding careerists like Secretary of Defense Gates but I assume they are disdainful of the reach of a big government I think the author has his own priorities wrong in this book It is one thing to hate Bush and another to insert bias in a work of journalistic nature. S to the entire chain of army command at the top and ighting on the ground this is the definitive account of one of America's biggest ever military gambles and what it means Touch of Enchantment for theuture of Ir. ,

Against the evidence of sectarian militia members in those When Dads Don't Grow Up forces In September of 2006 retired General Jack Keane told Rumsfeld Despite capturing Saddam Hussein killing his two sons holding three elections writing a constitution installing a permanent government beginning to develop a capable ISF killing Zarawi the level of violence has increased every year in the contested areas Security and stability is worse today than it has been since the insurgency started It threatens the survival of the government and the success of our missionAew months later military historian Eliot Cohen pointed out to Bush that not a single general had been removed for ineffectiveness in short under rumsfeld s watch ineffectiveness In short under Rumsfeld s watch were too *respectful to our generals In World War II George Marshall ired several dozen *to our generals In World War II George Marshall ired several dozen generals and during the war 17 division commanders were relieved So the story of how many men led by Generals Petraeus Keane and Odierno came to change the ace of war in Ira is told They looked at how to match your policies with your resources and in a memo to Petraus Maj Gen Fastabend wrote If this Is The Decisive Struggle the decisive struggle our time be decisive Something that the military structure had lacked since the war planning stageThe goal in Ira became sustainable security and as strategic analyst Steven Metz said We can t have stability and democratization because democratization is often destabilizing and chaotic This is the story how adapting to new strategies and tactics on the battlefield changed the course of this war According to Ricks the best case is Ira will calm down be mildly authoritarian and probably become an ally of Iran But he cautions we won t know the true outcome or decadesOne of the problems with books by Ricks is there is such a huge cast of characters that it is difficult to keep the players straight and how much importance to put on them individually because they might just be a day player in this drama But it is worth the effort to be this well informed The best book I ve read so ar on the conflicts in Ira I thought about giving this 5 stars but the last 30 pages or so has Ricks trying to guess where this is all going Nothing wrong with that since the situation in Ira is ongoing and is now our longest war but at that point it moves rom history toward crystal ball gazing But in this case it s very informed crystal ball gazing General Petraeus the ocus of much of book comes across as one of the rare transformative igures that come along every once in a while in history He understands the conflict and how to High Heat fight it But at some point politics will take over and what is now considered a tactical success the Surge could collapse due to the politics surrounding the US Ira Iran etc I was somewhat surprised that Petraeus was trying so hard to get the Army to move in the direction of Counterinsurgency I kept asking myself whether we had learned anythingrom Vietnam Ricks points out about midway through the book that. Ss and saved countless lives This was 'the surge' and at its helm was General David Petraeus now acknowledged as one of the greatest military tacticians in US history Based on unprecedented acces. If you started a war the wrong way you should not end it the wrong wayFrom 2003 to 2007 the US ound itself in a hellish bind in Ira a country it sought to liberate rom Saddam Hussein and turn into a democracy and ind those non existent WMDs but resulted only in a de acto civil war between the different ethnic actions in the country and the entry of Al aeda Suicide bombings by Sunni Al aeda massacres by Shias improvised explosive devices against Coalition A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas forces the death toll on all sides rising in staggeringigures the country destroying itselfBeginning in 2005 the awful reality of what was going on in Ira inally brought back sense to the planners and decision makers in the US political leadership and the military These people including military officers who were never enthusiastic of the war to begin with rebelled against the orthodox thinking in Washington They immediately recognized that an insurgency existed in Ira and so drew on classic counter insurgency doctrine to ight it and restore the strategic initiative to the Coalition and lessen the violenceFirst and Lots of Hearts foremost Protect the people Protect the population It is so obvious one wonders why the US military did not do it at the beginning of *the war Instead of mingling with the people to protect themrom attacks most of the US military holed themselves inside *war Instead of mingling with the people to protect them rom attacks most of the US military holed themselves inside bases outside towns and cities only venturing out to do some routine patrols in convoys that rush past these population centers The result a orce that appeared scared and detached rom the situation on the ground and rendered irrelevant as terrorists wreaked havoc across Ira Situation awareness almost nilAnd it worked Violence went down with casualties along with it Ira looked down the edge of the cliff looked down and said NahHowever successful the change in US strategy might have been it still ell short And that is because the invasion of Ira was just a pretext Don't Hex with Texas for exerting US hegemony in the world with devastating conseuencesor the region Thomas Ricks is no an of President Bush s invasion of Ira and has called it the greatest oreign policy disaster in US history He detailed the run up to war and the Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation firstew years in Fiasco and has now written about the huge change in strategy and tactics that occurred with the surgeHe details how classic counterinsurgency theory holds that people are the objective so the task is to Pajama Party figure out how to win them And he uotes Col HR McMaster as saying Every time you treat an Irai disrespectfully you are workingor the ENEMY AND ACCORDING TO RICKS THIS WAS RAMPANTAND THE And according to Ricks this was rampantAnd the of violence were high By mid 2006 insurgents were detonating about 1000 roadside bombs per week and Iranian made explosively ormed projectiles caused an estimated 73% of US casualties in 2007 But the US was holding to the same course of action and Ricks believes the bottleneck was at the top of the Pentagon with Rumsfeld He continued to support passing responsibility to Irai orces. The Gamble tells the gripping story of how in the Ira War's darkest hour an unlikely collection of dissident generals scholars and Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi foreign experts pulled the country backrom the edge of the aby.