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Ters look beyond the surface and INSTANTLY fall in love The two vulnerable characters Shona Morgan are both victims of cruel family members and a few selfish society members After attending a week long party Shona and Morgan spend very moment they can together While gossip flows the two must learn to trust the love and they both feel they can overcome their hurtful pastsShona starts off as a very timid mouse however by the One Ticket To Texas end of the story she truly gets up her courage and fights for what she wants She wants Morgan Morgan scarred and blind in oneye has nothing to offer her He refuses to accept anything from his father so therefore is penniless and jobless His pride and low self worth prevents him from accepting Shona s love and money since she Is A Heiress Shona Does Not Give a heiress Shona does not give Her love and courage takes over and convinces Morgan he is very very worthy While a short story it packs one heck Of A Punch You Will Not Be Able To Put a punch You will not be able to put down Very well writtenBook 6We meet Manchester Chester Maruis of Sterling from Wallflower s Wicked Wager during his trip to his father s home The old cranky duke wants his son married off Chester has other ideas He needs some assistance after his horse is injured and darling Miss Eden gives him a lift home After an accident she must spend the night at his home She is the illegitimate daughter of his father s Helpmate enemy and being under the same roof doesn t go over well with the Duke It doesn t take Chester long to fall in love and realize he needs Eden and her array of pets but convincing Eden to accept and trust him is a whole other story Eden doesn t trust the upper crust Her mother and Eden have lived content in a cottage off her father s land and her Half brother is not happy about it When Simon learns that his sister has spent an unchaperoned night with thenemy he has some words Words that Chester does not like Their argument gets Eden and her mother thrown out Now she must "find work and does as Chester s housekeeper and provide for her mother Now Chester has his work cut out for " work and does as Chester s housekeeper and provide for her mother Now Chester has his work cut out for Eden is his heart and he really must make her see it. For her broken heart to heal and after her father dies Olivia returns to England Coming face to face with Allen at a ball she realizes she never purged him from her heart But can they overcome their pasts and old wounds to find love again Or has Allen found another Read the first book in the Waltz with a Rogue historical Regency romance series for a rousing Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy emotional and romantic adventure you can't put down Though this book is part of a series it canasily be read as a stand alon.

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Book 1A wonderful tale of lost love with a Happily Ever After Olivia Kingsley has found true love in Allen Whimpleton Suddenly one night her father has found true love in Allen Whimpleton Suddenly one night her father her and her brother that they are leaving in 2 days to go to the Caribbean Allen wants to Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader elope immediately Fearing her father may not live through the news asks Allen to wait He takes her hesitation as her not loving him and breaks it off with her Now 3 years later Olivia arrives at the Whimpleton s ball There the two setyes back on ach other and find that nothing has changed Allen sticks his neck out and confronts Olivia and lets her he has never stopped loving her and she feels the same Once again true love prevailsBook 2Ivonne Ivy Whimpleton is attending her family ball when she is cornered by disgusting Captain Kirkpatrick He is overbearing and has 5 unruly boys that need a mother Feeling Ivy is a spinster and should be grateful for
attention wants to marry her doesn t want him ver She hides from him during the ball and Bryozoan Evolution ends up running into her true love Chance Faulkenhurst Falcon Falcon figures out uickly that the Captain is obsessed with Ivy and tells him she is already promised Now Ivy and her family are in a pickle Gossip and complaining has gotten back to the Prince Regent and Prinny wants to attend the wedding in two months Falcon has asked for Ivy s hand once before She was 15 and her father wanted Falcon to wait and make a fortune to be able to care for Ivy Which is why he left for India Now he is back and scarred thinking Ivy wouldn t want him A few twists of fate and he is ready to offer for Ivy Instead Ivy takes matters into her own hands Love willnsueBook 3 A wonderful tale about second chances Philomenia is considered a scarred spinster Having lost her parents in a fire she must marry Her brother is dying and he wants to make sure Philomenia is taken care of The only problem is Philomenia has met the man of dreams and was betrayed Bradford the new Viscount Kingsley loved Philomenia and after the fire was led to believe by His own Uncle she also died in the fire While attending a ball From Book 1 Can a beautiful spinster trust love again Especially with the rogue who broke her heart the first time Olivia Kingsley didn’t Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) expect to be swept off her feet and receive a marriage proposal two weeks into her first Season However one delicious dance with Allen Wimpleton heir to a viscountcy and her future is sealed Or so she thinks until herccentric father suddenly announces he’s moving the family to the Caribbean for a year Knowing her father will likely refuse E sees her and kisses her Her brother finds them and forces a marriage They must learn to put the lies behind them and trust again For neither one had stopped loving the otherBook 4 Katrina Needham has her mind on her upcoming wedding Well she hasn t uite been proposed to but once her Major has returned he has promised to propose and the two will marry In the meantime she has promised to help a dear friend s nephew the once sea Captain The Saint Dominic to find a wife He is the newly Duke of Dominic to find a wife He is the newly Duke of Nic was once thought to be a bastard has learned that he is indeed legit and now that his father and his wife have died has inherited the Dukedom plus two young sisters he knows nothing about The girls were never allowed to me the man because he was a by blow Well the girls are now the by blows and are uite scared and alone Nic loves them
isn t sure what to so he and his Aunt Silvers Edge enlist Kitty to help them find a wife who will become a great Duchess and be a great big sister to his siblings The Needham s take them all into their home and Kitty starts immediately During a dinner party she is told her supposed fiance is seen with a very pregnant woman Now learning her Major is now a Maruess he wants to throw the woman and newborn out to make a home with kitty He will need money now to fix up the home as well Kitty being the kind gentle soul she is is not having it She confronts Richard about his actions and learns he is an unkind money hungry man She throws him out Nic having fallen in love with Kitty jumps at the chance and asks Kitty to marry him instead Realizing she has also fallen in with him over the their time together agrees He is ready to sell his ship and live with her on land She wanting some adventure doesn t let him and both agree to take some adventures and remain on land for their family A Win Win tale indeedBook 5Collette Cameron has done it again A beautiful heartwarming Love at First Sight story that grips you immediately Ms Cameron fillsach character with such deep and intense feelings that you actually feel their pain and struggles Both these charac. Is offer for Olivia’s hand Allen begs her to lope Having recently lost her mother and worried her father is ailing too which he insists remain a secret she refuses Distraught at her leaving and unaware of her father’s ill health Allen doubts her love for him and foolishly demands she choose him or her father Heartbroken at Allen's callousness but thankful he’s revealed his true nature before they married Olivia turns her back on their love The year becomes three nough time. ,
A Waltz with a Rogue 6 Book Series