The Tracker Hive Academy Jade Storm Tracker #1 [Pdf/E–book]

The Tracker Hive Academy Jade Storm Tracker #1D just didn t make the mc endearing I liked the mc at first but once she met the uadruplets it went down hill It s all about insta lust pornographic discussions on sex with the mc being 18 and the dialogues were crudeimmature There was no romance build up The storyline tries to cover ayeism environmental issuesrecycling and sex talk I felt like I was being preached on I do like a John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 good RH book but this one was a bit forced No build up to the romance Disappointed on this one Couldn t relate to the characters DNFEnjoyed the Witching book one from this author though This book lacked the cohesive that the Witching book one had The Tracker Hive Academy Year One is book one in Avery Song s Jade Storm Tracker series I have to say first of allI LOVE that the authorives the reader Jade s early years When I realized this I devoured that section of the book Normally authors Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde give us flashbacks or little tastes of life WAS like for them but weot to experience it with Jade as she stayed on the run from the men who wanted to drag her to the Black Market for her uniue and rare abilities Fast forward 10 years and we Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation get to theood stuff I truly enjoyed this book I will admit that the author had me fluctuating back and forth on whether I really liked Jade or not One minute I did and then came the snark and inappropriate commentary and I was like ack I can t help it I was the Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question goodirl Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism growing up and when she does crazy stuff I keep waiting on a reprimand but it s obvious that her adoptive father has learned and perfected his best way of handling hervery hands off It bugs me for a bit but then I m just likeeh I ll roll with it I do think it s a bit crazy that my favorite character seems to be Shadow Jade She s so cute LOL Weirdbut cute and that I can relate to The better Iet to know Jade though the I can understand her and on some levels relate to her as well For me this story ebbs and flows It has fast paced moments and then it slows down When the story slows down in places I et anxious for some action but then the author ives me something to sink my claws into I like the intense moments that Jade finds herself in I appreciate the author showing me her vulnerable side in those moments They are few and far between but I d like to see I like the twists and the way the story weaves together to see if you re really paying attention I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars I can t wait for of Jade Shadow Jade and these four sexy Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson guys I love how the authorives us so many uniue characters situations and surprises I can t wait to hear of Shadow Jade s Kill song and hilarious uniue characters situations and surprises I can t wait to hear of Shadow Jade s Kill song and hilarious If you are a fan of Avery Song like me Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture grab this book Totally worth St alone However the Troubled Four Zeke Zion Zackery and Zeus have other plans uadruplets who together carry all eight elements the boys are desperate to make me submit to their trickery They’re stupid to think I’ll play by anyone's rules but my own I can handle whatever threats traps bullying and schemes are thrown my way because I'm not here to be aood student I'm here to keep my secret safe from those who will do everything to see me perish Game on This is an 18 Academy Romanc. .
L illness women s rights They re mostly Edge of Venomverse given a short one paragra This one was just ok Not my favorite of Avery Song s series which stinks because I really enjoy the plot of the Tracker Hive Academy series I love the concept and on one hand I really really want to see how it will all play out I love the use of 8 elements rather than the typical 4 or 5 in elemental based magic The main reason that I struggled with this book a bit were the characters The main character is all over the place I found the storyline really interesting but I can tet behind the characters motivations They interesting but I can t et behind the characters motivations They t always feel believable or authentic to me Maybe that aspect t always feel believable or authentic to me Maybe that aspect et better in future books and maybe I will try book 2 again at a later time but right now I have other books and other series that I am interested in continuing If you are new to Avery Song she is reat But I recommend starting out with her witchling series I am between 25 and 3 starts for this one so I will round up OMG fucking loved this book the mc was soo funny and i loved that she didn t care what other thought of her and she was her psychocrazy ass self The first half of the book was my fave part It was reat to see a build upbackground in the beginning of Jade storm The Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine guys where nice uniue iuess i would say That s why it was so easy to tell them apart cuz of their emotionssort of and i think these are the first uadruplets i read about Lovely Audible version 1 star The only thing futuristic about this novel is the year If you re reading this in hopes of a mystery in a futuristic fantasy type world move on This feels like YA with shades of bad porn thrown in The FMC Jade was a self involved brat with poor social skills She annoyed me The H were interchangeable with the exception of Zeke they lacked clear personalities Shadow Jade was a pointless character The mystery which was the entire premise of the FMC Hs attending the school was sidelined in favor of cringe worthy badly written sex scenes The writing was clunky all around Oh the dialogue was exceptionally bad It wasn t at all pleasant to read I should ve DNF d it early in exceptionally bad It wasn t at all pleasant to read I should ve DNF d it early in I kept holding out trying to decide if my dislike of the narrator was the reason I was having a hard time with the story After careful consideration I came to the conclusion it all sucked I recommend this book to fans of Yumoyori Wilson All others not at all It s the year 2504 and Jade is living on the street after her family was killed Not only is there nowhere for her to Blue Guide go but she s also being hunted for her powers by people that w Not for meDNFLoved the book cover and the storyline blurb Except the mc was too immature The skipping like a chil. Corner Luckily I was saved and taken in by Alaric Masters headmaster of Tracker Hive Academy My name is Jade Storm and I’m the youngest recruit to become a Tracker Now that I'm eighteen Alaric is insisting that I attend the academy I’ll do it but on my own terms My onlyoal is to learn just how powerful I am and breeze through the next four years I have no interest in joining any cliues and I’m not here to make friends If there’s one thing life has taught me it’s that I work be. Overall I enjoyed It ave me a Yumoyori Wilson vibe with an edge 4 stars Enjoyable but confusing at timesI enjoyed this novel however I found it very confusing at times I wasn t sure who was talking at times A lot of characters at Once And Not Enough Distinction and not enough distinction who was speaking The story itself is a reat idea though I shall continue to book 2 x Pages 414My rating 3Read other books by this author in the future MC Jade Shadow Jade Zion Zeus Zeke ZacharyThis is an okay book I did not like the Insta love aspect It was not well executed At the end I did not feel like I should read the rest of the series What just what the hell is thisThis is a preachy porn book wrapped up in a fantasy tortilla Sure you think you re Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare going to read about a young woman with powers who is attending a cutthroat academy and solving a mystery with the help of four hotuys but what do you actually et Half ass preaching attempts and erotic scenesJade is awful She s supposed to be independent and sassy but she comes off as a bitch She s rude to her adoptive father her tutor her trainer basically everyone And most people unless the plot needs them to her adoptive father her tutor her trainer basically everyone And most people unless the plot needs them do otherwise just shut up and take it because Jade is oh so amazingThe uys Well you really only Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier get to know one of them Zeke is the flirtatious bad boy who hangs all over Jade and slobbers on her like he s a starving dog and she s a piece of meat The others you don t see much of They eachet a chapter dedicated to them and then that s mostly it because Jade is always flirting and screwing Zeke She does have sex with Zeus I think but it comes and screwing Zeke She does have sex with Zeus I think but it comes of nowhereCalvin the boy she saved from bullies who barely makes an appearance suddenly proclaims that he s the villain s son and needs to right his father s wrongs Oh kayShadow Jade why is she a thing She s a super simple stupid version of Jade She speaks in broken sentences sings about killing people and apparently no one notices that she s insane When Jade pretends to be her no one realizes that she speaks in complete sentences and they think she s Shadow Jade The whole thing is just stupidThe so called mystery is about how students have been committing suicide and it s up to Jade to find out if there are nefarious forces behind it Well if you re expecting that run away now It s brought up once and doesn t appear again until the end when the answer neatly falls into Jade s lapI skipped the sex scenes I found them crass and cringy I m not an erotica reader but still IckThis book tries to tackle serious real issues of our world but they re lame attempts and come across as preachy Homelessness wasting food the environment climate control sexuality law enforcement menta. I've dealt with my share of homelessness I've endured being the bad Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within gal in the room I’ve taken a lot of life’s punches on the chin But never did I expect to be forced to attend an academy full of power hungry delinuents Born with powers far tooreat to control I ended up homeless at eight years old With my family one I lived on the streets learning uickly that the world was just as cold as my beating heart Because I carry all eight magic elements enemies sought me out from every dark. .

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