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Once Upon a Time Calluvias Royalty #3

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The Calluvia s Royalty series is like crack to me and I had the hardest time putting Once Upon a Time down It was sex sex sex and I was here for itI liked this book so much though I m not exactly sure why ther than the sex which yeah was exactly my speed The plot was a bit messy and it wove awkwardly in with the plotline La piccola ottantenne che cambiò tutte le regole of the previous book but thepposites attract mild enemies to lovers thing really worked for me Rohan was a bit the lady doth protest too much when It Came To Embracing came to embracing newfound bisexuality but the connection he had with Jamil was smoldering Usually I get really s 35ProsSmoldering hot and that was just the telepathy never mind the explosive sexThe story toyed with the idea f enemies to lovers although Rohan and Jamil connected immediately Opposites attract Rohan is rough around the edges while Jamil is the ice price but damn are they good togetherUltimately romantic especially the last chapter prior to the epilogue Love wins ConsNot ne but two separations Too much political intrigue for my tasteToo much focus Lone Star Rising (Texas Rangers, on how hetero Rohan was I mean he s straight as a fucking ruler and then he bonds with Jamil and BAM he loves dick Why not just write a bi character I m not a fanf GFY tropes at allGimmicky prologue epilogue I wanted to see the wedding from the men s perspective I don t want to be told Jamil was glowing I want to see it Oh wow I absolutely adored this I couldn t put it down at all I m really loving this series so much Also Hazard writes the best sex scenes They re always so hot and steamy even if it s a couple I m not crazy connected with Definitely was with these two though With Crown Prince Jamil Seyn s brother from the last book we got a hint that he had something going Busters First Snow on in the last book butnly a hint We re lead to believe this Crown Prince is having an affair with a lowly servant which would have made for an interesting story in and f itself but not everything is as it seems with Rohan a supposed stable hand hired recently to tame these wild beasts from these alien planets Turns ut Rohan is not just a simple servant because he definitely never acts like Thérèse Raquin one from dayne with Jamil He s utspoken and brash and harsh and takes pleasure in not addressing Jamil properly Oh and also they have a connection called a Fit which Rohan has experienced before so it s something people can feel a mental connection if two people fit together well whether that means eventual marriage r not Il Poeta or anything romanticr sexual if two people fit together well whether that means eventual marriage Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 3 or notr anything romantic My Body-Mine or sexual all isn t always a factor but not to this level When they first meet it s five months after Jamil s husband and bondmate has died and he s mostly still grieving him But in a littlever two weeks between Jamil and Rohan secrets are discovered and the Fit makes it hard for them to stay away from each ther It seems just mental at first they merge like Ksar and. A very proper prince and a rude dangerous man who may r may not be a stableman a fairy tale love storyIce PrincePrince Jamil f Calluvia has always disliked that moniker but he is responsible and proper and it's probably accurate to say that he isn't good at emotions After being widowed Jamil’s life ha. Seyn did in their book because Rohan insists ver and Ipso Facto over that he is 100% heterosexual and that even though Jamil is very clearly gorgeous he just doesn t feel sexual attraction to him ha but things start to change But when Rohan has to leave for reasons I can t give away without spoiling they spend a long time away from eachther but both miss each The John Wyndham Omnibus other immensely When Rohan comes back to deal with something he and Jamil cannot stay away from eachther Soon their mental merge and the merging Sea Chase of their bodies isn t something that Rohan minds For awhile he was so adamant that he isn t attracted to men but thennce he and Jamil give into their attraction Rohan doesn t give a shit that Jamil is a man Their chemistry was scorching and I loved it The sex scenes were so scorching I felt I needed a fan I felt this with Ksar and Seyn in their book as well So well written and I actually wanted sex scenes with them because they were so hot together There is some great angst in this and the longing these two had for each Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 other was so great to read that when they finally get to their HEA it is sooo satisfying The next book is apparently about Grandmaster Idron and his apprentice Prince Eridan and I ll be interested to see how Hazard can endear people to Idron because he was a total asshole in this and not likable at all Maybe getting to read his emotions behind his blank mask will help At the end Hazard says she likes writing anti hero s so that should be interesting to read indeed Overall this was just an amazing story and I absolutely loved it HIGHLY recommend especially if you ve been enjoying this series so far Well worth the read Two huge thumbs up from me D I love that this intricate sci fi series fullf princes powerful telepaths and distant planets has kept n going and going The first book was still my favorite but the second and this third book have both been very entertaining tooThis latest installment s mild snark and banter along with many MANY
things not being 
not being as they appeared to be was a lot f funPrince Jamil may have come ff as an Ice Prince and although he s really anything but that he rarely let down his stoic aloof guard to anyone utside f his immediate family And you could just tell right from the beginning that the lowly animal trainer Rohan with whom Jamil felt an immediate bond was than he seemed too I adored al The fucking tension in this book I FUCKING LOVED IT I Ll Keep This Short1 Straight Very New Stable Trainer1 ll keep this short1 Straight very new stable trainer1 widowed gay very crown princeAt first sight they re drawn to each ther literallyThey fight this Fit TensionTensionTensionThey lose the fightThey fuck their brains Wisp of a Thing out SeparationThey fuck their brainsut Rebel shenanigans They fuck their brains Monkey taming out Calluvian politicking They fuck some Big fucking SURPRISE SadnessJealousyThe big revealMore fuckingut I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy of bra. S revolved around his duties as a crown prince and little else Butne night everything changesOne night Jamil meets a man at the royal stables a man who is the Cosa hanno in testa i nostri figli. Apprendimento e memoria nello sviluppo del bambino oppositef proper a man with eyes as black as sinRohan di'Lehr is everything Jamil should despise He's a rude lowborn criminal He's terrible for. ,

Ins and The Dawning of a New Age other matterThe HFN Another win from the Hazard Book StableMovever Ksar there another Assholian in Town And His Name Is his name is Castien IdhronOnce upon a time a Prince and a Rebel fell in love and had a beautiful baby daughter Like all good fairytales we get the resident baddie and also this being Calluvia the land f telepathic merges we had political shenanigans that made Donald Trump look like Windy Miller f Camberwick #Green an ld kids TV program I really was expecting Spock #an ld kids TV program I really was expecting Spock drop by as well and Hunter Hunted offer some invaluable mind melding tips Butverall I thoroughly enjoyed Jamil and Rohan s story even though many uestions were left unanswered how far does Idhron s influence penetrate most Archivio Per Lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, Volume 13 of the ruling monarchs What did he ask for in return for his help with Rohan Why did he take Mehmer And did Dalatteya and her son just step down peacefully and handver everything to Warrehn without a fight HmmmmmSo yes I need Book 4 Unfortunately it s not going to be released until 2020 Of course meanwhile I could write my Ricettario amoroso di una pasticciera in fuga own storyOnce upon a time there was a reader who locked up a Author in an impregnable tower because she didn t write fast enough 4 OMG I swear Alessandra Hazard can writene book a day and I still won t get enough This is everything I hoped I would get in Prince Jamil s story Prince Jamil who s moniker is the ice prince the prim and proper and responsible crown prince who is secretly slutty and kinky and submissive Loved it And man I knew Rohan was going to be a bit Lo strano caso del barista scomparso of an alpha arsehole from the glimpse we got from the previous book but I loved how brutish andbsessive and caveman possessive this man is My kind f romance hero Although the author claims that this can technically be read as standalone I would strongly recommend to read the whole series 4 StarsTold in multiple Pov mostly in dual 3rd person it s the third installment in the Calluvia s Royalty series It can be read as a standalone but it s better if you read it in rder Rohan was so possessive and protective Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World of Jamil I liked that and I liked that he did everything possible to be with Jamil butne thing that bothered me a bit was view spoilerhis feelings for his daughter hadn t shown well It was like he didn t miss his girl he didn t say a word about missing his girl when he left hide spoiler Re read 31012020 I felt the need to read a MM book as I haven t done it yet since the new year started I know shocking and I wanted something light and something I knew I d enjoy And if you know me you know I m pretty much addicted to Alessandra Hazard s books It s not that they are so absolutely amazing and the best I ve read I have a lot The Year After of issues with somef them but her books just pull me in and refuses to let go I keep coming back to her book all the time And I still enjoy the books I re read somet 45 StarsMy favorite yet. Jamil's self control He makes Jamil behave like a wanton creature not the Crown PrinceThey have nothing in common They have no future togetherHe still can't stay awayA story And Quiet Flows the Don of forbidden twisted attraction and love that defies alldds Note This book contains explicit sexual MM content and graphic langua.