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The Skull Crusher Skull #2

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These story are starting to look all the same The guys are alpha the girls the best pssy they ever had the h can t sleep without the HThey like to pump them with their seed eye The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin roll the h are all nimphos that like sex 3x a day 7 days a week 30 days in the month All have a brother to cause problemSame stories last couple of books washinse epeat Yes Yes Yes I have loved these books Balto is my type of character Loving this
"series so much "
so much how this story gets and complicated as we go We Were Lulled Into were lulled into false sense of security here thinking that Balto cared about Cassini yet that wasn t the case She s just a pawn in this game now that he knows who she s married to and as such she s a slave a prisoner in an entirely different cage One that seems like it could be better if and only if Cassini is able to make herself the most valuable thing in the worldThe bulk of our story lies around this idea that Cassini is now in another hell and she doesn t know what to believe she doesn t know how safe she is and for how long and she doesn t know what to do with the fact that she trusted a man who seemed to care for her seemed to want to protect her but eally just wanted to use herThe power and arrogance that Balto has is something that comes out on every page in this second installment He s confident that he can keep himself protected and safe confident that he can No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History remain the leader of the Skull Kings confident that he can make Cassini do whatever he wants because he s so confident that she wants it What he underestimates though is that Cassini is one of the strongest women out there and what he wants isn t going to matter for long He uickly finds that she has the control because she has what he wants The sexuality and allure that no other woman hasWe spend much of this story wondering how Cassini will get her freedom back andemain happy She needs to feel safe. Balto stole me from Lucian without aising a fingerI thought I would finally be free finally get my life backBut Balto has other plans for me Now I'm his prisoner He'll. And wanted and loved liked even and
"when she thought "
she thought she was getting that with Balto she learned that she was wrong What our author does here in the way that the story is written is that she keeps us on our toes Whatever preconceived notions that we had of Balto and his organization they are often flipped and changed aroundAs is usually the case in this genre in addition to a story that gives us so much torment war fighting and concern over trust we also continue to get some of the deepest omance and engagement We see that there s so Much Connection And Desire Between Our Mains connection and desire between our mains that s partially because of Berlayar di Pamor Badik raw animal connection but also partly due to the insanity that they live inWhen about 23 of the way through Lucianeappears learning that Balto and Cassini were having an affair before everything went down war is declared He s on the hunt and he won t compromise at all until he gets his wife back Balto s not about to let that happen and we see the sheer terror that Cassini has at the prospect but we know that there s an inevitability here to see that a trade will happen soon Because Cassini is a prisoner once Balto gets what he s after she s worth nothing to him And that s where we end this second bookBalto agrees to a trade and we know that Lucian is out for the maximum pain and punishment since he feels that not only was he betrayed by his wife he s been humiliated beyond ecognition Cassini overhears the planned trade knows that there s nothing left for her he s been humiliated beyond ecognition Cassini overhears the planned trade knows that there s nothing left for her do but esign herself to a painful death and thenend bookCase and Dirk as uickly becoming favorites of mine in the story as is Heath What s nice is that the brothers the family in this series are not only supporting characters but characters that keep us grounded and emotionally bound There s a different bit at stake for them as they look at what Balto and Cassini are playing at and to se. Keep me and enjoy me as long as he wantsUntil Lucian gives him back the Skull DiamondI never want to eturn to Lucian again not after being with a man like Balto The ,

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E how that dynamic is written into the story takes us to another levelI m left wondering what s going to happen Who s going to die first and who will be The Pink Pearl responsible What will have to be lost for anyone to find happiness and will a diamond a skull diamond be at the center of it all forever So now i actually have to wait a bit since book 3 isn t out until June so i ve got a lot of time to ponder 5 stars I must admit i did not like book 1 in the series because i hate love triangles even when the heroine didn t love her husband but a major foreading book 2 is Balto hero he is such alpha dominant hero This book is a hundred percent different than book 1 Cassini is mature and we get to see Balto and Cassini grow up like a couple Second book of the series we follow Balto taken Cassini from Lucian as payment for his skull diamond Thinking she was just been escued Cassini found her self with a new master since Balto keep saying she is just his prisoner and one day he would get bored of her so the option only to give her back to Lucian for the diamond bored of her so the option only to give her back to Lucian for the diamond kill her That s why she must earn her price and keep him happy as long as she can Will the strong will hot headed hopefull Cassini just take what Balto give her Although she know she s safer with him than with Lucian or to un away will she be able to change Balto s mind and keep her instead Interesting the flow of these characters evolve in this second book While on the first book they only have affair with Passionate Lust Between Them Their Chemistry Change When They Are lust between them their chemistry change when they are They aren t couple in the most traditional way but the way he protect her the way he dominate her the way she submit the way they fight and make up Too hot And definitly interesting watching Balto keep denying his own feeling for her But with his eputation can their steaminess hold ground Can t wait for the third book to com. Nly chance I have is to become valuable than that diamond to have Balto want me enough not to trade me back to LucianBut can I ever compete with a diamond worth billion.