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This is somewhere between a 25 and a 3 for meFor what I wanted a fairly asy readlisten I switched to audio about halfway through that was less intense than some of the things I m currently reading for work it worked well The author has managed to capture the known characters voices and it was interesting to see how this links up with the larger plot of the seriesWhat I specially liked was Captain Pike see how this links up with the larger plot of the seriesWhat I specially liked was Captain Pike view spoilercriticism of the continued militarization of Starfleet and his ship but also how that is contrasted with his willingness to return to Federation space after he hears about the outbreak of the Federation Klingon War hide spoiler Set during the first season of the TV series Star Trek Discovery this novel tells what the Starship Enterprise was up to during the Klingon War Overall it was a great novel for people like me who have fond memories of the original series The Menagerie and wished we could have gotten to know characters like Captain Pike Doctor Boyce and Number One better It also provides some setup for the second season of the Discovery My only real problem with the novel was near the beginning when we meet a ship of Lurian pirates and most seem uite idiotic I Didn T Watch didn t watch Deep Space Nine to know how they were portrayed there but it felt over the top in a Star Trek novel Listened to the audiobook I was so disappointed at the lacklustre and thoroughly unimaginative Drastic Measures by Dayton Ward Desperate Hours by David Mack was just on the right side of meh as well to be honest that I thought I d never read a Discovery novel againHaving said that the lowest bar ver for a tie in series has to be the three Star Wars novels penned by Chuck Wendig which managed the impossible feat of having no plot and being as BORING AS A JAR JAR BINKS as a Jar Jar Binks show at the same timeBut I digress What intrigued me about The Enterprise War is that it genuinely seems to plug a gap between seasons one and two of Star Trek Discovery What the heck happened to the Enterprise during the Battle of the Binary StarsJohn Jackson Miller s concept of the Boundless is probably one of my favourite alien ntities in any incarnation of Star Trek to date. An all new novel based upon the xplosive Star Trek TV series A shattered ship a divided crew trapped in the infernal nightmare of conflict Hearing of the outbreak of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire Captain Christopher Pike attempts to bring. .

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Date THE ENTERPRISE WAR is a preuel to the second season of STAR TREK DISCOVERY What was the Starship Enterprise up to during the Klingon War during the first season What happened between the vents of The Cage and Brother John Jackson Miller does an impressive job of both creating an intriguing adventure as well xplaining the discrepancies between Desperate Hours by David Mack and the second season intriguing adventure as well xplaining the discrepancies between Desperate Hours by David Mack and the second season it s handled subtlety it s implied that the acrimonious relationship between Michael Burnham and Spock is the result of the latter s The Art of Memoir emotional breakdown I really liked that The rest of the story deals with a pair of alien races locked in a life or death struggle that the Enterprise has unwittingly wandered into itI really appreciate the use of the Star Trek Pilot s cast with Una Number One Colt Pike and Spock plus a number of original characters JJM does anxcellent job with them and while they feel a bit dated that s deliberate The The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life ending was a bit too pat for me but I feel it was still in the Star Trek theme810 On a deep spacexploratory assignment at the outbreak of the Battle of the Binary Stars the USS Enterprise is ordered to stay away from the war When Spock and ten
per cent of 
cent of crew are captured by slavers Captain Pike finds himself in his own private warA prelude to the second season of Star Trek Discovery The Enterprise War fills in the gaps well and Miller has managed to write a novel which is faithful to both versions of Pike s crew If I m honest probably a weak 3 by the usual standards and ven my tolerance for media tie in novels which can be a crapshoot I will gladly admit I have zero objectivity where the subject matter s concerned though so let s round up to 4 for continual gleeful flailing while reading The writing s serviceable if lacking in character interiority but that s a style preference I read professional fanfic For FEELS Give Me FEELS give me damn it and honestly the plot could have been just about anything because all I really wanted was Pike getting whumped and view spoilerin the first chapter he has an ntire damn mountain fall on him EXCELLENT John Jackson Miller understands my highly specific needs hide spoile. Ct with Earth for an ntire year Pike and his trusted first officer Number One struggle to find and reunite the ship’s crew all while Science Officer Spock confronts a mystery that puts ven his xceptional skills to the testwith than their own survival possibly riding on the outcom.

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Star TrekThe author has great fun with the fact that as a warrior race they come across as gormless and dim witted Klingons and then he redeems them at the nd in a truly wonderful xample of Spielbergian transcendenceThe characterisation here is spot on Pike is well Pike This is a very funny book with lots of banter between the large cast JJM has clearly arned his stripes as a Star Trek fan and does clearly arned his stripes as a Star Trek fan and does overwhelm his narrative with xcessive geekiness There is a wonderful knowingness and dge to the writingI think the great thing about Discovery the television show is that it has freed Star Trek from the stifling confines of Roddenberry s fishbowl prescriptiveness hence Tilly s f bomb the first gay couple tcJJM captures this spirit with The Enterprise War with a lot of debate about why the Enterprise is so heavily weaponised for a science vessel And why there are no stepladders onboard to reach the upper bulkheads when the artificial gravity fails tar Trek Discovery The Enterprise War is set in the same period as Star Discoveries first season and shows us what Pike and the Enterprise crew were up to during the Klingon War in that season D Star Trek Discovery The Enterprise War really shows what the kind of wringers the crew of the Enterprise were put through during this time from being recruited by The Boundless to having the ship literally in pieces and having to work the problem to get themselves out D The book Piles on the great vents and the book delights in throwing spanner after spanner into the works for the crew D This makes for a tense but brilliantly handled situation by the crew showing what stuff they are made of DMiller put his characters through the Finished Enterprise War it was such a beautiful read I truly hope we see this crew again soon it was wonderful to imagine the new version of this ship and crew in my head while I went through this novelUna specially deserves some screen time in the future This was this novelUna Exile and Pilgrim especially deserves some screen time in the future This wasnjoyable read with a genuine TOS vibe Miller did a great job making Pike sound like the Pike we know from Discovery he s xtremely likeable and has fun banter with his crew members The best Discovery tie in I ve read to. The USS Enterprise home to join in the fight But in the hellish nebula known as the Pergamum the stalwart commander instead finds an pic battle of his own pitting ancient nemies against one another with not just the Enterprise but her crew as the spoils of war Lost and out of conta. .