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Boring I finished this only because it was only an hour ong As much as I ike Curtis Sittenfeld I can t recommend this at all even if it was free on audible This is a iberal agenda driven 58 minute vignette about a bored wife who is ready to commit adultery with an arrogant and flirtatious yet unappealing man Curtis Sittenfeld is capable of beautiful economic prose that immediately captures the reader s attention but I ve yet to read anything of hers that is uplifting This is truly unfortunate because she has so much talent as a writer This is the sort of romance story I would have expected to read 30 years ago in Woman s Day or Ladies Home Journal It was an audible freebie for January and Diane Lane the narrator with her gorgeous voice was fantastic A veeeeery short story The synopsis made it sound ike it was a ride mostly geared towards Heather going to convince Brock to make his book into a film I suppose she did mention the book to movie proposal to the man when they first meet She s there to try convince him a very religious man to permit the film to include a same sex couple in the film But in the car ride with him he tells her a story of his religious views on same sex marriages he s against Which she already knows well before meeting him That s the whole reason she is there in person to convince him otherwise and things shift gears away from her trying to convince him and goes into a whole different trackShe s supposed to be a Hollywood Power Broker She really doesn t seem Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION like she d survive that job veryong if this is any indication olAll I am saying is the story seemed to shift several times It starts a business woman who has a times It starts with a business woman who a and may or may be having marriage struggles going on a specific job to convince an author to approve of a comedy film being made of his book After arriving the same woman suddenly goes though a weird and overpowering infatuation brought on by an implied martial unhappiness and the assumed intim. All marriages are hard Many of them fail Brock Lewis an evangelical businessman turned self published author has the answer Follow his international best selling book’s 12 point “Atomic Doctrine” make eye contact with your spouse Always Use the bathroom in front of them Neve. .

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Ased on a runaway bestselling book called Atomic Marriage written by an evangelical dude who has a prescription for a successful marriage The company wants to buy the rights to use the book as the basis for a movie but the movie would include three couples using this book and one of the couples is gay #and guess what the religious dude is against allowing gay people being attached to his book for fear that #guess what the religious dude is against allowing gay people being attached to his book for fear that followers won t be okay with it So the whole story takes place around a trip Heather takes on behalf of work to talk this guy into allowing them the freedom to do it their way And maybe his Marriage Isn T All That isn t all that Maybe it seems as if he may or may not be following his own advice Maybe Heather s marriage isn t all that awesome and she s ooking for help or a rendezvous Who knows If you have an hour Mesagerul listen to the book Really interesting and thought provoking I alsooved Diane Lane as the narrator Hopefully she continues to work with audible Chosen as one of my Audible original selections in January actress Diane Lane kept me interested in this 58 minute story However I had tons of uestions about it and was than disappointed that it acked a sufficient resolution Another free tons of uestions about it and was than disappointed that it acked a sufficient resolution Another free originalLast year You Think It I l Say It by same author was selected for the Reese Witherspoon bookclub so I though this would be a uick way to see if I would ike his short storiesUnfortunately this was neither here nor there for me Nothing about it was horrible and the only great thing about it was Diane Lane s narration This was one of those free downloads from Audible I am a 1 credit a month subscriber so I get 2 free downloads from a set of short items each month about a woman visiting a super conservative writer to negotiate a inclusive cast for an adaptation of one of his books There are hints of attraction and thoughts of infidelity but the hour What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers long story isn t enough for much to happen It was fine but I would haveiked either or a bit Jimmy: The Terrorist less. N be now she just has to convince BrockNarrated with depth and warmth by Oscar nominee Diane Lane what follows is a remarkable story about theife partners we choose the secrets we keep and the compromises we make by one of America’s funniest and most astute cultural commentato. ,

Acy of sunscreen application from a complete stranger WhaaatAnd then we go thorough awkward moments between her and Brock and sometimes Brock s wife Still essentially strangers she s Just metThen finally it s a HEA ending where the woman returns home to find the husband in bed reading the very book and they decide to use the book on themselves to fix their rocky marriage I forget did she convince Brock to et them make the film Wasn t that what the synopsis implied the plot was All in all I wouldn t say the short story was bad just that the synopsis is maybe misleading to the actual storyThe audio book was read by Diane Lane Atomic Marriage is a short audiobook via Audible Originals by Curtis Sittenfeld and read by Diane Lane I ve been a ong time fan of Sittenfeld so I was curious to check this one out Heather a Hollywood movie studio executive is tasked with visiting Brock Lewis author of Atomic Marriage in his hometown of Mobile Alabama The trip is made in an attempt to persuade Brock to change his stance on some aspects of an upcoming movie based on his wildly popular book The story is just under an hour and I found it to be amusing and it kept my interest It had a beginning middle under an hour and I found it to be amusing and it kept my interest It had a beginning middle end and with it being so short I appreciated the uick pace in progression of the story That said I would have iked a ittle from the ending It was a bit flat for my preference While Atomic Marriage was decent Lane s narration was a huge plus She was excellent Well now that was a waste of one of my Audible Original choices this month This was really good Got for free through Audible first reads And Duh It S Curtis duh it s Curtis so I knew it would be good Heather is a working mom married to a guy named Nick who is a musician who is working on his music and being a stay at home dad to their 3 year old Heather s job I kind of forget but it has to do with a movie company and she works in Hollywood and for the sake of this story her company wants to produce a movie R and you too can build a marriage that thrivesWhat Hollywood power broker Heather Thiesen knows about marriage is that hers is sputtering anything but romantic and utterly exhausting But she still aspires to turn Brock’s book into the blockbuster romantic comedy she knows it ca.