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Mãos de cavaloMend this book to a friendYes Yet another example of a relatively short read from another part of the world that will give you a different perspective on a relatively short read from another part of the world that will give you a different perspective on These type of reads are fast #Becoming My Favourite Genre #my favourite genre offer a great opportunity for any reader to become a literary world traveller Broaden your horizons and take a trip to sunny Brazil with this book From talented Brazilian writer Daniel Galera and newly translated into English comes The Shape of Bones It s the story of one man s struggle to come to terms with his own personal demon To the outside world Hermano Weissmann has it made He is a very successful plastic surgeon married with one child whom he adores Below the surface though he is a tormented man With richly drawn characters and elegant prose the story alternates between his fifteen year old self and his thirty year old self with the majority of the story taking place in his past At first I thought the protagonist was a masochist he had such little regard for his own safety but the truth comes out in the end it s a brutal intense observation of a tortured man s psyche This slim volume is an excellent read See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsThe opening chapter of The Shape Of Bones follows almost in real time an anonymous Urban Cyclist speeding through the back streets of Porto Alegre in Brazil It s a exhilarating start to this novel and expertly sets the tone for the rest of the story We don t initially know which of the characters he will turn out to be I think this chapter is also the earliest time wise Galera ses time jumps to good effect to show how this boy s life progresses from daredevil child to sought after plastic surgeonI

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the many detailed evocations Porto Alegre especially the Esplanada district where much of this story takes place Galera makes it easy to vividly imagine these streets parks and wastelands and the gangs of children and adolescents wasting time there He does a great job of establishing their fluid relationships as bonds are made and broken with the passage of time I felt chapters dealing with the man in his thirties weren t as convincing however and didn t have the energy of those portraying his teenage years I think this caused my disillusionment with what should have been the absolute denouement of the tale because I wasn t invested enough to fully empathise with the man s actions The Shape Of Bones otherwise is very good and certainly well worth reading but not Nicademus uite as great as earlier on I had thought it would be This is the second book by Daniel Galera to be translated into English but it precedes Blood Soaked Beard which was one of my favorite books three years ago The writing in this is not assured as in that book but that may be because of being written earlier also it is not as well fleshed out What both books share is a haunted protagonist Dr Hermano Weis This story of a bunch of 15 year old boys growingp in Puerto Alegre has similarities to Lord of the Flies Though the life the boys live is to them Gone til November uite normal it is their burgeoning adolescence accumulating testosterone or the pressures of society and their peers that make them behave in an increasingly disturbing way Their attitude towards females in the group seems without concern or sensitivity The action is based around one of the boys Hermano who in the opening chapter takes a bad fall from his bike when a young boy He seems to relish his injuries The storyline then jumps to him as a man off to attempt annclimbed Bolivian mountain He is haunted by the past Told in alternating chapters of him as a teenager and a successful adult a surgeon indeed Galera s novel asks many estions of regrets from earlier life choices made and what if we had a second chance He describes the boys so well at that key time in their lives brutal and yet caring This is a really interesting and very different sort if book and certainly recommended Brazilian coming of age story that s characterizations and setting shineThis is a fun ride but don t spoil it by reading too many reviews because once you know where it s going the power is diminished Dual timeline of a boy and the man he becomes We interlope on a childhood filled with the reckless endeavors and feats of worth that ensure blood pain and admiration Hermano s viewpoint is extreme. Battered stunt bike the silent adolescent fascinated by bodies and violence the obsessive young surgeon the distant husbandAs dawn breaks and people slowly fill the streets the man finds himself driving back to hi. Surely Brazilian novelist Daniel Galera is among the finest contemporary novelists today I was mesmerized by his first novel Blood Drenched Beard and couldn t wait to read The Shape of Bones I was not disappointed The story centers on a young married man who is preparing to climb the virgin mountain Cerro Benete one of the final mountains to be conuered with his boastful best friend We know the narrator only as Hermano translated to brother and as he drives to meet that friend we catch glimpses of his childhood in Esplanada where he was part of a gang of boys Every other chapter is structured as a flashbackThrough these flashbacks we learn that Hermono has considered his life to be an endless rehearsal for a heroic moment that never arrived A permanent limbo between innocence and heroism inhabited by ghostly projections of himself distorted by what he wished he had been or wanted to become Increasingly he punishes his body embracing and strident risks learning to inure himself from the physical pain But is that punishment a metaphor for inuring his mind and his essence as wellAs the risks and the punishment escalate Hermano struggles with one particularly haunting moment when his striving for heroism and masculinity deserted him Can he achieve redemption This beautifully written book expertly translated from the Portuguese by Alison Entrekin examines that moment when we strive to finally achieve a sense of grace That bad blood there it s good that it s coming out You ve got to let it out because then you body will make of the good blood the clean sort that runs through the inside to replace the bad blood nderstand This is a book that could put South American literature back on the mapBrazilian author Daniel Galera writes some terrific scenes in this short yet haunting novel about a man trying to make sense of who he is and deal with the regrets of his pastWhile being a relatively short read at 192 pages there are many beautiful and evocative passages that make this an almost visceral experience of growing Fortinbras at the Fishhouses up in BrazilThe opening chapter alone almost has a short storyality to it as we read an exciting account of the rban cyclist It is here that we are introduced to the novel s man character Hermano The opening scene is just one of many memorable scenes that Galera writes #To Recount Hermano S Childhood #recount Hermano s childhood subseuent teenage years Whether he is describing an afternoon soccer game a kamikaze downhill bicycle ride or a teenage get together you can almost smell the hormones coming right off the pageHermano is a boy with many friends and acuaintances but still lives somewhere on the outside of the group While being than capable of surviving the rough and tumble of life on the streets of his local neighbourhood he still avoids physical confrontation of any kind This is at odds with his nusual tendency to injury himself remarkably when riding his bike His refusal to engage in fistfights and brawls seems smart Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers until the day one of his friend s needs help The weather had been dry and the beaten earth of the soccer field filled the air with a brown dust that hung there apparently static for minutes on end refusing to accept the natural order of things and fall back to the ground In between these childhood recollections we meet a very grownp Hermano who is rising early to collect his friend Renan As he prepares to embark on a mountaineering trip to Cerre Bonete in Bolivia his thoughts constantly return to his childhood days when he witnessed a horrendous crime Inexplicably he alters his early morning destination and begins to drive around his old neighbourhood thus taking a trip down memory lane to ponder Present Pasts upon what might have beenWithin this contemplation Hermano wonders how his earlier life has affected his life in the present day He s not even sure that he likes Renan or mountaineering yet he still leaves his disgruntled wife Adri to embark on the expedition Hermano is missing something from his life and only by looking back and facing the fears of his past can he find the missing pieceBy the end of this novel I too was left contemplating the decisions that I have made in my own past and wondering how these thoughts or regrets affect me in the present day This book really makes youestion what would be done differently when given a second chanceWould I recom. A man rises at 5am and silently leaves home He starts his car its trunk filled with survival gear and glides through the sleeping streets of Porto Alegre haunted by ghosts of past selves the fearless boy riding ,

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Ly self conscious always judging himself by looking from the outside an adolescent paralysis can t act without prejudging the outcome The reader feels the disembodimentWe begin the journey with a wild and ill advised bike ride through the neighborhood Esplanada It s a colorful journey with all the attributes that give it a distinct flavor cacha a reckless disregard for trespassing black magic shrines cultural observances and the wildness of an Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie unscripted youth Lifencaged with all the joys and dangers it entails And I loved this because it reminded me of my childhood in the Caribbean So there is a definite sense of armchair traveler associated with the storytelling The flip side of the story is the wild and ill advised climb The Possible Police up thenknown mountain How does the man resemble his youth How do confidants affect A Letter To Pakistan us and how does our inner drive motivatess makes Before Our Eyes us choose A or B Do we change or merely repeatThis went from reminiscent and idyllic even in its broken parts to ominous and foreboding The tension rampedp and suddenly adrenaline was flowing I ll be honest the acceleration in the last #third of the book is where the power lies All that came #of the book is where the power lies All that came are the trickles leading to a raging river You sense the potential for something big to happen but you re not sure where or how This is 35 stars but no half stars so 3 here I recommend this for those who enjoy reading transformative moments when childhood is abandoned and the mantle of adulthood takenCopy provided by NetGalley A 30 year old doctor starts out to pick Death on Milestone Buttress up his friend to go on a rock climbing adventure and windsp changing his life even though he neither meets his friend nor reaches the mountain I m actually assuming that Hermano s life will be changed by his trip down memory lane in his old neighborhood because the ending of the book is annoyingly nresolved It s entirely possible that he won t change anything and will continue to act like a thrill seeking adolescent to cover his feelings of inadeuacy Who knows The parts of the book describing the 15 year old Hermano felt very real although I couldn t really relate to his emphasis on physical and dangerous challenges Maybe it s of a male thing I thought the book w I picked this book p on a whim when I saw it at the library Yes I pick p books and judge them by their covers The cover pictures a broken bicycle and the title The Shape of Bones grabbed me like velcro The story is a coming of age story told in dual perspectives from the main character as his 30 year old self reconciling his 15 year old self I loved the two perspectives and how they came toge the second novel to be appear in english from author and publisher daniel galera one of granta s best young brazilian novelists the shape of bones m os de cavalo was initially released while he was still in his mid twenties the tale of hermano a 30 year old plastic surgeon or aesthetic medicine specialist is a thoughtful work of self reflection and contending with both the past and the present set over the course of two hours with alternating chapters flashing back to youthful moments of conseuence the shape of bones finds its protagonist taking stock of his life reckoning with himself and the long gone days of yesteryear from which he s never fully escaped regret worry disappointment failure shame anxiety and guilt haunt hermano who seeks to make p for a humiliating legacy of personal cowardice when confronted with an incident not dissimilar from the defining one that s colored his life since he was a teengalera s often pensive story is well told and by limiting the reader s view to but a few glimpses of his main character s life he lends hermano a niversality and emotional range that will likely resonate widely the shape of bones with its propulsive plot and meditative milieu offers a fictional foray into the enduring conseuences "of action and inaction alike at thirty life felt like an endless rehearsal for a heroic moment that never arrived "action and inaction alike at thirty life felt like an endless
Rehearsal For A Heroic Moment 
for a heroic moment never arrived permanent limbo between innocence and heroism inhabited by ghostly projections of himself distorted by what he wished he had been or wanted to become translated from the portuguese by alison entrekin galera s blood drenched beard lispector paulo lins et alis there another book in any language that has employed nicolas cage s words for an epigraph. S childhood home What is pulling him back there Perhaps the need to make something happen perhaps just nostalgia Or perhaps the search for absolution for a secret crime he has carried in his heart for fifteen year.