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Still Life with Chickens kOut hiringA No he s not that doctor I m not sure about this but I don t think their dad is a good guy Could Payne restore Wrath s sight Could LassiterA Payne can t Lassiter I don t think that Wrath thinks his sight needs to be fixed When are you doing one of these events in CaliforniaA I don t travel well But I am exploring ways to travel hide spoiler Terrific installment Sarah was a great shellan and I loved the fact that this one had tight pacing and read something like a thriller for the first part of it There were scenes were she was trying to figure out what was going on at BioMed and Muhrder was trying to find the secret laboratory and the pacing was just superb This one featured uite a few scenes with JM one of my favorites and Xhex another of my favorites and while some of the conflict was maybe less intense than it needed to be I thought the stuff as we ramped up towards the end and something that happened near the beginning involving Throe was super It tied in Sarah and Murhder in a great way and just made everything come together I also really liked Murhder a lot than I thought I would based on previous books The issues with his personality were explained in a way that worked and he would up really growing on me And the scenes with Nate So greatOther great notes saw a bit of Phury Boone You re uite a formal dude and I can t remember you ever talking before but that was a cool Easter egg Lassiter I completely love you when you re being serious like you were here Xcor and Bal sorry I m going to fail on the spelling on this one continue to grow on me Overall this was a very strong bookPlease excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader When I first met Murhder in previous books in the series I immediately became intrigued with the vampire who was being labeled as insane I expected a very dark character who was going to give some of the other Brother s tortured stories a run for their money Unfortunately Murhder s story turned out to be a lot lighter of a read than I anticipated I did enjoy the story it just didn t reach the epic heights that I thought it would Inow better than to put expectations on any book bu Grief is a cold stream you acclimate to Friends we are seventeen books into this series there is barely anything I can possibly say that isn t spoilery But I will say that I have been reading this series since I was very young and I look forward to a new BDB book every single year and the Savior was no exception The basic premise of this series is that in the Black Dagger Brotherhood we follow a bunch of powerful vampires that are in an elite group that protects humans vampires angels and a bunch of other paranormal entities and they all live in this big mansion and they all are one big family that s just saving the world And because we are seventeen books in each book focuses on a new member or soon to be or maybe one day possibly becoming a member while an older member who has already had their own book has a side storyline going on as well This book focuses primarily on Murhder who has been talked about and hinted at for so very many books leading up to this one He was icked out of the BDB back in the day and in this book we get to see why and what happened after he left Sadly it was very much based on miscommunication and I didn t love it very much The other star of this book is Sarah who I actually really did like I won t lie the instalove was real in this romance but I still just really enjoyed it for some reason Plus Sarah who is a scientist trying to Get To The Bottom Of to the bottom of mysterious coverup that happened many years ago was fascinating and I loved the mystery and watching it unfold And the side storyline going on is about John Matthew who is sadly my least favorite brother And Xhex who is Jon Matthews partner is also one of my least favorite characters and I hated how she

t speak up in this and let someone else take the blame for something Like it felt really bad and it really ensured their place as my least favorite couple in this world Also the bandage that was placed on the situation for the easiest fix ever Felt horrible Overall I just feel like this wasn t as strong of a book Like almost to the point that you could completely take out this book and it wouldn t impact the storyline whatsoever which is never a good feeling I am very excited for book eighteen but this one wasn t even close to being one of my favorite books Also that romantic haircut Lord please no never I now this review is really vague and I m sorry for that but if you re looking for a PNR romance filled with alpha vampires a lot of romance and a lot of sex I totally think you should give this series a try Also I am hoping we get of my favorite fallen angel in the next one because the world deserves Lassiter and I also hope to see of my favorite literary cat Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and Trigger Warnings for medical experimentation on humansvampires torture captivity abuse talk of loss of a loved one talk of cancer talk of thoughts of suicide use of language like females and males being the norm and war themes Buddy read with my best friend Paloma 1 Dark Lover 2 Lover Eternal 3 Lover Awakened 4 Lover Revealed 5 Lover Unbound 6 Lover Enshrined 7 Lover Avenged 8 Lover Mine 9 Lover Unleashed 10 Lover Reborn 11 Lover at Last 12 The King 13 The Shadows 14 The Beast 15 The Chosen 16 The Thief 2 unexciting could have been better stars Ok first of all I didn t hate this I was just overall bored with itSecond I actually liked the couple I was one of the few who had reservations about Murhder getting his book right now honestly he could have never gotten a story and I would have been fine with it shrugs But Ward did a pretty decent job in addressing all the sordid historyloose strings with this character and fleshing him out I ended up liking him He was a nice combination of fierce loyal brave selfless self deprecating funny and vulnerable His vulnerability is what honestly saved him from being repetitive and a cliche Brother Sarah Watkins made A Nice Heroine I nice heroine I enjoyed her too Her entrance into Murhder s world Fantastic Edge of my seat Now what didn t work The pacing It was absolute shit It dragged in parts it didn t need to and went super fast in places that needed to be better paced out Prime example the hero and heroine s relationship for starters The warp speed romantic arcs in short time frames for storylines that have no business being uick has become a thing for Ward recently And I honestly don t understand why I ve been calling this out for some time now and I m tired of repeating myself Stop having your characters fall in love in 2 days time spanIt s nonsense Especially in a complex world like the BDB universe where there are so many outside factors that play into it Especially with a pairing where one half is human That s the biggest issue for me here Sarah being so uick to adapting to the Vampire world and wanting to stay all because she has a lonely life was a little too uick and convenient for me The fact that she had zero hesitation in wanting to walk away from her human life to be with Murhder after Paradox Bound knowing him for a span of 24 hours is just ludicrous It felt like I was reading a novella rather than a full length story and that s not good Let your characters fall in love gradually please Ward no longer believes in slow burn or something I shouldn t even have to be saying this I get it s PR but I d like a little realism when it comes to dealing with 2 conflicting worldsspecies may It s not so easy to adapt and adjust like Sarah did in here all because she was so fascinated by them And I m not saying I didn t like the fact that we didn t get the typical overused OMG you have fangs You re a monster GET AWAY cliche reaction I actually liked that she didn t balk and freak out like expected But what would have helped and made the love story believable and have better footing is if we saw her spending time with Murhder before saying ILY A slow gradual progression would have been nice Give me at least 2 3 freaking weeks I don t get why Ward is getting so stingy with the timeline And you want the BDB world to catch up with the Fallen Angel timeline The rate we are going we will have to wait for another 20 books for Adrian and Eddie to show up Just saying Or maybe I have it backwards Whatever I just now that for a full length 400 page book these stories have no business or reason to only cover 2 4 days These aren t novellas so what s the hurry Especially when you are dealing with full redemption arcs coughTheChosencough and big reveals It just stunts and undermines the HEA and character growth IMO And it sucks because Murhder and Sarah actually had chemistry But Ward mucked it up for a rushed convoluted messy resolution And don t even get me started on that ridiculous hand fasted last minute immortality loophole for Sarah at the very end view spoiler A magic diamond Really THAT S IT hide spoiler One of my favorite black dagger brotherhood books of all time Let me start by saying that I now this book has been reviewed many times and theirs mixed reviews but for me it was everything I wanted murhder s book to be My review will be my thoughts and feelings only since most reviews already told the plot I have wanted murhder to get his redemption and to be brought back into fold he was one of my faves and what he did so many years ago was nothing that any of the w 4 stars The Savior is the 17th book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and it s one I ve been waiting on for uite a while The elusive male who used to be a brother Murhder As always there are other characters who have a huge part in the book and in this book the secondary storyline was that of John Matthew and Xhex which makes sense since Murhder and Xhex have history Murhder is the only member of the BDB to ever be expelled The rumor is he went insane but the you get to now Murhder and what happened him the you realize he s not as crazy as expected Jeez you go rogue once and slaughter a bunch of humans after they torture your girlfriend and suddenly you re a leaper Murhder is compelled to come back to Caldwell to save someone And he needs the help of the brotherhood to do it Through this rescue mission he meets Dr Sarah Watkins Sarah has just learned something that has her ue. D loved was involved in the tortureAs Murhder and Sarah’s destinies become irrevocably entwined desire ignites between them But can they forge a future that spans the divide separating the two species And as a new foe emerges in the war against the vampires will Murhder return to his Brothers or resume his lonely existence forev. The Savior

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Any people in the world that I have to make sure it doesn t expand too uickly So I m not sure when they ll show back up When will we find out how Sola stays with AssailA I would say it either has to do with Payne eeping her alive with her powers or Lassiter takes her out of the continuum I didn t make it clear in the book but the HEA will not be affected by her death What s the next Legacy BookA I don t now but I think I m going to fold the Legacy characters into the BDB world That s what I m hoping to do because it s getting expensive for readers to purchase two hardback books every year I d like to do ebooks like Dearest Ivey I want to eep it reasonable for the readers But I m not sure yet Are you leading us in another direction away from CaldwellA No we re staying in Caldwell NY All good things lead back to Caldwell Why were V and Jane waiting on Amalya Why wouldn t she just go up to the SanctuaryA That s a KR Have you seen any visions that we re going to lose a BrotherA There are no visions that we re going to lose a Brother or anyone else Is there a way to give an idea of V and Payne s sibling relationshipA I m not doing the Slices of Life that came in email or were posted online any but I would like to show of the relationships day to day stuff because even the HEAs change and evolve Are you working on anything else outside of the BDB and Legacy booksA So I m writing a new series about hot men with long hosesit s about fireman and it s coming out in October of this year What about LassiterA Lassiter is absolutely getting his own book I just don t Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays know who d put up with his crazy ass The way it works for me the visions don t come in chronological order Inew for a while that he was going to be the deity and I ve seen him in his wedding jesses But I ve never seen who he s standing with Michael from the Story of Son has a lot of similarities to Murhder Could there be a tie between him and Jo and others with Murhder Also are we going to see s Ex againA sEx is great but I also love Sin I can feel Sin s book coming soon AndI want to tell you so badSin is Jo Early s hero Are there going to be any moviesA I have thought about turning the books into movies but my biggest concern is always that the writing remain the main thing If the right offer came if Hollywood came Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All knocking it would just have to be the right offer I d have to be careful because the series is still going and people have their own ideas of how characters look and sound Is Manny going to try to convert to a vampireA No He doesn t have to worry because of Payne s powers He ll never age he just hasn t figured it out yet Is Lash channeling the Omega Where is the OmegaA The Omega is diminishing over time because of Butch and the Dhestroyer legacy There has to be a showdown between Omega and Butch But I don tnow yet how that works or when Will there be scenes of daily lives of the civilian vampiresA I think now that the social order has collapsed the civilians have to come forward so I think we ll see Will any BDB couples have What a Lass Wants kidsA I think that the timeline is at the point where we ll see Aggie Cormia and Phury s son be born Will Z and Bella get a book like The Beast or The KingA I m not sure if it will be a full book or like a short story like Dearest Ivey When are we going to hear about the WolfenA We will get to see one in The Savior Will we see of Jose de la Cruz Butch s former police partnerA I would like to have a scene where Jose realizes that Butch is all right but I don tnow when or where that would happen So Boo is the Scribe VirginA It s not that Boo was the SV so he won t disappear now that she s gone off He s still there But until there s a complete resolution I think she s going to have to come back She s not gone What s going on with V and Jane Will we get stories about themA I think we re done with Vas far as new books go I don t think there are any conflicts that V and Jane can have What about Trez and SelinaA I m going to do a KR But I swear they re not finished They will find KR But I swear they re not finished They will find way back to one another What can you tell us about Assail S Cousins The TwinsA Oh My s cousins the twinsA Oh my I love the twins When I saw the ghost peppers on the counterI looked up videos on youtube and I lost two hours watching these ahats eat them I would love to see of the twins How would you feel if they ended up with one woman The response was overwhelmingly positive At the end of the last Legacy book they Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived kept talking about someone who wasn t in the book Is that a significant personA The grandson of the homeowner That s a maybe He might be significant What about Silas s brother A Silas s brother is significant We ll see him later The BoB is now living with the BDB Will we see how that s workingA I want to show that and other parts of the world that are interesting but it s a matter of finding out how Because Sin ends up with Jo Early we re going to have to see some of that Interactions with the BoB Is Amalya pissed off that she didn t become the Scribe Virgin A No she isn t Was Amalya the fortune teller that Throe got the book from Did she open the Vault A KR Will we ever see the Colony out westA What is going to happen when the vampires are discovered by the humans I think way down the line I think that colony is going to have to be explored Noweep in mind it s a prison colony They re murderers and thieves But I think way down the road it ll have to be explored Will we ever learn what the problem is between V and LassiterA I suspect it comes out in Lassiter s book but I think a lot of it happens off page But I might have to do an ebook short just to lay it all out Now that the Sanctuary is gone does Payne have to feed and from whomA I think from the Brothers Nothing sexual but that s what they d have to do So V Mexican Hooker knows about Lassiter but does Lassiter have a coming out partyA Can you imagine that But yes there will be some sort of announcement to the race Will the sympaths come out in the future booksA There are four ancillary groups including the vampires the wolfen the sympaths and the Shadows As things develop those four groups are going to have to be involved Have we seen the wolfen Is Jose a wolfenA We haven t seen any wolfenohwellhmmmmm No Jose is not a wolfen Are the Brotherhood ever going to find out who DariusJM isA My answer has always been no that it would destabilize all of the relationships in the mansion Now my answer isI don tnow Lassiter The League for the Suppression of Celery knows everything and he can teep his mouth shut He s the best and the worst god ever I just don t The Thirteen-Gun Salute know uestioner addresses crowd Does everyone hate the Scribe Virgin Because I ve always liked herA I don t think there s a consensus She doesn t have a bad heart But she s very antiuated and set in her ways I think her evolution out of the series means that the world is in a better place Will Blay be inducted into the BDB as wellA I think Blay has a different future What does Wrath look likeA Peter Steele who died a few years ago He was the closest I ve ever seen Will we see of Little WrathA I would like to do a series of books in the future like Nalla on her first date I d love to show LW and I d like to think that he s going to show such courage and distinction that he ll be important to the vampire race even though it is now a democracy Will we see of RhevA I think we need to do with the sympath colony I think Rhev needs to come back If Assail s cousins share a woman how would they work out the territorial issuesA I don tnow how it s going to work Will huinn s brother Luchas play a role in the finality of the Omega A KR When will we see Jo and SinA They re going to have to have their own book but I don t Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery know when yet If water from the Sanctuaryills the shadow men why don t they use water gunsA Yeah can you see V with a SuperSoakerSeriously though if they re out there fighting and it s not just shadow men they d need some other than water guns so I don t think Super Soakers is the answer Will we get any Doggen storiesA I don t think so I appreciate the curiosity about them but I don t think dusting and vacuuming is very interesting Will Xhex and Payne be inducted into the BrotherhoodA I think Xhex and Payne will be inducted What about another Insider s Guide or a book of short storiesA I think that would be fun My biggest concern is the expense for readers so that would have to be taken into consideration for a large project like an Insider s Guide or a book of short stories I heard the Bourbon Kings was optioned for TVA It was optioned but then they didn t have enough slots available So the options are available When are you going to read one of your own books for an audiobook so we now how to pronounce everythingA First I don t have a very attractive voice And I could never make it through the sex scenes I only put the sex scenes in because you guys would ill me but I d never be able to read them Does Vovo Sola s grandmother The Day Fidel Died know that they re vampiresA She s very smart and I think she probablynows And with her belief in God that God wouldn t create anything bad she would believe that by their very existence they must be good Did Rhage gain she would believe that by their very existence they must be good Did Rhage gain major control or did something happen Why didn t he beast out in the warehouse sceneA I wondered that too and I think it was because he d changed a couple of days before and was too exhausted He d healed just enough to fight but not enough that he could change into the Beast Are there members of the Brotherhood left behind in EuropeA I would say yes but they would probably be rogue like the BoB Are Trez s migraines based on your ownA Yes but mine aren t as severe as his What happened with the cover of The Thief This one was hard to hear so this is probably some major paraphrasing but we based the uestion on the answerA I think that I don t have any comment Okay I will answer it The covers are there to sell books and none of the people on the covers have ever looked exactly what I see in my head for the Brothers So it s unfair of me the author to expect the publisher will match what s in my head The sympaths seem to be working their way back into the world Will they be working with the Brothers in the futureA They never left the world I wouldn t say that they re working with the Brothers yet With the introduction of the Wolfen will we find a new deityA No there s no other deity Could Butch and Manny s dad be the doctor they re talking ab. Is uest for redemptionDr Sarah Watkins researcher at a biomedical firm is struggling with the loss of her fellow scientist fiancé When the FBI starts asking about his death she uestions what really happened and soon learns the terrible truth Her firm is conducting inhumane experiments in secret and the man she thought she new an.