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Great first hand account of the Anglo Boer war from the perspective of an unusually Astute Young Boer Foot SoldierDeneys young boer foot soldierDeneys not only saw a lot of action in the war being involved in many of the most notable battles of which he gives a full personal account but he also met many of the leaders And Most Prominent Dignitaries Involved most prominent dignitaries involved the conflict Kruger de la Rey Smuts Churchill and others As such he is able to provide intimate details on the day to day life of the fighting men and short vignettes of the personalities that helped a young fledgling nation take a stand against the British Empire A lamentable tale of things done long ago and ill done War is a zero sum game specially when it is part of a colonialist scheme I cringed at the names mentioned in this book Smuts Botha so reminiscent of SA s recent horrific past somehow I could not get myself to go beyond their recent connotations Still one of my ancestors is mentioned here in the battefield so vicariously I m part of this madness I found this book certainly interesting historically the dynamics of the Anglo Boer war The Color of Our Sky explained in detail from a participant observer The realisation that Boers could only hope to win some victories against the British via using guerilla tactics really changed the course of this conflict and gave the Boers at times the upper hand despite their markedly inferior numbers anduipment thanks to their knowledge of terrain Reitz had guts is all I can say his youth smartness and determination often saving the day The Boers in general come out here as tough resilient hard and certainly key in shaping this wonderful nation called South Africa I couldnt help but think that so many of the descendants of these men Coetzee and Malan to name but two helped shape the literature of this nation I njoyed the latter part Malan to name but two helped shape the literature of this nation I njoyed the latter part the book maybe because there was of a clear goal reaching the sea and gathering back forces As a historic document I cannot deny it is superb I Obsession enjoy memoir because it usually takes you away from dry recitations of facts and lets youxperience history thru the the thoughts and remembrances of people who were there It gives history an added layer of humanity and Deneys Reitz was 17 when the Anglo Boer War broke out in 1899 Reitz describes that he had no hatred of the British people but as a South African one had to fight for one's country Reitz had learned to ride shoot and swim almost as soon as he could walk and the skills and ndurance he had acuired during those years. ,

Eality I ve read just a little about the Boer war A Henty book years ago perhaps and a book on Churchill s xperiences Reitz pronounced Boer war A Henty book years ago perhaps and a book on Churchill s xperiences Reitz pronounced was a older teen when the conflict started He grew up hunting and riding horses and his xperience stood him and his companions in good stead against the British who they often outshot because of their superior marksmanship He tells of the arly days of the conflict where armies faced off against ach other in typical European
and then once the Boer got the worst of that they moved to guerrilla tactics because of the significant numerical superiority the British had The author relates a number of battles where people The Boer War of 1899 is perhaps a textbook All Roads Lead Home example of dualities in war and Deneys Reitz s brilliantly vivid account Commando A Boer Journal of the Boer Warmbraces and xamines these inherent polarities Despite being published in 1929 it still reads as fresh as if it were published today working both on the level of a primary account of the Boer War and as a subtle reflection on the nature of the war and its strange dichotomies Reitz manages to accomplish this deftly with an ngaging style that is a great pleasure to readTactics used by ither side of the Boer war reveal an obvious polarity Each side of the conflict fought in a complet The narrative of later to be Colonel Reitz who as a 17 year old fought against the British in the Anglo Boer War and 30 years later commanded a British Regiment in France If you have ties to South Africa this book will be of interest to you as it is packed with history One day when I became an authority on the Boer War Enough to persuade teenagers at least This book will be the thing to thank Deneys Reitz takes you along in the saddle in this pic memoir of the Anglo Boer War from the starting days in 1899 to the bittereinders in 1902 He The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis experienced a lot of actions from Spioenkop the retreat from the Free State and Jan Smuts raid into the Cape Colony and met many high ranking officials and officers and gives an all round perspective of the fighting from the sieges the trenches and the guerillas This is probably the best book on the war and is honestly written an. Were to be made full use of during the war He fought with different Boer Commandos whereach Commando consisted mainly of farmers on horseback using their own horses and guns Commando describes the tumult through the yes of a warrior in the saddle Reitz was fortunate to be present at nearly very one of the major.
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Commando: A Boer Journal of the Boer War