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Ually turned out to be Veronica She is a clumsy ordinary human that feels to be a bit of outsider She couldn t understand why the golden hunk was trying so hard for her attention Her character for me was just very relatable I love how she really came into her calling after she received #her khui and how protective Ashtar is about her ability Like I said this series is just absolutely brilliant #khui and how protective Ashtar is about her ability Like I said this series is just Absolutely Brilliant Can T brilliant can t to see what Ruby comes up with next 5 stars I now understood Ruby s trickEven though she writes about a couple at a time she provides little bit about another coupleso you d finish this and then start waiting for the next one almost immediatelysuch a tease I loved this I mean think about it if you are struck on Ice Planet what would you need A dragon of course This was fun and new Because you have Cootie resonance with Dragon mate stuff fire psychic mental link and healer thrown into mix bit overwhelming but asy to follow through since I read IPB xclusively I am not big a fan of her Dragon series but it wasn t a problem here since Ashtar was stolen from his planet when he was barely 8 or 9 and don t remember much of his home planet just as wellVeronica was likable character She was nothing special as per her and I am sure we ladies can relate to that It is just as well that she turned out to be Healer since our new tribe needs a Healer all too convenient but I am not complaining I really liked Veronica and Ashtar separately and togetherwaiting for the next on. Htar does too The Icehome series features all of the adventure humor and community you’ve come to xpect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series but it stands on its own You do not need to read the other series or be caught up in order to read VERONICA’S DRAGON I do recommend reading LAUREN’S BARBARIAN to get the full xperience Enjo. ,

No matter what the primitive mesakkah say about resonance Ashtar knows that Veronica is his mate He has been a slave all his life and has never been allowed a female but now he has Veronica in his sights he plans on making her his He does not need any help specially from interfering blue aliens he is a champion of the arena and a mighty golden dragon he can survive and protect his mate all by himself Veronica can feel the beautiful golden man s gaze on hershe doesn t uite understand why Not only is she plain she has a well arned #Reputation For Being Dangerously Clumsy As Well However He Insists #for being dangerously clumsy as well However he insists s his AND RESONANCE SEEMS TO AGREEI HAVE resonance seems to agreeI have so xcited for this book Not Only Are We Back To The only are we back to the planet we also have a little bit of a cross over with the Fireblood Dragons series as well You don t need to read the Fireblood Dragons series to understand the book though Ashtar just happens to be the same species as the heroes in that series only his life has taken a va What an amazing story I loved how Ruby Dixon took a Drakoni and placed him in the Ice Planet timelinetalk about getting your cake and ating it too DVeronica was always looked over and never stood out Now she s the mate of a sexy dragon man and she s got a pretty awesome gift as well It was certainly a joy ride I njoyed it very much Their first meeting and Ashtar s arrogance swag made me aww The main characters balanced New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood each other perfectly They were very likable too I alsonjoyed the progres. Resonance It’s a given on the ice planet forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the ‘khui’ With resonance a guy and a girl are paired up because they’ll make great babies It’s a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely populated world we’re stranded on and romantic in a weird alien way Everyone xpects reson. God's Pocket etcStillpilogue was a gem and I will definitely recommend this to ЯED everyone Yup this series is still Ruby has really perfected this wonderfully creative world to absolute superbness I know that I am always singing her praises but she juggles so many characters across this intertwined series that I am always left baffled by her talent You can t tell me that it s not impressive Now she brought a little Fireblood to the mix with Ashtar sighs dreamilyDon t fret if you haven t dabbled into the Fireblood series Ashtar may be a Drakoni but he definitely isn t wrapped up in the happenings of his home planet He was taken as a slave when he was young and forced to be a warrior just like the other males that have been introduced previously So when he discovers that he is free and able to claim a mate that becomes his number one goal And yes hilaritynsuesAnd while I thought that Ashtar would be my favorite part of this story it act. Ance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world I doubt anyone xpects the gorgeous golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me though He’s fierce Flirty Powerful Disgustingly handsome I’m not any of those things I’m bland Boring Clumsy But resonance seems to think we’d be great together And As. ,