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I Married A Prince iHAS PICTURES And they are evened out perfectlyNot too much so thatt feels like a graphic novelBut not too little that t s like where be all the pictures This story of friendship getting over doubt and cakes was such a favorite for me I can t wait for y all to read t The premise of the book was ntriguing and because I m Asian I like to support my own kindI really liked the Toms Midnight Garden illustrations and was hoping this was going to be of comic book rather than novelUnfortunately the storytelling was a bit too long for my attention span and I felt this was of a story catered to a younger audience It read like a children s book between ages 6 9 rather than middle grade Thank you Raincoast Books Henry Holt and Company for my ARC My full review can be foundn my blog The uiet PondThere are books that I love and there are books like Pie n the Sky that stay n my heart forever I loved this book so so much prepare for me to YELL about this book A MG novel filled with gorgeous Sheriff Bill - Der Held von Devil's Point illustrations by Lai herself It follows two Chinese brothers who move to Australia with their mother and how Jingwen the older brother navigates the challenges of moving to a new place This story exploresmmigration assimilation language barriers and how they affect kids Jingwen vs his little brother s age and also grief Though this book made me laugh to myself for The Way of Revelation (Pocket Classics) its sweet and wholesome narrative there were also parts that HIT ME IN THE FEELS I tear up just thinking aboutt I just I felt this book so deeply I love Paul Temple and the Geneva Mystery: A BBC Radio Full-Cast Dramatization it with my whole heart Thiss up there as one of my favourite MG books everTriggercontent warning view spoilerdeath of a parent hide spoiler This book s going places Funny heartfelt great art timely topic Just wonderful 11 year old Jingwen moves to Australia with his mother and annoying younger brother and t s like he s landed on Mars His English The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop isn t great school sucks his little brother picks up English uickly the other students think he s slow and he s wracked with the guilt of memories of his father But Jingwen has a solution If he can just bake all of the cakes his father planned for his cake shop life will get betterThere s just one problem Jingwen s mother won t allow him to bakeI reuested this ARC from NetGalley because I thought thatt was all graphic novel but Brenin it s of a regular novel with some comicllustrations thrown n here or there The comics compliment the story and add context and llustration plus the way Yanghao Doctor Who: Engines of War is drawns hilarious but I kinda wished t had been done as a graphic novel n full nsteadA lot happens n this book but overall t s about fitting n and learning to face your fears and your grief making friends moving The Racehorse Who Disappeared into a new place and a little bit about coping mechanisms and communication And of course a lot about mixed messages particularly when you don t speak the language but don t want to seem dumb or slowJust make sure you ve eaten something before reading this becausef you have zero willpower like you ll find yourself zipping nto the grocery store at 8 am on a Sunday to pick up delicious cheesecake And get stares from all the grocers because who buys cheesecake at 8 am on SundayI received get stares from all the grocers because who buys cheesecake at 8 am on SundayI received ARC NetGalley for an honest review Interest Level 3 6Imagine that you have to move to another country and you do not speak the language How hard would t be to make friends Eleven year old Jingwen s facing this exact situation Jingwen his mom and his annoying little brother Yanghao are moving to Australia and they do not speak English very well It was a dream of Jingwen S Dad To Move To Australia And Open Up A dad to move to Australia and open up a bakery but he passed away unexpectedly before they could move Jingwen s mom decided to go ahead with the move and so they did Jingwen feels like he s on Mars and Sutherlands Rules is very frustrated trying to learn the language Hes not doing well n school or at making friends He s even frustrated when Yanghao seems to be picking up the language and making a friend The only thing that makes Jingwen happy s baking and he wants to make the twelve specialty cakes that his father wanted to make when they moved The problem s Jingwen s mom works n the late afternoon and night so Jingwen has to watch his little brother after school His mom will not let him cook while she s gone because Trafiquants et navigateurs sur le Bas-Danube et dans le Pont Gauche a l'epoque romaine (Philippika - marburger altertumskundliche abhandlungen) (German Edition) it could be too dangerous Jingwen and Yanghao decidet When Dimple Met Rishi is worth the sneaking around and lying because they are both so happy when they are baking The problems all the lying begins to catch up with them and when an accident happens the truth comes out Will Jingwen be able to make all of the cakes n memory of his dad Will he ever learn how to speak English Will he ever make a true friend Or will he always feel like he lives on Mars This s a great heart wrenching story of love loss and finding ones selfThis was really a great story about not fitting n and the feeling of not belonging All of the emotions that Jingwen go through will really pull at your heartstrings It seems like everything s going against Jingwen and just when you think Night Watch it can t get any worse for him things go to a whole new level of low I love the resilience and determination of Jingwen despite the odds against him I also love how Remi Lai developed the character of Yanghao At the beginning of the story I wanted spank the stew out of him but as the story develops so does he and he becomes a kid that you love Thiss just an all around great story with great characters Don t miss this oneFollow meBlog Blazer Tales Laurie s Library Place laurieslibrary laurieevans27 Laurie Purser Linkedi. Wen and Yanghao bake elaborate cakes they'll have to cook up elaborate excuses to keep the cake making a secret from MamaTold End of Day in prose and graphic novel elements this middle grade novels about a boy's mmigration experience his annoying little brother and their cake baking hijink. .

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This year I stumbled nto an unexpected pattern Though I didn t uite mean to I ended up reading a whole slew of middle grade novels that were funny I m not avoiding the serious stuff but through a series of unlikely events I found myself diving deep Korean War into funny book after funny book Now a hilarious novel for children can go one of two ways It can be simply amusing for the sake of amusement making no attempt at being meaningfuln any way I have a grudging respect for these books since I think Serpico it s a lot harder to get them publishedn today s market The publishing world of the early 21st century has little tolerance for meaningless whimsy Far common then are the books that look funny and then when you least expect t hit you n the gut with BAM Pathos It s not a bad way to go about things Truyol Y Serra's Doctrines of International Law if the writing can pull off the switch Pinn the Sky s by all accounts a debut but t sure doesn t feel that way Gracefully switching between text and comics comics and text author Remy Lai feeds breadcrumbs or accurately cake crumbs of humor and seuential art to kids luring them towards a storyline with a deeper darker meaning For the kid that avoids serious stories like the plague Pie Globalization, Sports Law and Labour Mobility: The Case of Professional Baseball in the United States and Japan in the Skys the perfect gateway drug There s a whole lotta sad going on here and a whole lotta humor as well The end result Competitive People Strategy: How to Attract, Develop and Retain the Staff You Need for Business Success is a balancing act that will keep you absorbed and reading until the endSome kids love sports and some love reading and others love dance or games Jingwen loves cake Sort of makes sense His grandparents run a cake shop and his dad was always making cakes before he died In fact his dad was even going to start his own fancy cake shop called Pien the Sky where he and Jingwen would make things like chocolate raspberry tortes Neapolitan mousse cake apple mille feuille and Now Jingwen has moved to Australia with his mom and annoying little brother Yanghao He doesn t speak the language He doesn t have any friends And there s something about his dad s death that s weighing him down like having heavy seashells Strategies for Minimizing Risk Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices ACT and Related Laws in your pockets The only thing Jingwen can think to dos to try and bake every single one of the cakes his father was going to make for Pie n the Sky The trouble His mom has forbidden him from using the stove while she s away and she s away all the time Now faced with being moved back a grade f he doesn t Limits to Stakeholder Influence: Why the Business Case Won't Save the World improven school Jingwen dedicates himself heart and soul to cake baking But when your problems have nothing to do with pastries how do you finally come to realize what s really mportant The thing about Pie n the Sky Let's Talk 3 Student's Book is thatt s technically playing fair right from the very start Though the reveal that the dad Socrates, The Wisest And Most Just? is dead doesn t happen until you re already a couple chaptersn and by then you re hooked European State Aid and Tax Rulings it s early enough thatt doesn t feel like the author has pulled a weird tonal switcheroo on you But let s examine the book S First Chapter You Can first chapter You can a lot about a book by ts first chapter If for example Lai set this book up as some happy go lucky spree you might feel betrayed later on when things get bleak But from the get go we understand nstantly that 1 Jingwen and his mmediate family have left their home to move to Australia 2 Not everyone from home came along 3 Yanghao s annoying and hilarious 4 As The Complete Paladin's Handbook indicated by the thoroughly smashed cake this storys going to be 3 Yanghao The Lake is annoying and hilarious 4 Asndicated by the thoroughly smashed cake this story Surface of the Deep: Searching for Booker Wright and Finding Redemption Along the Way is going to benteresting combination of awkward sad and funny all at once All this The Devil Aspect in one chapter where the texts routinely punctuated with comic style art Recently I ve become and nterested n middle grade novels where bullying sn t the Stereotypical Jockmean Girlcliue Set Of Tropes That jockmean girlcliue set of tropes that by now have nternalized Put simply that stuff Four Corners Level 1b Workbook is boring Saturday morning cartoon boring If you re going to have a character feel bulliedn some way let Stahl's Illustrated Substance Use and Impulsive Disorders it come from nice kids Because being hurt by a mean kidsn t fun but you can write that person off as mean Getting hurt by a nice kid A million times worse In Pie n the Sky no one ever walks up to Jingwen to say something mean to him But than once he overhears a classmate and s able to understand just enough to know or think that they re talking about him Even then what they re saying Crisis: The Anatomy of Two Major Foreign Policy Crises is that he s slow particularly whent comes to speaking English Not the worst Angola to Zydeco: Louisiana Lives insult butt just kills him You get this amazing moment when Jingwen who s been picturing himself as an alien ever since he arrived Kaltblau in Australia lookingn the bathroom mirror to find that because of their words he sees himself as monstrous and grotesue rather than less a trope that sort of peters out at the end but oh well Later when he runs nto those kids one will just run away rather than deal with what he said There s a lot of truth to that and t sure as heck beats watching someone get stuffed Between Octobers in a locker As I read Pien the Sky I noticed that Lai uses a specific techniue Julian 3: The Works of the Emperor Julian in the book that feels familiar The I read the I felt that she was referencing Shaun Tan s The Arrival on some level It makes sense Both Lai and Tan liven Australia Both have firsthand knowledge of the Contemporary Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia immigrant experience whethert s their own or their parents So when Lai depicts the English language as an alien series of The Taming of the Werewolf indecipherable pictograms I was reminded of how Tan did something similarn his books by cutting up English letters and rearranging them Second Biennial Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Iowa: For the Fiscal Period Ending June 30, 1883 (Classic Reprint) into unfamiliar but beautiful patterns Another book Here I Am by Patti Kim features art by Sonia S nchez thats wordless by also making the English words mpossible to read on the page And like Pie n the Sky t s about a child coming to a new country and new. When eleven year old Jingwen moves to a new country he feels like he's landed on Mars School s torture making friends First Cosmic Velocity ismpossible since he doesn’t speak English and he's often stuck looking after his extremely rritating little brother YanghaoTo distract himself from the lonel. .

Classroom far from everything that s ever felt familiar Three books on a similar theme one a graphic novel one a picture book and one an llustrated novel Together they eual necessary purchases for your home or public librarySo let s talk a bit about Lai s comics First off can I tell you how freakin thrilled I was when I found out Lai was a woman I love two things n this world possibly but for the purposes of this sentence we re sticking with two Funny female writers and female comic artists To get both n one book blows my furry little mind I mean I was pretty much Joshi Mousou Shoukougun, Vol. 4 in Lai s pocket from the first page onward Wanna know how she hooked me It was Yanghao I think writers of middle grade everywhere could learn a lot from the creation of Yanghao Loads and loads of novels are written every year on deeply sad depressing topics I mean this books dealing with grief and guilt and culture shock and mmigration and It could bog down even the most valiant reader f not for Yanghao that little jolt of joy Is he annoying Let s just say I have never encounter a book for kids that used the word Booger as often as this one does and I Tryst with Prosperity include William Joyce s Billy s Boogern that statement But Yanghao Tryst with Prosperity: Indian Business and the Bombay Plan of 1944 is also honestly funny Literally the first thing he doesn the book Al Capone's Beer Wars: A Complete History of Organized Crime in Chicago During Prohibition is say on the airplane to his brother holding up a barf bag with evident glee Jingwen Jingwen I m pukingn this bag I mean right there I was his Funny then Check But then there s just the fact that Lai Code Name: Bikini is a really good artist You notice thisn a lot of little ways Consider the moment when Yanghao right at the beginning of the book drops the rainbow cake from home which by the way a clever book group would point out ties Below the Moon (The 8th Island Trilogy in perfectly with the baking of the rainbow cake at the end of the book First you have on the left hand page Yanghao s enormous hands reaching towards you as he says Letmeholdthecake Then on the opposite page Lai cuts themage nto two parts A panel at the top laid over the mage beneath shows the brothers looking down Yanghao s left hand Legenden von Nuareth - Heldentaten is openn this funny little position You know that moment when you ve caused an accident and you just pause there as f by holding still you can undo what you did The smashed cake diagram that makes up the bottom half of the page s n and of tself a work of beauty Arrows Bankerupt indicate each color with wonderfully precise yet descriptive language Cat Tongue Pink Fire Orange Snowy Cream It s this mocking combination of the beauty of thenternal layers contrasted with the smashy smashyness of 3D Printing and Beyond: Intellectual Property and Regulation it all on the ground And that s just two pages Somehow Lai was able to put that level of commitment and detailnto the whole dang book All 380 pages of Rethinking the Jurisprudence of Cyberspace it Do you see now why I was so floored pardon the punThenevitable uestion I ask myself n a review of this type s whether or not there was anything n this book I would have liked to be a bit different I guess For example I understand why Lai felt t necessary to never say what country Jingwen and Yanghao are leaving If you fail to mention their point of origin then their story becomes a little universal right I dunno though There s a lot to be gained n specificity We know that n nterviews ms lai has said that n The Warlord, the Warrior, the War (Rise of the Penguins, interviews Ms Lai has said she borrowed elements of this tale from her own childhood like the fact that she learned English when she was nine We also know that she was bornn Indonesia grew up The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping in Singapore and now livesn Brisbane Australia As an adult I wanted the details of where exactly Jingwen and Yanghao were from but the I thought about t the I took stock Think OF IT FROM A KID S it from a kid s of view To what degree are they going to care about where the brothers are coming from Does t really matter n the course of the story I remain undecided with this decision I think I ll just hand the book to kids and see f they ever mention t Not every sad book for kids has to be leavened with humor and wit Not every book needs to be filled with an array of luscious yummy cakes And not every llustrated novel has to be this good But t helps Consider this the easiest book to booktalk n the world You play up the cakes show the kids the cartoons and voila They re How to Worry Less about Money instantly reading a story about the complications that come with family love and communication letting go not just of the people we love but the guilt we ve tied to their memories and how much braveryt takes to admit when we re wrong That s a whole lot of serious stuff for such a blithely funny work of fiction If this s what Remy Lai s got going on straight out of the gate I can t wait to see what she comes up with next Even f t doesn t nvolve cakeFor ages 9 12 I loved this middle graphic novel about a boy who moves to Australia and struggles with his new life Full RTC to come I loved this one so so much 3 I was lucky enough to read this book before t was publishedwhat a hilarious poignent GORGEOUS middle grade book The feeling of being n a strange alien world and then realizing YOU RE the alien will be familiar to every kid Children of the Future immigrant or not because that s part of growing up I didn t see the fullyllustrated product will add to this review when I do But Remy Lai Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament isnsanely talented and has a gift for words and art that make us laugh through our tears READ THIS AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN I absolutely adored this book At my age there aren t many middle grade books that satisfy me But this one did It was such a sweet heartfelt bookI know how hard A TYRANNY OF GOD its to feel like an alien Mostly cause I actually look like one And the story was so creative and well writtenAnd guys IT. Iness Jingwen daydreams about making all the cakes on the menu of Pie n the Sky the bakery his father had planned to open before he unexpectedly passed away The only problem s his mother has laid down one major rule the brothers are not to use the oven while she's at work As Jing.