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Y affected and to such an extent that I really have ended up not enjoying the story as a whole nearly as much as I had fondly a Jules has never stayed in one place for much as I had fondly a Jules has never stayed in one place for a year because of her dad who restores historical buildings across the country She yearns for a permanent home and friends she can grow up with But when she and her family arrive in Hillsborough she starts seeing scenes of life from hundreds of years before and A Girl Dressed In girl dressed in fashioned clothing The girl has been hiding for years She s lonely and sad and watches Jules in her strange clothes She wants to go outside too but every night they come for herI enjoyed this ghost story filled with both sadness and hope Jules is relatable as is her brand new friend Maisie whom she meets in the library and bonds over fantasy novels You also can t help but feel for the mysterious girl in the wardrobe Thank you to Clarion Books and Netgalley for an ARC Fantastic Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMary Downing Hahn was one of the middle grade thriller writers of the 80s and 90s I vaguely remember seeing some of her books in my elementary school libraries and I probably read them too though I barely remember what they were about They were gentle reads scary but not too scary and always stopping short of that edgy line that the popular Point Horror books series loved to toeI picked up THE GIRL IN THE LOCKED ROOM for nostalgia s sake and because the title and cover intrigued me The book is about a girl named Jules who moves around a lot because her parents love to restore old houses Their newest project is a house that s allegedly Her parents laugh it off but then Jules starts seeing a face in the window and seeing images of girl Seeing the girl makes her uneasy She knows something terrible must have happened to her to make the house feel as it doesI think the hints of sensuality in the Point Horror books and their bone chilling creepiness have spoiled me for all other middle grade thrillers because nothing else comes close THE GIRL IN THE LOCKED ROOM feels painfully tame kind of like some of the sillier Goosebumps titles It tries to be interesting and different referring to multiverse theory and the idea of altering a terrible event to change the future but the way it s written ust doesn t really pan out I know I m much older than the target audience for this book but I think even most middle grade kids would probably turn up their noses at this Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the Parents love the house but Jules is frightened and feels a sense of foreboding When she sees a pale face in an upstairs window though she can't stop wondering about the eerie presence on the top floor in a room with a locked door Could it be someone who lived in the house a centur. ,

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Mary Downing Hahn tells a great ghost story Her Stories Are Written For stories are written for middle grade audience but even at 50 years old I love her ghostly talesJules and her parents move around a lot Her dad restores historic old houses and buildings and her parents move around a lot Her dad restores historic old houses and buildings they live in one place only long enough for him to finish a project then move on to another town and another restoration ob Jules is tired of moving new schools and having no friends Her father s newest project is Oak Hill an old mansion in Hillsborough VA Locals say the house is haunted When Jules sees the ghost of a young girl she realizes the stories ust might be true She makes young girl she realizes the stories ust might be true She makes new friend Maisie and the two girls start investigating the history of the house and why the spirit of the girl is trapped there This story is a bit spooky but still age appropriate for middle grade kids Kids and adults who enjoy ghost stories would love this book I listened to the audio book version of this story Narrated by Rachel Dulude the audio is ust under 4 hours long Delude reads at a nice pace and has a pleasant voice I have partial hearing loss but was easily able to hear and understand the entire book Mary Downing Hahn is the author of than 30 middle gradeyoung adult novels Most of them are supernaturallightly spooky tales This was a very gentle ghost story not a scary one perfect for young readers who want to explore the paranormal a little but need a safe story I prefered Wait Til Helen Comes Mary Downing Hahn as a kid Author Mary Downing Hahn writes ghostly children s books that will delight adults as well and her latest The Girl in the Locked Room proves no exception I couldn t put it down if you ll pardon the clich Jules Aldridge has moved yet again this time to Hillsborough Virginia her father Ron oversees the renovation of historic homes and this time he is lovingly restoring Oak Hill a dilapidated 200 year old mansion But Jules fears he ll move yet again as he does after he finishes every ob condemning her to a new school and no friends But Jules soon realizes there s a girl in Oak Hill s attic but only she can see her Who is this ghostly presenceTold alternatively by Jules and the frightened eponymous girl in the locked room in the at With Mary Downing Hahn s The Girl in the Locked Room A Ghost Story I do have to admit that this is one of those stories where I have been so personally and massively disappointed with and by in particular the ending that my reading pleasure has in fact and indeed been lastingly and negativel. Ghost story master Mary Downing Hahn unrolls the suspenseful spine chilling yarn of a girl imprisoned for than a century the terrifying events that put her there and a friendship that crosses the boundary between past and present A family moves into an old abandoned house Jules's. ,

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Eview copy 15 to 2 stars I ve read a great deal of Mary Downing Hahn s books and there hasn t been one that I haven t liked And I enjoyed this book as well ust probably not as much as some of her other work It has everything I have come to expect from her ghost stories however this one has a bit of a sci fi twist The plot revolves around the idea of other dimensions and parallel worlds I understand the concept but it s The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness just a little confusing to me Perhaps if I had read the Chronicles of Chrestomanci that the characters constantly made reference to I might have understood it a little better It bothered me how much this book bothered me It feels lately like a good kids book can get under my skin than any adult novel can Mary Downing Hahnust does a fantastic The Leadership Gap job of giving the little girl the transition in to death and making it obvious what is going on At first she creeped me out but by the end of the novel Iust felt so sorry for herThe ending was fantastic The adult part of me eye rolled and went That s not right but luckily my inner child shut that old biddy up Because it was beautiful in it s innocent The way the friends come up with and execute their plan It was a perfect way to resolve a sad story for kidsMy favorite line in here wasBut that wasn t the end of the story That was ust the end of the happy partRightInTheFeelsDudeI also loved that the parents were BOTH present in this novel And that there was some serious bookworming going onSo much to love not really anything negative to point
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think Hahnn a great ob here The subtle touches of suspense accent a lovely story about a young girl yearning to settle down and make roots Jules is 13 and follows her parents as they travel from city to city renovating historic homes and writing books While living in a stone house in Virginia Jules befriends a young ghost who hides in the attic not knowing she has passed on The author cleverly writes a coming of age story and a ghost story simultaneously I liked the characters and found the wholesome nature of the story refreshing If you want sex violence Brutality And Serial Killers and serial killers won t get that here There are plenty of writers out there passing off that unk as fiction Just check the New York Times book reviews or Reese Witherspoon s book clubs That s up their alleyThis is the kind of story you could give to a pre teen and not have to worry about profanity or sexGreat characters strong family theme and a hint of the paranormal I strongly recommend. Y earlier Her fear replaced by fascination Jules is determined to make contact with the mysterious figure and help unlock the door Past and present intersect as she and her ghostly friend discover and change the fate of the family who lived in the house all those many years ago  . ,