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Ginning story kids can njoy Simon is super cuteThe nephew thought this was an informative story He wondered if our house had a ghost and I told him that it did It s not nice like Simon He didn t believe me and I said that was ok He would rather play with Frankenstein than a ghost he said but he liked the story as it was about monsters He thought the kids were fun together He gave this 4 stars Since I now have two grandchildren I am finding treasures in the children s book world This is one of those A ghost "Is Busy Performing His Nightly "busy performing his nightly chores when he is interrupted by a new addition to the family A little boy Although the story is told through the The Pocket Wife eyes of the ghost and how he makes friends with the little boy the underlying story is just so very sweet MY RATING 55 STARS I received a copy from Penguin Random House Canada and Tundra Books inxchange for a honest review I am truly forever grateful to the wonderful team at PRH Canada for sending me this copy because it has introduced me to my new favourite genre of children novels I know I may be a little too old for them but Sir Simon reminded me the pure joy of reading a picture book Cale Atkinson is mostly known for his illustrative works they re so stinkin adorable but his writing is The Color of Our Sky exception as well Sir Simon tells the story of a ghost named Sir Simon He s been a ghost for a long time and will waste none to tell you that he works really hard to do his job well He does a lot of ghost chores forxample There is a set schedule for him very single #Day To Haunt Whatever He #to haunt whatever he assigned to One hour he might have to make spooky noises in the vents and the next he would have to walk back and forth down the halls for realistic footstep sounds Things change when the house Sir Simon is haunting allows for the residency of an lderly grandmother and much to his surprise a child Chester is a spunky little rascal Instead of being worried over seeing an adorable spooky ghost he s delighted to have a friend instead He follows verything Sir Simon tells him to do Only until something is revealed does Sir Simon may feel guilty for his actions towards Chester Reader I am in love with this story Not only did the pictures compliment so "well with the story but the story line almost made me cry I had to take a "with the story but the story line almost made me cry I had to take a breath when the plot twist was revealed Every picture was a piece of art with so many details left to uncover You would definitely not being doing the book justice by reading it once You must read Repeat And read it again MY RECOMMENDATIONREAD THIS BOOK BUY IT SHARE IT WITH A YOUNG ONE OR JUST KEEP IT FOR YOUR HEART One of my top favorite picture books of the year if not of all time SIR SIMON manages to be hilarious sweet and wholly original I nded up getting a copy for myself and I don t Cabaret: A Roman Riddle even have kids. Attic creaks on the stairs these things don't happen on their own you knowAfter a long night of haunting it seems that maybe Chester isn't cut out to be a ghost so Simon decides to help with Chester's human chores Turns out Simon isn't cut out for human choresitherBut maybe they're both cut out to be frien. ,
Sir Simon


This is a cute story about a ghost named Simon He s a super scarer taking his Ghost chores very seriously After he gets assigned to haunt a house he thinks things are going to be asy when a grandmother moves in The problem though is that she s brought her grandson Chester Rather than being scared of Simon Chester is curious about him Too curious To get the kid off his back Simon nlists him as an honourary Ghost and gets Him To Take Over All to take over all Ghost chores so Simon can do his cross stitch and work on his novel of course Things don t go so well though Chester s not very #Good At Ghost Chores And #at Ghost chores and it turns out Simon s not very good at human chores But the two ventually become friends and work to their own strengthsThe retro style illustrations are pretty cute There s lots to look at specially on the spreads where the duo are depicted in various rooms of the house The All Roads Lead Home end papers are also a lot of fun And don t miss the illustration on the back cover if you want to crack a smileThis is a simple story about friendship with just the right amount of spookiness and humour for the Halloween seasonuotable moment Sir Simon Super Scarer is one of the cutest children s books that I ve read in a while I smiled the whole way through I couldn t help but laugh at the adorable little facialxpressions and the issues that Simon runs into when he finds out that the tenant in his first ver haunted home is actually a little boy who just wants to be Simon s friend the artwork is stunning and make the story that much wonderful I am hoping to see books with Sir Simon in them and soon A huge thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me a digital copy of this book in xchange for an honest review I truly appreciate it Sir Simon is a ghost that is finally moving into a haunted house but who is also moving in A human boy and his grandmother It s a lot of work being a ghost and Simon tricks Chester into helping Simon with his haunting work Later Simon repents and offers to help Chester with his human work Neither is VERY GOOD AT DOING THE OTHER good at doing the other work but they are good at becoming friendsThis is a fun story of developing a friendship between two that are very different with lots of kid appeal So many pop culture references I love this book I ve read it twice so far and I picked up so much the second time around I began to suspect something was up when I began to find random Stephen King references in the illustrations arly on during my first read I started specifically looking for them and found of those and plenty of other beauties I won t tell you all of the references I found because that would take all the fun out of finding them yourself but some of the standouts for me were Pennywise 237 Slimer Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Jason s mask Freddy Krueger s shirt Aud. A delightful funny story of friendship ghost chores a spooky house and a professional haunterMeet Sir Simon Super Scarer He's a professional ghost who has been transferred to his first house And just in time He was getting tired of haunting bus stops and forests and potatoes And to top it off this house is oc. ,

Rey II A cat clock that looked suspiciously like it was borrowed from Doc BrownAnd my absolute favourite The Proton looked suspiciously like it was borrowed from Doc BrownAnd my absolute favourite The Proton That s nowhere near all of the ones I ve found and I m under no illusion that I ve found them all yetOh and the story s a lot of fun as well Sir Simon Spookington has haunted a lot of things in his career but this is his first time haunting a house He s xcited to be haunting grandparents as old people are on top of The Pyramid of Haunting With his free time because as we all know old #people sleep all the time Sir Simon is looking forward to working #sleep all the time Sir Simon is looking forward to working his novel but things don t The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis exactly go to plan SO MUCH FUN Sir Simon is a card carrying ghostest with the mostest He s a professional at hauntingverything from forests and boats to ukeleles and ven pizza He s being transferred to his very first haunted house and is xcited to find that grandparents are moving into his house In the pyramid *Of Haunting Old People Are *haunting old people are the top because they sleep all the time Now Simon will have plenty of spare time away from his chores like stomping in the attic and standing in windows wearing old timey clothes in the arly morning hours to pursue his hobbies of cross stitching learning French and ven writing a novelBut not only does a sweet cookie baking grandmother move in to the house so does Chester a kid Kids are at the very bottom of the pyramid of haunting they re way too curious Simon thinks he ll have to spend all his time doing ghost chores with Chester living in the house or maybe he can teach Chester how to do the chores for himThis is a really Just Cause entertaining story about the unlikely friendship between a ghost and a boy that s sure to bring plenty of laughs from both kids and adults Sir Simon Super Scarer is anxcellent book for parents to read aloud and young merging readers will njoy the silly illustrationsThanks to Tundra Books and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in xchange for my honest review SIR SIMON is a sweet story of a professional ghost who has been assigned to haunt a new house But things don t go as planned as a smart kid comes with the house one who figures Simon out and haunts him with too many uestions A funny beautifully illustrated tale of a ghost a little boy and an unlikely friendship 55Thank you to the author Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for the review copy Opinions are mine SirSimonSuperScarer NetGalley Simon is a ghost moving up in the world and he gets his first house to haunt The family moving in has a boy named Chester and Simon thinks he can use Chester to do all his ghost chores Chester isn t the best at ghosting It s a tale of friendship and learning to respect one another The book is full of nergy and charm Simon is funny Simon likes needlepoint and writing and speaking French It s a cute be. Cupied by an old lady they're the asiest to hauntBut things don't go as planned when it turns out a KID comes with this old lady Chester spots Simon immediately and peppers him with uestions Simon is xasperated until he realizes he can trick Chester into doing his ghost chores Spooky sounds footsteps in the.